A government and organizations must PROTECT the rights of the people and Not Betray them by violating their rights so only the Leaders can Profit

The Talmud, which is an important book of the Jews, teaches that one must NOT be debased or devalued by the depravity and immorality of others including Rabbis and other Religious Leaders. This is also very REASONABLE.

The Torah, which is another important book of the Jews, teaches that:
• a JUDGE who deliberately rules incorrectly and therefore has deliberately perverted justice will be punished because he or she has contributed to destruction of our society which is God’s creation;

• a WITNESS who refuses to testify or does testify and lies;
• and a PERSON who keeps SECRETS regarding the TRUTH of legal matters by refusing to share his or her knowledge or disclose relevant documents;
• will also be punished because they have deliberately perverted justice which has also contributed to destruction of our society which is God’s creation.

IN OTHER WORDS, Judaism does not allow a Judge, witness or any other person to take the law into their own hands by disregarding the truth and preventing justice.

The Torah also explains that people who have violated the law must compensate those they have harmed and also pay damages to make an IMPACT upon themselves and society so they and others will refrain from carrying out these unlawful and harmful acts ever again.

In the process, if the majority of the people feel BETRAYED, then these sinners or corrupt people must STEP DOWN from their position as a judge, or rabbi or executive and the GOVERNMENT and/or the RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION and/or CORPORATION must also fall.
A new Government and/or Organization must take its place that PROTECTS THE RIGHTS OF ITS PEOPLE and does not violate their rights so they themselves can PROFIT at their peoples’ expense. This is also REASONABLE.

***I hope those who I have sued and others who have knowledge regarding my fraudulent divorce judgment and/or the acts of parental alienation being suffered by myself and my 3 Children; choose as a GROUP or as an INDIVIDUAL to follow the law which includes these religious teachings; BOTH are based upon REASON and prohibit invoking authority to prevent justice.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, just based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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