1) How I cope and even THRIVE while; 2) Feeling so sorry for MY ADULT CHILDREN and others since they CAN’T SEEM to REASONABLY AND RATIONALLY [after twelve (12) years now] ACCEPT THE OVERWHELMING FACTS that THEY HAVE THE POWER TO END the Parental Alienation. 3) They don’t seem to REASONABLY AND RATIONALLY REALIZE that they can END ALLOWING themselves to be SEXUALLY, EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY ABUSED and END DEPRIVING THEMSELVES of a NEW LIFE of LOVE if they would ONLY TRUST THEMSELVES and STOP BEING FEARFUL, (yes please stop being FEARFUL), of their abusers, who are sick cowards, by JUST CONTACTING their loving, law-abiding alienated Mother.

As OVERWHELMING FACTS PROVE; MY CHILDREN and other ADULT children suffering from the EPIDEMIC problem of PARENTAL ALIENATION in America, Israel and Worldwide: 1) just need to CHOOSE to CONTACT their loving, law-abiding Mother; 2) not UNREASONABLY and IRRATIONALLY [after twelve (12) years now] STILL REFUSE TO ACCEPT the OVERWHELMING FACTS in lawsuits, other public records and elsewhere by EITHER: i) BELIEVING THE LIES or;
ii) BEING FEARFUL of these Sick, Evil Abusers who are COWARDS. ******Only a sick, evil, COWARD would SECRETLY profit and “have fun” SECRETLY abusing vulnerable Women and Children.
With all of their power, stolen money, stolen assets, and acts of abuse; they STILL are not happy and STILL do not have peace of mind.
You do not need to waste your: 1) Beautiful potential and; 2) Opportunity for a life of love and happiness.
TRUST YOURSELF to SEE THE TRUTH. Just contact your loving, law-abiding Mother and see what it is like to HAVE LOVE in your life.
With that being said; for the past twelve (12) years; I HAVE GONE ABOVE AND BEYOND what is REASONABLY and RATIONALLY EXPECTED of a loving, law-abiding Mother:
1) Suffering from seizures due to this terror;
2) Losing the ability to work for a while due to my health;
3) Losing my driver’s license due to my seizures;
4) Losing ALL my marital assets, property, savings and retirement accounts as the divorce judgment proves;
5) Having to go on welfare since corrupt justices; judges; lawyers; nonprofit RELIGIOUS and other nonprofit organizations and SCHOOLS; the court-appointed therapist; and others BRIBED by my sick, evil, lying and cheating husband MARK HASSMAN, ALL HELPED and to this day STILL HELP TO ILLEGALLY DEPRIVE ME of my legal and fundamental civil rights including custody, visitation and receipt of my assets and other marital property AND;
6) MOST HURTFUL AND HARMFUL losing the loving companionship of MY THREE CHILDREN I raised with a lot of love and care as overwhelming evidence proves and MY CHILDREN, who are now ADULTS, and others too KNOW or should REASONABLY AND RATIONALLY know by the overwhelming facts.
MY THREE CHILDREN were seriously harmed by this alienation and other terror too, especially as teens and young adults.
My Lawsuits, Website, Facebook posts, and Emails all explain this TERROR and the JEWISH CONSPIRACY secretly behind this terror of Parental Alienation which is shamefully beyond words USING JUDAISM to promote and profit from this terror with their non-profit status; their participation and their complacency in this SEXUAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL ABUSE and their CRIMINAL ACTS including THEFT of my millions of dollars of assets.
This is not anti-Semitism; these are the FACTS; plus I am a JEW who refuses to accept the ways of these so-called Jewish leaders and people who are truthfully abusers and terrorists profiting from preying upon JEWISH Mothers and their JEWISH Children.
So you may wonder; how have I been able to cope and even thrive while suffering from this EPIDEMIC problem of terror in America, Israel and Worldwide.
