A Common Strategy Liars and Cheaters Use is to Take Sentences Out of Context

Liars and cheaters typically take sentences out of context so they do not tell the whole truth. They may only show you one email and not the entire email conversation or tell you part of the story and do other deceiving acts to DISTORT THE TRUTH and make themselves seem honest.

Therefore make sure, when you are evaluating a situation that you see the whole truth and not just part of it so then you will not be deceived and cheated.

Protect yourself by being aware of this common strategy.

Also remember, Rabbis, Pastors and Priests who are supposed to be “holy” use this strategy.

THERE IS NO HOLINESS in how they use 501c3 and other agreements and collect contributions not telling you that they are secretly destroying the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship at the time of divorce in exchange for contributions and other benefits and favors. The Jews have been doing this for decades as bestselling author Stephen Fried explains [http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/]

Rabbis, Pastors and Priests KNOW OR SHOULD KNOW the money they are receiving from an alienating father should have been distributed at the time of the divorce to the Mother who is the ex-wife but they have agreed to be “entrusted” with it until some statute of limitations period ends. I personally have sent many of them emails so they cannot deny they are “ignorant” and do not know it appears they are in receipt of stolen property, my property.

These 501c3 and other agreements enable an ex-husband, like mine, to fraudulently swear he is insolvent according to some undefined definition of insolvency but; he swore he has no current income and is unable to pay my spousal support based on the contract or judgment.

In my case, Judge Claudia Silbar “thinks” my ex-husband is “credible” although she has not ordered discovery to PROVE if he is unable to pay my spousal support and just eliminated my spousal support based on her speculation. This is not what the law allows.

As I understand; facts must be proven not based on what a judge “thinks.” This is not democracy but a dictatorship. Do you think she knew if discovery was ordered that these 501c3 and other agreements with these Religious Organizations would be discovered?
It is not reasonable either that Judge Claudia Silbar just eliminated my spousal support because she “thinks” there is no current income for my ex-husband to pay it when she also knows or should know there are many other factors that must be evaluated. My ex-husband obviously has sources of income to pay his other expenses but she just ignores this.

Do you think Judge Claudia Silbar, these Rabbis, Pastors and Religious Organizations are working TOGETHER with my ex-husband to defraud me and deprive me of receiving my property which includes my lawful spousal support? What about the Law Firms who have not tried to amend the invalid judgment or the invalid post judgment spousal support awards granted based on this invalid judgment?

If they are not all working together, why haven’t any of them filed motions or themselves come forth with the PROOF of how my ex-husband has been paying his expenses of over $12,000 a month after swearing he is insolvent and how he recently was approved for 2 not just 1 Lexus lease?

Where did the money come from for my ex-husband to pay his mother $55,000 after he swore he is insolvent and unable to pay my spousal support $3,000 a month?

Why did his good friend Anand Gala write a company check to pay off my ex-husband’s old Lexus loan which my
ex-husband swore this $21,500 was “gifted” to him but Anand Gala refuses to answer my emails to confirm whether this is true?

Why did Marji Knitter and her husband MJ Knitter of Knitter Partners International Inc., refuse to respond to my emails regarding why they have refused to call their loan of approximately $225,000 they have with my ex-husband even though they have been informed he is insolvent and unable to pay my spousal support of $3,000 a month?

Do you think all these people and organizations are working together to defraud me and deprive me of receiving my property and my lawful spousal support?
Honest, holy people tell the WHOLE TRUTH and do not hide any facts especially when they know they are harming someone like an ex-wife and her children who have been placed in conditions of involuntary servitude which includes debt servitude. They willingly show you ALL the facts.

Think they can all be held responsible?

They know or should know my ex-husband has an obligation to distribute to me my property from the community estate, under his control, which is 50% of the community estate because this is what is required in a divorce and is common knowledge.

Why are they refusing to tell the whole truth?

Please note, none of this is legal advice, just based on my experiences and understanding.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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