Here is a wonderful update and a recent photo of me too.

Here is a wonderful update and a recent photo of me too. Everyone tells me I look great and I also feel great as I love my new life in Israel among people who are kind, caring and peaceful.

My Israeli and other friends I have met in Israel live promoting Love, Compassion and Peace and have a PEACEFUL PLAN FOR REAL CHANGE. This is why I love living in Israel where many people DILIGENTLY TRY to help each other and Humanity as I have done and continue to do.

They have PROUDLY CHOSEN to use their money to help others live this happy, peaceful life. They do not use their money as a means to destroy and control others.

Also the problem of TRUST does not exist in this loving and peaceful society because harmful interactions are impossible due to the way the system is structured. Specifically communities which are based upon goodwill and personal empathy do not have trust issues. Any reasonable person who has good humanitarian intentions knows we must get back to living in these types of communities.

CAN YOU IMAGINE A WORLD where people help each other achieve their positive goals and in return receive help from others to reach theirs?
This is a world where opportunity is not dictated by profit margins. 
This is a world where a person’s potential is not measured by how much money a person can make, but by the ACTUAL BENEFITS FELT BY HUMANITY due to this person’s efforts. This system combines crowdfunding, crowdvoting and crowdsourcing by those who want to live in a world of love, compassion and peace. Let the others continue to live in their world of corruption if they choose. THESE ARE TWO PARALLEL WORLDS.

The division in our world between the “haves and have nots” keeps growing because the current government system in many countries demands this. ALSO, THE MASSES ARE LED TO BELIEVE THAT THERE IS NO OTHER WAY of doing things and therefore; they better not try to challenge the system. 
Those who REASONABLY DO CHALLENGE THE SYSTEM ARE SENT TO JAIL TO BE SILENCED AND DESTROYED as my lawsuits in public records prove. This is beginning with California Superior Court case #09D002792entitled: Mark Hassman v. Sara Hassman and extending to many California and U.S. Appeals Courts including disgracefully the U.S. Supreme Court.

Accordingly, unfortunately I, SARA HASSMAN, have PROVEN THAT THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA and in other countries too, like Israel, which also refuses to acknowledge and criminalize the EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION which is unequivocally destroying the lives of many Mothers, Fathers and their Children as experts have proven and reasonable people know. Parental Alienation is destroying Humanity and there is a better system which will protect against this terror happening again which is being created.

***You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.-R.Buckmister Fuller

I have continued to make the existing model obsolete by moving to Israel and beginning a new life for myself. In doing so; I have met these people who are starting to build A NEW SYSTEM FOR SOCIETY which is not a hierarchy focusing on making people “obedient.” 
Instead, this new system focuses on BRINGING OUT THE BEST IN EACH OTHER meaning our human traits of love, compassion, empathy and peace. Information about this NEW SYSTEM FOR SOCIETY can be found by googling EXODUS SOCIAL CLUB and also at

I belong here in Israel among these very FORWARD THINKING PEOPLE who are putting their thoughts and ideas into ACTION. They also do not want to fight; let the corrupt and evil people live as they want to live as we build a world of love, compassion and peace. 
Which one do you want to live in?

With that being said, here are some recent examples of love, compassion and peace I have experienced in Israel.

The other day I lost my cellphone on the bus. I think when they came to check our tickets it must have slipped out of my bag. I got off the bus not realizing I had left it. Anyway, my friend called me to see how I was doing. The elderly lady whom I had been talking to, got up with all of her aliments including those from the Israeli Army, and picked up my phone across the aisle. 
She called my friend who had called me to tell him she found my phone and gave him her contact information. 
My friend helped me make plans to meet her in her town, Beersheva, the closest major town to Arad. This elderly woman even went out of her way to meet me and then we walked around for a while enjoying the music and doing some errands. 
Beersheva is known for many religious sites along with its outlet stores and the musicians who play in the town center. 
Beersheva also has delicious Israeli pastries in the bus station which they will warm for you too. I especially love the mushroom one which melts in your mouth which I get at my favorite bakery. The people are always so nice to me and help me choose my pastries.
Lidia and I plan to get together frequently and I have attached her photo. I am so grateful I have this new friend and also that my old friend cared enough about me to check to see how I was doing. What a wonderful world I have found and the kindness and miracles keep coming too.…

When I called this old friend in the afternoon as planned, a woman was very kind to let me use her phone. 
My old friend told me that my phone was found and already has the information to help me retrieve it. He also said that when I come back to Arad to please check in the kitchen. They picked some figs from the fig trees and to make sure to eat some. How thoughtful. 
They were delicious (ta eem in Hebrew) and also beautiful with their green skin and pink inside. By the way, I am looking forward to picking more ripe figs later this week. Fun (kef in Hebrew).

