A loving, caring father will Protect his children, not use and abuse them to make his divorce Profitable

This will be my last facebook post for a while and I wanted to address this to MY CHILDREN and of course others too:

For over seven (7) years now for some irrational, unreasonable reason; all of you have chosen with your own freewill to alienate me from your life after I have been a wonderful and nurturing Mother to you as many, many facts show and you KNOW in your heart.

However, you refuse to give me any civil, reasonable, truthful explanation WHY; which is not how civil, honest, caring,reasonable adults behave.

Civil, honest, caring, reasonable adults discuss their differences respectfully and willingly. This is how people grow wise and mature in a positive way. They just don’t eliminate people they disagree without a meaningful discussion and periodic attempts to try to resolve the issue.

However, your behavior is quite typical of children which includes young adult children, who are suffering from parental alienation, so I understand. 
But there are some things I do not understand. I will state those now so you can never accuse me of not trying to warn you as a loving Mother should try to PROTECT her children as should a loving father.

I am not writing any more posts for a while because I have tipped my hand enough so everyone involved should know they have issues THEY need to resolve, including all of you and I have told you how to reasonably resolve them too.

***Now it is up to YOU to choose YOUR path as I proceed on my path with my plans as a reasonable, honest, moral person which I am; as all the facts show as you should know too.

To begin, I am very, very smart but also wise and very compassionate so I understand many things I hope one day in your lives you ALLOW yourselves to understand.

I hope one day you are not only as wise but also as compassionate, caring and honest as I am and you never allow yourself to live a LIE; pretending to be someone you are not or have values and character that you do not have.

Living a lie or a secret double life will only take away your self-esteem and happiness and bring you a lot of shame for all the things you have done and the life you have chosen for yourself to lead. Money and power will never make you happy; I promise and so do many experts and famous authors. You need love; at least LOVE FOR YOURSELF and the PRINCIPLES YOU STAND FOR.

People you ALLOW YOURSELF TO TRUST should earn your trust or they should be in a fiduciary relationship with you (like a husband and wife; lawyer and client; rabbi and parishioner; therapist and client; accountant and client etc. and other situations where a fiduciary relationship can be legally imposed upon an individual and others).
In a fiduciary relationship you have a legal right to TRUST that person because they are legally obligated to treat you honestly, fairly and in YOUR best interest not THEIR best interest.These are the very basics I am explaining.

Just because someone is your relative, does not mean you can trust them as my parents clearly showed me along with my sister and other relatives who went right along with the corruption; BUT I REFUSED and I am very grateful.

Anyway, if you love someone, you do not INTENTIONALLY put them in a situation that will harm them and even ruin their life. Just think about it. Would you intentionally try to harm someone or a dog or pet you love? I hope not.

Well, with that being said; this is what YOUR FATHER and others he is working with have done to YOU as I hope you are aware of by now as capable as all of you are if you focus your mind. 
YOUR OWN FATHER used and still uses you so he could PROFIT FROM THE DIVORCE and is “sharing” some of the profits with you but only if you are “good” and “obey.”

Your father has risked YOUR FUTURE because all of you can go to jail from the facts I have. 
I will try to present mitigating circumstances but the law is objective and many honest judges follow the law objectively too; like the one I clerked for and many in his courthouse who I also knew personally and were very helpful to me and many others.

Many wise Judges do NOT try to use their power and positions to harm others in exchange for “benefits” like Judge Claudia Silbar does and has the reputation of doing. Check it out if you don’t believe me. 
Corruption and lying becomes a way of life; not a one time event. Just like being honest and kind is a way of life. The corrupt actions of Jewish leaders, religious organizations, Law Firms, Cate School, and the others clearly speak for themselves too. Unfortunately, so do yours too.

Your actions are your shadow and they reflect what you do and a shadow does not lie either.

I know what the documents of your father’s credit applications, loan documents and payment history of all his Lexus vehicles and other cars show and so should you.
What YOU are doing is against the law and it is SHAMEFUL YOUR OWN FATHER has put you in this position and this is only one(1) of many, many examples.

But there are three (3) very important questions I have:
1. WHY did you go along? 
2. WHY if your father truly loves and cares about you would he RISK YOUR FUTURE especially when it involves something as egotistical and unimportant as a new Lexus for himself and his current wife? (in this one example)
3. WHY would a loving, caring father even WANT you to lie?

Do you plan to continue to LIE FOR HIM TOO?
Why, for money? You know money is all he cares about. 
He doesn’t care about YOU as you should know already but you must be strong enough to face the TRUTH to save YOURSELF. You have to stop believing his lies and the lies of those working with him and USING YOU. Focus and see the facts and act to save yourself.

Who else will YOU lie for too? Are you already known as a liar and someone who will do illegal things for a “profit?”

Are you betting AGAINST ME that it will never get that far? 

***Well, let me give you a HINT; never bet against me.
I survived and figured all this out, didn’t I? 
Well, your father and all those involved in helping him carry out his criminal and unlawful acts are shocked. This is only the beginning too. So WHY do you keep believing their lies?

Anyway,once you start lying the lies get bigger and bigger and the risks get greater and greater until you lose your entire character and get others to lie and cheat for YOU too, as the expression goes, to cover your ass. Then you surround yourself with liars and cheaters and this becomes your character and you live a LIFE OF CORRUPTION.

Have you ever heard of the legal term probable cause? Well, I have enough probable cause in so many areas of my divorce to get subpoenas for many, many material issues that regardless of how Judge Claudia Silbar rules at the hearing on Friday; the truth will be disclosed.
Friday will just show whether Judge Claudia Silbar will implicate herself even more than she already has as I clearly explained in a prior post and many court records show and she knows it too.

Your father and others involved are trying to use YOU to protect their interests and run their corruption which they think is a game.

Profiting from divorce by depriving me of my 50% interest is against the law as is common knowledge. When you get divorced you divide the property 50/50. Period. That’s the law.

All of you are very capable, smart adults now who were raised with MY moral values and teachings.

IF you mattered to your father he would have never put you in the positions you are in where your acts are going to be questioned.

Your father also would not have destroyed our companionship with his lies and schemes but he had to get you away from me because he knew I would reasonably help you understand not to do what you have done; thereby depriving your father of PROFITING from our divorce.

You matter to ME so I will try to help you but, I cannot do this alone. 
You have to show YOUR values and whether you have the intent to go along and continue to deprive me of receiving my 50% interest from the divorce, which is millions of dollars.

I am very sorry your father put you in this position and I will try to get you out of it; but YOUR intentions will have to be shown for anyone to believe that you were brainwashed, coerced, forced, threatened or manipulated.
It is time to GROW UP and CHOOSE the type of person you want to be; honest or corrupt.

Of course, you can keep betting against me, but as history shows, that is not a reasonable bet. As I said, there is so much more corruption that I and others are aware of too.

With regards to the photos below, a Mother as well as a father should PROTECT their children; not use and abuse them for money.

Any reasonable person knows a caring father would NEVER USE YOU, HIS CHILDREN to help him PROFIT FROM HIS DIVORCE by STEALING money that belongs to your Mother.

***The point I want to make is that a loving father would never put children that he cares about in a position where their future is at stake because they may have to go to jail because they have committed felonies. ***

I love you very much and I hope you reach out to me or help yourselves in meaningful ways so YOU as adults, protect YOUR future.

As always, none of this is legal advice or advice of any other kind.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;www.PAlienation.org; Founder

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