DEFAMATION IS A VERY SERIOUS CRIME especially if it denies a person CITIZENSHIP. RACKETEERING and FINANCIAL ABUSE are also very serious crimes especially if a person cannot AFFORD to obtain the documents necessary to obtain Israeli citizenship and is denied her SACRED RIGHT to RETURN TO ISRAEL to live as a Jew in accordance with Israel’s Law of Return.

Think there will be major repercussions around the globe if the STATE OF ISRAEL denies me, SARA HASSMAN the Right to Return to Israel to live as a Jew as I am entitled based upon Israel’s sacred Law of Return.

In other words, now due to the Parental Alienation which began for me in 2008; I have a false, made-up criminal record DEFAMING MY HONEST, COMPASSIONATE, LAW-ABIDING CHARACTER since criminally requested and granted restraining and stay-away orders which had no legal or rational basis to be requested and then granted in the first place were criminally and maliciously used to give me a false criminal record.

*****HOW DID MY INNOCENT CHILDREN GET MIXED UP IN STEALING MY ASSETS AND INCOME since I raised them with MY values as their full-time stay-at-home Mother until the time the well documented Parental Alienation began in 2008? All three of my Children had honest, loving, law-abiding, compassionate, responsible values and character JUST LIKE ME, THEIR MOTHER until the Parental Alienation suddenly began and made me very sick as my medical records prove and as medical experts and others know to expect from this TERROR.***

To make matters more incriminating for horrible beyond words:  my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN; Jewish U.S. Supreme Court Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG; Jewish Judge LON HURWITZ and other JUDGES; MANY LAWYERS, EXECUTIVES; THE COURT-APPOINTED THERAPIST; RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS AND THEIR RELIGIOUS LEADERS AND MEMBERS; OTHER NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS; NONPROFIT SCHOOLS INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO CATE SCHOOL; BANK OF AMERICA AND THOSE AIDING THEM in sponsoring the TERROR of  Parental Alienation…..false and misleading evidence was used to put me in jail NOT ONCE BUT TWICE once for 7 days and then 14 days when I emailed my horrible beyond words still legal husband MARK HASSMAN in the Spring for our children’s contact information so we could REUNITE IN TIME TO CELEBRATE THE JEWISH HOLIDAYS TOGETHER in the Fall?

The other time was based upon lies that I, weighing about 100 pounds, attacked this still legal husband of mine MARK HASSMAN outside the courthouse and allegedly hurt him very badly even though: 1) he did not call the police and file a police report until two days later and 2) photos in public records prove we were peacefully walking away from each other and there was no violence or harm. Really, this is all in public records including the made-up evidence that I violated some restraining order and needed to go to jail because I peacefully walked past him on the public sidewalk outside the courthouse. We were both coming to some divorce hearing before crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR who UNDENIABLY signed and filed our criminal, unconstitutional and fraudulent divorce judgment denying me of: A) My Fundamental and Constitutional Rights to Custody and Visitation and; B) My fifty percent (50%) interest in the Community Estate worth many millions of dollars. I received nothing, LIKE A SLAVE as said divorce judgment proves on its face.

This is all uncontroverted, undeniable evidence in public records beginning with California Superior Court case #09D002792 entitled Mark Hassman v. Sara Hassman and including all the related State, Federal and Criminal cases, along with my denied Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the Epidemic Problem of SPONSORING the TERROR of Parental Alienation.

Think all of these people and organizations and those aiding them in SPONSORING this TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION, many whom are my defendants in State and Federal and Criminal lawsuits, will face tremendous consequences here in Israel and also in America?

Both America and Israel are countries based upon the Democratic values of Family, Love, Freedom, Equal Rights and Justice. Accordingly, UNLESS my defendants and those aiding them END the Parental Alienation for me and my Children and RECTIFY the financial harms they have caused me so I can AFFORD to obtain the documents needed by the STATE OF ISRAEL whereby I can return to live as Jew which is a very sacred act and in accordance with the sacred Israeli Law of Return; they can be held liable for many crimes in both America and Israel.

