1) Thanks so much for a GREAT BIRTHDAY also; 2) I don’t think many AMERICAN JEWS understand the essence of ISRAELI POLITICS or 3) How ISRAELI JEWS view AMERICAN POLITICS.

My new Israeli friends made my birthday yesterday fun and beautiful with their heartfelt wishes and gifts AND today change is coming in Israel no matter who wins this historic 3rd election because Israelis and also Arabs, Palestinians and others in the Middle East are going to be forced to work together to form a viable collation especially with the expected spread of the coronavirus “plague.” Basically…

The two popular Israeli parties; Blue and White (Gantz) and Likud (Netanyahu) will be forced to work together as they have done in the past. Spreading lies, cheating, stealing voter rosters (as Netanyahu was seen doing at the last election) and SPREADING HATE and CORRUPTION will need to end otherwise:
1) the ISRAELI PEOPLE will not be able to MAINTAIN A COUNTRY which values and provides a daily life affording the essence of Judaism which can be summed up as: 2) treating others (your brethren and also humanity) as you want to be treated yourself and; 3) having a life of Truth, Justice, Peace, Love and Family as Judaism and Democracy both demand (Talmud; U.S. Constitution and other Laws).

I do not think many AMERICAN JEWS realize that ISRAELI JEWS don’t appreciate Americans trying to run Israel ESPECIALLY SINCE America has done a VERY POOR JOB establishing a Democratic country which ENFORCES Truth, Justice, Peace, Love and Family for its own citizens, specifically:
One simple example is how mine and MILLIONS of others’ lawsuits regarding the EPIDEMIC problem of Parental Alienation AND the deprivation of the Constitutional Rights of American Mothers’ and our American Children have all been IGNORED; even by these so-called AMERICAN LEADERS who have the audacity to call themselves JEWS especially since many HAVE THE POWER and RESOURCES to END THIS TERROR and RESTORE DEMOCRACY, TRUTH, JUSTICE, PEACE, LOVE AND FAMILY.
THESE SO-CALLED AMERICAN JEWISH LEADERS and THEIR SUPPORTERS refuse to even help millions of the American Children suffering from Parental Alienation realize the TRUTH and PROTECT THEM FROM THEIR ABUSERS so these American Children WILL NO LONGER BE FEARFUL of communicating and re-establishing their companionship with their American Mother thereby RESTORING DEMOCRACY, TRUTH, JUSTICE, PEACE, LOVE AND FAMILY which is demanded by Democracy and also Judaism.

Israeli Jews also don’t appreciate Americans trying to run Israel because many reasonably and rationally view PRESIDENT TRUMP and his Deal of the Century as a JOKE. First, you do not need to be a business person to understand that if you want to make a SUCCESSFUL “deal” you must bring ALL THE PARTIES TOGETHER who will be influenced by this deal. Throwing money at the Taliban is not going to solve major problems of the Middle East and also WHO EXACTLY does the Taliban represent. For decades, ARABS AND PALESTINIANS considered themselves part of the Ottoman Empire and Syrians. They never even referred to themselves as Arabs or Palestinians which is why Israeli agreements of the past never described them as such.
Accordingly, many question why PRESIDENT TRUMP, if he is REALLY SERIOUS about bringing peace to the Middle East, isn’t having a meeting with the leaders of Israel along with Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and maybe others too.
I can tell you from my PERSONAL EXPERIENCES that the people from these countries WANT TO LIVE IN PEACE; it is the leaders who don’t. I have been to Jordan, to the borders of these other countries and met many people from these countries too. Most are reasonable and have non-violent religions. We are all frustrated and sick and tired of the lies, games and schemes and want to live a daily life of Truth, Justice, Peace, Love and Family as OUR RELIGIONS value and promote.

Also many view JEWISH BERNIE SANDERS as a “dangerous” candidate for Israel for many reasons. Here is one explanation: Jewish Bernie Sanders is a supporter of SOCIALISM and while the countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark are SUCCESSFUL countries of socialism; they have HORRIBLE RECORDS OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. Further, DISGRACEFULLY Jewish Bernie Sanders, with all his power and resources, refuses to ACKNOWLEDGE the epidemic problem of TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION in America, Israel and Worldwide EVEN IN THE JEWISH COMMUNITIES. He shamefully beyond words will not even acknowledge this epidemic problem and therefore he will not END IT because to end a problem you must first ACKNOWLEDGE IT. Thus, what reasonable person would want another leader who ignores the violence against Women, Mothers and their Children?

Now, in order for an Israeli leader (Knesset member) to have the CHANCE to form a government in Israel, 61 signatures are needed. HERE IS THE MAJOR PROBLEM AS MANY ISRAELIS SEE IT, which I don’t think AMERICAN JEWS understand. Unless the JEWISH ISRAELI leaders begin WORKING TOGETHER, Israel will not be able to form a government which values the morals and ideals of Judaism. In other words, if the Arab List or another Middle Eastern Party is elected to work together with the Blue and White Party or the Likud Party, Israel’s JEWISH VALUES and WAY OF LIFE may need to be COMPROMISED to the point that if ISRAEL IS ATTACKED, the Knesset many not be able to obtain the votes necessary to mount a counter attack.
Thus, many Israelis see this 3rd historic election as a blueprint which will determine the FUTURE OF ISRAEL. Will Israel once again, as history has proven with the Romans, Syrians, Egyptians and many others, be destroyed and then rise again from the ashes OR will Israeli Jews learn to work together? Time will tell.
Also, the problems of Israel will realistically become problems for the rest of the world as history has proven so it is a global interest that WORLD LEADERS and their people be open-minded to reasonably work together making non-violent compromises which promote Truth, Justice, Peace, Love and Family.

As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,www.PAlienation.org

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