First, it is very, very clear that I could never have survived all of this terror, especially as sick as I was, without the hand of GOD along with my beloved GRANDFATHER BEN and beloved JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS whom I had the honor of clerking for, for many years, and others. I am not that religious but obviously I believe in GOD and also the commandment of Tikkun Olam which is using your education, skills and experiences to help others in positive, loving ways which helps GOD heal the World. This is what I have done and I believe GOD restored my health along with all my legal education, skills and experiences so I could file all of my lawsuits and prove this EPIDEMIC problem of terror called Parental Alienation disgracefully being organized and perpetuated by this JEWISH CONSPIRACY and those aiding them.
Second, I KNOW I raised MY CHILDREN with a lot of love and care. I am not perfect, as none of us are but; I always had good intentions and raised my children accordingly. However, I never, ever reasonably expected my sick, evil husband MARK HASSMAN to undermine my sincere, loving intentions by SECRETLY teaching our children immoral and illegal behaviors including lying to them about me, their loving, law-abiding Mother and encouraging them to be disrespectful.
Third, I was gratefully able to have therapy with an honest, very capable professional who helped me understand the mind and behaviors of these sick, evil, manipulative predators.
Accordingly as expected, NOW my sick, evil, manipulative husband MARK HASSMAN wants to get back together. He secretly hacks me by sending me songs, pop-up messages, alias email messages and other NON-TRACEABLE internet communications saying he wants to get back together.
These sick, evil, manipulative NARCISSIST predators never have any REMORSE for their behavior and think they can “forget” or “ignore” all the harm they have caused and continue to cause while REFUSING to END the terror and COMPENSATE those they have harmed. Not only is REMORSE AND COMPENSATION what Democracy requires; it is also what Judaism requires. In other words, you make those you harmed whole again.
I can only imagine the lies my sick, evil, manipulative husband MARK HASSMAN is communicating to MY CHILDREN with his songs, pop-up messages, alias emails and other NON-TRACEABLE communications. This is how sick, evil, manipulative COWARDS behave; they know they are horrible so they HIDE their behavior and BETRAY those who REASONABLY TRUSTED THEM.
****Thus, I AM VERY HAPPY to be away from my sick, evil, manipulative husband MARK HASSMAN and all his lies and schemes as any REASONABLE and RATIONAL person would be. I just love my new life in ISRAEL and all the loving and caring people I have gratefully met. They constantly remind me how happy they are that I came to Israel and are part of their life.
Forth, if MY CHILDREN either: 1) want to be like those in the JEWISH CONSPIRACY who lie, cheat and deceive others and/or ALLOW themselves to be USED AND ABUSED; 2) Instead of REASONABLY and RATIONALLY STANDING UP AGAINST THEM, not being afraid, by TRUSTING THEMSELVES and TRUSTING ME by LIVING A LIFE OF LOVE WITH ME and those around me; then I have to accept that or I will get sick again because my seizures will return.
3) It is very UNREASONABLE and IRRATIONAL for MY CHILDREN to not even have a conversation with Me, their loving, law-abiding Mother, for twelve (12) years now. They should TRUST THEMSELVES and ME that if they do, they will find LOVE and FREE THEMSELVES OF THEIR ABUSIVE WORLD.
MY CHILDREN, you do not have to fear YOUR COWARDLY FATHER and the others in this JEWISH CONSPIRACY and those aiding them.
*****If you don’t believe me; just look at me and all I have survived and the beautiful life of LOVE I am living now. I am not fearful of them.*****
******In other words, I am proud of the beautiful values I taught MY CHILDREN and the EXAMPLE I set for them by the life I live. I REASONABLY and RATIONALLY will not accept a life of lying, cheating and betraying others or ALLOWING others to use and abuse Me and I AM NOT AFRAID TO STAND UP AGAINST THEM and DEFEND MY LEGAL AND MORAL RIGHTS and CHARACTER.
Again;*****MY CHILDREN, a world of LOVE and COMPASSION is here for you in ISRAEL with Me and others. Please come and see for yourself; you will love it here. This change will be wonderful for you as it has been for me.
As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,www.PAlienation.org



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