Dedication to “leaders” who have CHOSEN to ignore the BRAINWASHING of Jewish children & others like HITLER

This is dedicated to all of those “leaders” out there, especially JEWISH LEADERS with networks and resources that could easily make a difference in MILLIONS of children’s and families’ lives.

Stevie Wonders sings “You Haven’t Done Nothing” sums up their actions beautifully:

Many JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS have been aware but have ignored this child abuse of parental alienation since the 1970’s.

Disgraceful and Sinful.

Why won’t JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS who CLAIM they help children & others from suffering, help MILLONS of Jewish children and their families heal from this child abuse called parental alienation AND bring awareness so it will not happen again LIKE THE HOLOCAUST?

Due to these Jewish “leaders’ ” and organizations’ INTENTIONAL choice to ignore this abuse; they have become PART OF THE PROBLEM. Why are they turning their heads as millions did to HITLER which created the HOLOCAUST? The Jews of ALL PEOPLE should understand this and STOP turning their heads and address this horrific problem.

I am a Jew who is trying to make a difference by helping these millions of children and their families and I am disgusted beyond words.

I will continue to try to make a difference even if these Jewish “leaders” refuse.

I am sure God will take care of them as he did with HITLER who himself did and also aided others in intentionally brainwashing and destroying the hearts and souls of millions of Jewish children and families and destroyed the sacred parent/child bond.

I absolutely refuse to turn MY head and let this child abuse of parental alienation happen again and again; I cannot because I am TRULY a Jew who learned this lesson of the Holocaust along with MANY Jewish teachings which are embedded in MY heart and soul.

This is MY heritage and I will not forget it even if Jewish leaders and organizations blatantly and shamefully have.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;



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