A note for JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and the Importance of Understanding People have Feelings and are Not Property

If you do not view people as “property” you understand the importance of being respectful, kind, truthful and compassionate. Then you are able to love because you realize people have FEELINGS and EMOTIONS.

This is why Parental Alienation is so very heart wrenching to the loving Mother (father) and the Children of all ages because the loving Parent misses their Children and the Children miss their loving Parent.

People who are kind and compassionate would never find enjoyment in harming and using others or depriving their children love and support from their Mother or depriving their Mother of her lawful share of assets and spousal support from a divorce because doing these things; as many experts have proven, is psychologically and emotionally sick.

So Trust that your Children will see the Truth and want to receive the Motherly (fatherly) love and support that they miss and will figure out how to get away from their controlling, sick alienating parent.

In the meantime, keep bringing out the truth including all the organizations, law firms, corporations, schools, religious organizations, step-mothers, step-fathers, judges and others involved in aiding the sick, alienating father (mother) in carrying out Parental Alienation and the other abuses that often go along with it like concealing assets and income; domestic violence and placing the children in situations of forced labor and slavery.
Parental Alienation has become a PROFITABLE BUSINESS and the laws must be changed to make it very unprofitable just like I helped change the grantor trust (kiddie trust) laws when I was a young adult.

Evil, sick people try to take advantage of vulnerable people especially less experienced women and children, even their own by betraying their trust. They think they can intimidate them while exploiting them and profiting and think their corruption will go on forever; just like many Priests did.
Evil, sick people don’t care about the feelings or emotions of the children or their loving Mother (father) because they never learned or forgot how to love and don’t want to make positive changes. They just keep on using and abusing as long as it is PROFITABLE.

With awareness comes understand and change as I have been through something like this before in my life.

This is a note for you.

As two educated women, so we can reasonably resolve this alienation;   I plan to ask you at the hearing coming up in a few weeks, especially since my ex-husband told Dr. Phil on National television that he is in favor of a reunification of my relationships with my Children; that you please order him to give me their contact information. With the holidays approaching; maybe my Children and I will be able to get together which would be in THEIR best interest since they thrived and made many accomplishments when I was their full time Caregiver for many years and an active part of their life.
As the records show; I am known for my good values and character too.

Also, the criminal lawsuit my ex-husband had filed against me by the District Attorney was DISMISSED based on his misleading allegations due to baiting and inducing me to respond to his emails he INTENTIONALLY sent me from his prohibited email address about our Children’s graduation. I had no idea he was INTENTIONALLY using the email address he requested you to prohibit me from using by asking you to grant his restraining order request even though I have had a clean record my entire life of over 50 years and I am very peaceful and reasonable as the facts show.

***I just responded to his emails and then he took them to the District Attorney misleading them to believe I violated the restraining order since I RESPONDED to his emails. I had no idea plus; it was very cruel of him which is why the case was dismissed. It is all on public records; criminal case #11HM109052 at Harbor-Newport Facility. That criminal lawsuit was so heart wrenching because my ex-husband never intended that I attend our Children’s graduations but was just trying to bait me so I would get a felony so then he could stop paying my spousal support. (a typical strategy as I am sure you know).

The restraining order has, however, restrained me from going to my Children’s graduations and other celebrations because he is there; NOT because my children don’t want me there.

The Children are CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE.

It is very sad and not at all in the Children’s best interest for them to be deprived of love and support from their loving Mother who raised them and helped them thrive. 

I know you know Children should be encouraged to have independent relationships with BOTH of their divorced parents since you also ordered that my ex-husband encourage a relationship with myself and my minor son. I will bring to the hearing the letter referencing your order to refresh your memory.

So since my ex-husband told Dr. Phil he is in favor of my reunification with all of our children and you also ordered that he encourage a relationship with myself and our minor Son; I would like you to please order that he provide me with our Children’s phone numbers and email addresses.

Having my Children’s contact information is very reasonable and also in the pursuit of justice and in the best interest and well being of the Children. Then, if they do not want me to contact them; they can tell me themselves. We can discuss why they feel that way, if in fact they TRULY do, and maybe I can resolve their concerns. I did with my daughter when she thought I was not proud of her when I was. She was led to believe incorrect information. Communication would be a wonderful first step.

Well, Your Honor; have a nice few weeks and I will see you soon and I am hopeful we can resolve this alienation since a resolution is in the best interest of the Children and also my ex-husband already agreed that he is in favor of the reunification. (and so did his new wife, by the way, as she also told Dr. Phil on National television.)

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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