I have been doing some other fun and enriching things too. For example, I had a fabulous tour of the Knesset in Jerusalem, the Israeli parliament. This is an historic time in Israel’s history because never before have they needed another election. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu only received 60 votes out of 120 and 61 votes are required to stay in office. 
Many Israelis are working together to defeat Netanyahu because they are disgusted with his ways. Some think he will go to jail; others think he has done some good for Israel and should be held responsible by compensating those he has harmed, but should not go jail. Many think Israel will improve dramatically once he is out of office. AGAIN, PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTED WITH THIS HIERARCHY GOVERNMENT SYSTEM AND WANT A CHANGE.

I also went to see the Dead Sea scrolls which are near the Knesset located in the opposite side of Jerusalem from the Old City. The entrance to the Dead Sea scrolls museum is quite amazing and symbolic itself. 
These historic and sacred scrolls explain that Israel, particularly where I am living in the Judean Desert, is where many cultures from our past have lived and passed through. The caves in Qumran where these Dead Seas scrolls were found are also located near where I live. I plan to go there soon. 
The Dead Sea scrolls stress the importance of being honest while LIVING IN PEACE WITH LOVE AND COMPASSION for ALL OTHERS; not trying to take advantage them so you can profit.

I went to Jerusalem again yesterday for a “Kotel Tunnel” tour which is a tour of the historic tunnels below the visible very holy and sacred Western Wall. Kotel in Hebrew specifically means “The Holy Western Wall.” All other walls are called “kir” in Hebrew. 
This Kotel Tunnel tour was very enriching. I also enjoyed walking around again in the Old City, going to the Jewish Quarter, through the markets and even seeing some Bar Mitzvahs when I arrived and was entering the gate.

There are still many sites I still want to see in Jerusalem including the Dome of the Rock and the Israeli Supreme Court both which have very limited hours open to the public. I also want to see the workshop of the very famous Israeli artist David Gerstein. He is known for his very colorful and cheerful metal sculptures with Jewish motifs and being one of the first artists to use the laser to cut the metal.

With all that I have seen around Israel, especially in Jerusalem; I question why so many people, INCLUDING RELIGIOUS LEADERS come from all over the world to see religious sites in Israel but; we have so much corruption everywhere. These sacred places in Israel, the scrolls and other sacred artifacts like the Israeli Declaration of Independence stress the importance of promoting Peace, Love, Family and Equal Rights; not violence, hate, divorce and especially not Parental Alienation.

I have attached other photos of the fun and relaxing gardening I have been doing. I have been wrapping the pomegranates in paper bags so the bugs do not destroy them. We have over 100 pomegranates on the trees around here and this is how they are protected organically, without any pesticides. 
I have a great view and also music in the background as I do this gardening with other kind people too.
I went to the Dead Sea again for a morning swim. It is very relaxing and feels wonderful. No wonder people come from all over the world to have this experience and it is only 30 minutes away for me and part of my view.

THERE IS SO MUCH BEAUTY AROUND ME AND I AM VERY GRATEFUL TO BE HERE IN ISRAEL with the beauty AND among so many kind, compassionate and loving people who also want to live in peace and are DILIGENTLY working on plans to make this happen; not remaining silent and wasting their potential.

Remember, if you want more information about this NEW WORLD of Love and Peace which is being created which YOU TOO can be a part of please look up EXODUS SOCIAL CLUB. I will also continue to post updates.

Please note I have been hacked again so I cannot post this article on my website now; but they are working on resolving this. Oh well, just keep choosing to do wonderful, worthwhile things regardless of what others choose to do.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World. 
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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