Those who are SPONSORING the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION especially all my defendants and those aiding them; based upon irrefutable evidence in public records:

1) their appearance of sincerity, honesty, compassion and righteousness is very suspect IN MANY PARTS OF THE WORLD; 2) they have no peace of mind; 3) they are embarrassed to mingle in public without a script or agenda since they are afraid of finding out who knows the TRUTH of their criminal and malicious Parental Alienation behavior of SPONSORING TERRORISM.

Thus, IT IS KNOWN IN MANY PARTS OF THE WORLD that their words are hypocrisy and their actions are criminal, immoral, outrageous and unconstitutional.

Further, all those mentioned above which include my defendants and those aiding them, IT IS KNOWN IN MANY PARTS OF THE WORLD that they have become DANGEROUS to morally innocent and kind, honest, compassionate people since they do not live according to the TRUTH. Their criminal way of life is proven by the way they have and CONTINUE to criminally, maliciously, immorally and fraudulently treat me, loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother SARA HASSMAN, (and millions like me) AND ALSO MY CHILDREN. Why haven’t any of them used their education, skills and experiences to HELP US REUNITE which is what children of all ages NATURALLY WANT, as many experts have proven and is reasonable.

I, SARA HASSMAN, am sixty-one (61) years old and UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE proves I have always been an honest, well-conducted woman with an outstanding reputation of veracity and having compassionate values and character. However, public records prove that for the past eleven (11) years, since 2008, all my defendants and others aiding them in SPONSORING THE TERRORISM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION have been trying to ruin my good name and character.

*****HOW DID MY INNOCENT CHILDREN GET MIXED UP IN STEALING MY ASSETS AND INCOME since I raised them with MY values as their full-time stay-at-home Mother until the time the well documented Parental Alienation began in 2008? All three of my Children had honest, loving, law-abiding, compassionate, responsible values and character JUST LIKE ME, THEIR MOTHER until the Parental Alienation began.***

Thus, all those mentioned above and those aiding them will learn in due course the following, if they haven’t already learned.

***On the testimony of knowledgeable people, all of you have made yourself NOTORIOUS IN MANY PARTS OF THE WORLD and consequently might well have received appropriate intelligence about yourself. I beg to inform you once again that I, SARA HASSMAN am highly esteemed by reasonable thinking people, I have a pleasant and lively disposition and I am making good progress in my new life in Israel including AMONG PEOPLE OF SOUND JUDGMENT.

Further, please don’t forget that I am true to my word and will not back down in my sincere, important and courageous EFFORTS using my legal and other education, skills and experiences as the VOICE of the REVOLUTION to END the EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF TERROR CALLED PARENTAL ALIENATION, being suffered by millions of Mothers, Fathers and their Children of all ages in America, Israel and Worldwide. Thus, YOUR UNSOUND JUDGMENT to   continue to oppose my noble, courageous and compassionate EFFORTS will continue to cause you a great deal of trouble. This is ESPECIALLY TRUE since none of you have shown any remorse and imprudence which can only lead to your downfall UNLESS you choose to stop fighting my efforts and reasonably, showing sound judgment, join my Cause or Revolution to End this TERROR. Your wanton behavior which is proven in many public records is undeniable AMONG PEOPLE OF SOUND JUDGMENT. Get over your wounded pride otherwise you will continue to suffer especially since you show no remorse.

QUITE BLUNTLY, your actions prove you are thieves, liars; cheats; abusers of children, young adults and adults, racketeers, defamers of one’s beautiful reputation and many other types of criminals. Individuals can LEARN TO CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIORS and do not need to spend a lifetime lying and cheating and ruining their own reputation and others in the world for money, control, out of envy and for other irrational, criminal and malicious reasons.

Why do you continue to try to take my good name away when this is contrary to all credible evidence in public records and elsewhere, discounting your perjury and schemes?

Why do you continue to use and abuse my Children?

Why not diligently and responsibly RECTIFY the harms you have caused?

The following is a song saying what I wish for all my defendants, those aiding them and others who are SPONSORING THE TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION because it will enable you to stop. Here is the song.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.

-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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