A movie that depicts brainwashing and hatred embedded in young adults like many suffering from parental alienation

If you have never seen the brainwashing or the hatred embedded in Children, which includes teens and young adults and the vulnerability of the Children very characteristic in parental alienation situations; the new foreign film which has been nominated for many awards “Tangerines” will show you.

This film brilliantly depicts the hatred, anger and biases of people who don’t even know each other but assumes they are horrible without trying to reasonably understand them and give them a chance to show their true character.

This film takes place in the Soviet Union as it is collapsing. A poor but very wise tangerine farmer helps soldiers from opposing armies who are injured. They recuperate together in the home or really the hovel of the farmer for a week and under his care.

The two soldiers show their anger towards each other when they don’t even know each other so the farmer lays down rules of civility that they must follow.

Like these two soldiers showed; often if a person dislikes someone they also THINK without any proof, that the person dislikes them too. So they begin this unnecessary, made-up war between them instead of being reasonable and civil and discussing their differences. They bring false charges and spread rumors and cause many unnecessary problems just like a parent who creates parental alienation and those helping him (her) so they can Profit from the divorce. 
Personally, I know my Children accuse me of many things not only that I did not do but that I am incapable of doing. I don’t behave those ways. But this is due to the lies they have been told and all the manipulations, bribes and threats.

Well, back to the movie; the two enemy soldiers who are being nursed back to health by the wise tangerine farmer learn many important lessons including the foolishness of hatred and anger and the frailty of each other’s wounds and sufferings. They also learn how they can pull their talents and strengths together and help each other and the farmer.

The very wise farmer was able to undo the brainwashing which in this situation was due to ethnic animosities not parental alienation but the same thought processes are revealed.

With REASON, a WILL and GOOD INTENTIONS, brainwashing and unfounded biases can be removed and replaced with happiness, peace and love. But, there must be sincerity and perseverance. 

Learning new thought processes means you have to UNDERSTAND your old ones and WHY you adopted them in the first place.

It is truly very well worth it as I have done it which is why I understand the many parts of parental alienation and those involved. With understanding comes knowledge and self-esteem and very positive GROWTH.

This movie is very timely with so much unfounded hatred and anger around the world today.
There is power of one; if you change you will be so much happier and can set a positive example for others to follow your lead.

Have a nice weekend and if you get a chance, I recommend the foreign film “Tangerines.”
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

  • Thanks Stacey and Gina and please feel free to share so other understand the serious reality of the abuse, terror and brainwashing of Parental Alienation and for so many other terrorist causes in this world today.
    Parental Alienation Solutions   Loretta, Wake up and realize Parental Alienation is a profitable BUSINESS and BRING THOSE TO JUSTICE WHO ARE CREATING AND PERPETUATING THIS ABUSE AND TERROR. How could you forget that.. SEE the FACTS and make positive changes to help Society. There is a DIFFERENCE in saying bad things and BRINGING FORTH TRUTH AND JUSTICE. Glad I could clarify that very important point.



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