1) Why those promoting Parental Alienation should be concerned by “What it means to be a Jew” as EXPLAINED by Leo Tolstoy and PROVEN by thousands of years of History including the Holocaust along with the Hebrew Bible and other Jewish teachings;  2) More wise coronavirus measures which could explain why there are less infected in Israel; 3) Why TV cameras and a military helicopter were in my neighborhood.

1)  WHAT  IT MEANS TO BE A JEW?  Leo Tolstoy is a brilliant Russian author who experienced several profound moral crises. His novels and other writings influenced many leaders who were seeking Peace and Equal Rights through Non-Violent means like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others. Tolstoy is quoted in my Book of Jewish Thoughts as astutely saying following:

  “WHAT IS A JEW?  Let us see what kind of peculiar creature the Jew is, which all the rulers and all nations have together and separately abused and molested, oppressed and persecuted, trampled and butchered, burned and hanged — and in spite of all this is yet alive!  What is a Jew, who has never allowed himself to be led astray by all the earthly possessions which his oppressors and persecutors constantly offered him in order that he should change his faith and forsake his own Jewish religion? ”


“THE JEW IS THE EMBLEM OF ETERNITY.  He whom neither slaughter nor torture of thousands of years could destroy, he whom neither fire nor sword nor inquisition was able to wipe off from the face of the earth, he who was the first to produce of oracles of God, he who has been for so long the guardian of prophecy, and who transmitted it to the rest of the world— such a nation cannot be destroyed. He is everlasting as is eternity itself. ”

Accordingly, as my behaviors from my entire life of 62 years have proven, I AM PROUDLY A JEW. Therefore, I highly recommend that those who continue to try to destroy Jews including myself and others (including non-Jews) who are reasonably, compassionately, morally and responsibly trying to End the epidemic problem of Terror called Parental Alienation in America, Israel and Worldwide CHANGE and NOW BEGIN USING their assets, power and influence to HELP END this Terror.

OTHERWISE, as Tolstoy, History, Jewish teachings and even my own life proves and because HISTORY  REPEATS  ITSELF; it appears that YOU will be destroyed since GOD walks with righteous people, both Jews and non-Jews.  Have no doubt; I am proudly a Jew as my life proves.

It is very important to understand that MILLIONS of honest, loving, law-abiding Mothers, Fathers and others too have been trying to End the epidemic problem of Terror called Parental Alienation while we have been abused and molested, oppressed and persecuted, trampled and butchered, burned and hanged — and in spite of all this are still alive AND THRIVING only because GOD  WALKS  WITH  US.

This is not a threat; just a warning as History Repeats Itself.

2) Now here are some of the reasons Israel may have less infected people.  In my neighborhood is a wonderful super market which really CARES ABOUT the SAFETY and WELL-BEING of ISRAELIS OVER AND ABOVE  MAKING  IMMEDIATE  PROFITS. It understands that its actions during this Plague/War will bring them many LOYAL CUSTOMERS, including myself.

Specifically, the security guard is now not only taking your temperature before you are allowed to enter the store; you can only enter if you also have a face mask. Plus, everyone is given gloves and only ten (10) people are allowed to enter the store at a time. Thus, a line is formed keeping the required distance from each other. I had so much fun in this line today waiting for my turn to enter.

First, I had a wonderful conversation with a very wise, compassionate and reasonable Jewish young adult in his twenties (20’s). I told him I was using this time to learn to speak Hebrew and he told me he was using this time to learn Arabic. I asked him why. He said that after this Plague/War is over he thinks that speaking Arabic is going to be very important if realistically and objectively there is going to be peace in the Middle East.  He then said that he wants to make a difference by leading the way to bringing this peace for all of us and future generations.

I told him I thought what he was doing was outstanding and also gives me hope that HIS GENERATION WILL PRODUCE  LOVING, COMPASSIONATE and WISE  LEADERS LIKE HIMSELF who will help End the Worldwide epidemic problem of Terror called PARENTAL  ALIENATION in English and NIKOR HORIM in Hebrew. We both felt grateful for having met each other.

Second while in line; since I can understand some Hebrew conversations I didn’t understand why I was getting confused with the Hebrew words for “open” and “apple.”  Those next to me in line explained that the endings of the words are pronounced differently and were impressed with my question. They told me they were very happy I came to Israel and am making Aliyah which is a mitzvah (wonderful deed) for a Jew.

Third, now when inside the store I tried to get the attention of a worker but she did not hear me. A lady nearby did and asked if she could help me. I am just so impressed with the kindness of Israelis:

i) both FELLOW JEWISH BRETHREN and also; ii) ISRAELIS who are  NOT JEWISH.

ALL OF US WERE ONCE STRANGERS IN A STRANGE LAND. Anyway, this very kind lady helped me find the vinegar and explained to me the different types since of course the labels are in Hebrew. I can now make my own homemade vinaigrette dressing with olive oil, lemon juice and fresh herbs.

Then I talked to my friend who is one of the cashiers and both of us believe this coronavirus Plague/War is an act of GOD. We and many others too believe GOD is using this Plague/War to end a lot of the corruption in our world and bring back Love and Family as Jewish and other teachings prove existed generations ago. We are very hopeful.

3)  Lastly, why TV cameras and a military helicopter were in my neighborhood.  Around 8:30 in the morning a few days ago, suddenly there was a very loud noise and grey smoke in the sky. Were we being attacked!? I was sitting in my garden enjoying my tea made from the herbs we grow.

I walked to the sidewalk and my neighbor told me a helicopter was airlifting a patient to the major Israeli hospital right around the corner. Then we saw the military helicopter land. My neighbor said that if I have never seen this to go as it is thrilling. So, with my tea in my hand, I raced around the corner as did many of my fellow neighbors.

What we saw behind the hospital’s helicopter pad fence was incredible. Attached is a photo of the courageous rescue workers in their white space-like suits removing from the helicopter the patient in one of those covered coronavirus beds.

Then the rescue workers removed thousands of ventilators, masks, gloves and other supplies the hospital desperately needed.

I along with my neighbors felt so grateful to be able to witness this “historic” event and are very proud to be living in Israel. I just love my new life here.

When I returned home, I made myself a delicious Middle Eastern breakfast of foods from several different cultures of Israeli immigrants. Below is a photo of this breakfast of Russian katen bread covered with humus, olives, onions and tomatoes and on the side some broccoli (I bought on sale, it is usually very expensive), dipped in humus with my herbal tea. What a great way to start the day, especially during this coronavirus Plague/War.

After my wonderful breakfast, I enjoyed this beautiful Eilat, Israel weather by doing some springtime gardening while having wonderful views of the mountains and the Red Sea. One of my neighbors walking by said; what a great way to get ready for Passover.

Well, I hope your days are as enriching and fun as mine are and that you CHOOSE to surround yourself with kind, compassionate, wise and honest people as I have. If not, CHOOSE  TO  CHANGE using your FREE WILL as I have PROUDLY done as a Jew by returning to my homeland Israel.

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As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.

-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org




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