A Parental Alienation Scheme I just became aware of which explains why millions of Children, ESPECIALLY ADULT CHILDREN unnaturally and unreasonably have been alienating their loving Mother or Father for many years. Also, the amazing things Israel is doing to combat the coronavirus and some of my delicious ethnic dishes.

This Parental Alienation Scheme I recently became aware of involves, MAKING a PACT or AGREEMENT with the Children which initially makes the alienated Children feel special. They have their own “secret club” or “secret gang” like in the movies.

Since it has been proven by doctors, therapists and other professionals and is COMMON SENSE too; the parent who creates the Parental Alienation and those who support it DON’T KNOW HOW TO LOVE but; they REFUSE TO LEARN so they can CHANGE and proudly end this Epidemic Problem of Terror WORLDWIDE. This includes those who are very well-educated and also those who claim to be “religious.”

So very unfortunately for themselves and also the world; they just WANT TO CONTINUE to Profit and be Powerful by being unloving, corrupt, evil and immoral and NOT CHANGE a thing.

Accordingly, as many Parental Alienation situations have proven; the UNLOVING, corrupt, evil and immoral father (or mother) sometimes will resort to killing, yes killing the children and then killing himself.

He kills the children for two (2) common reasons:

1)  Because he wants the honest, loving Mother, his former wife, to SUFFER since she refused to “obey” him by being corrupt and immoral herself.

In other words, the honest, loving Wife/Mother prevented the unloving, corrupt, evil husband/father from PROFITING and having CONTROL over her and other people.

Specifically, the honest, loving Wife/Mother’s reasonable and moral REFUSAL TO VIOLATE THE LAW:

  1. Hurt the pride of the unloving, evil husband/father and also;
  2. Forced him to find other ways to satisfy his greed.

    Accordingly, he had to get the money he wanted elsewhere so he could then BUY THE CONTROL HE WANTED and become (more) POWERFUL. 

*****His own vulnerable, loving Children RAISED BY the honest, loving Wife/Mother were the OBVIOUS CHOICE for this unloving, corrupt, evil, cowardly husband/father.

ONLY an UNLOVING, COWARD would even think of PREYING UPON VULNERABLE CHILDREN, let alone carry it out.

*****Unfortunately, in today’s world MONEY BUYS CONTROL AND POWER. Thus, it is common in the world of corruption/ abuse (not Love) to use WHAT EVER criminal, evil and immoral means DETERMINED TO BE NECESSARY to get the money so you can buy control and then become (more) power. If this means DESTROYING your loving family and the loving and enriching lives of your Wife and Children well; so be it. This is HOW THESE EVIL PREDATORS THINK and BEHAVE as millions of lawsuits, professional studies and other evidence prove.

2) The second reason this unloving, evil, cowardly father kills the Children is because he doesn’t want the honest, loving Wife/Mother to be able to renew the loving and enriching companionship she shared with the Children before the very well-documented Parental Alienation began since he wants to “punish” her for what she has done to him.     

However, at times he will try to confuse the Wife/Mother and also the Children because those who create violent and abusive relationships, like those in Parental Alienation situations, have a PATTERN of OSCILLATING between VIOLENT and LOVING BEHAVIOR. Accordingly, this oscillating behavior typically causes the Wife/Mother and the Children (of all ages) to feel very insecure and emotionally abused as many studies have proven throughout the world.

WHY the husband/father decides to kill himself (along with the Children) has many professional conclusions which will not be addressed here except to say that one reason is because the TRUTH is becoming clearer and clearer and he can’t maintain his lies, hacking, aliases and other schemes. He expected the honest, loving Wife/Mother to die years ago from the pain and trauma of the well-documented Parental Alienation but; she recovered, with the hand of GOD of course.

This Parental Alienation Scheme of MAKING a PACT or AGREEMENT with the Children:

As part of this SECRET PACT, the Children agree to alienate their honest, loving Mother AT LEAST UNTIL the unloving, evil, cowardly predator husband/father dies.

If the Children refuse at any time and DO CONTACT their loving Mother then not only will they be killed; so will their Mother BUT IT WILL BE MADE TO LOOK LIKE AN ACCIDENT.  The Children are told that no one will suspect a thing which is a very CREDIBLE LIE ESPECIALLY FOR INEXPERIENCED, VULNERABLE CHILDREN OF ALL AGES AND especially if the father is: 1) “well-connected” to very powerful people and the organizations they control and; 2) had the money to BRIBE all of them so they would SECRETLY COOPERATE and also PROFIT from this Parental Alienation; as MY divorce lawsuits prove happened along with countless of letters, emails, tax returns, trust returns and other documents.

Studies have found that the unloving, evil, cowardly husband/father commonly uses the idea that the Wife and Daughters should be more feminine and the Sons should be more masculine. Thus, in order to become more feminine or masculine, this husband/father horrifically beyond words ENCOURAGES SEXUAL ACTIVITY with him and/or others. If this isn’t terrifying enough to a reasonable human being; as an EXTRA INCENTIVE this evil predator husband/father agrees to FINANCIALLY help them while calling all of his abuse and terror LOVE. But, all this “loving activity” must remain SECRET as part of their PACT.

One of the important questions is how long this pact remains in effect? If the husband/father just wants to:

1) SPEND the millions of dollars of assets he secretly stole from the honest, loving Wife/Mother as the divorce judgment, tax returns and other documents prove and;

2) WATCH the loving Wife/Mother suffer WITHOUT her Children she raised with a lot of love and care and WITHOUT her assets;  THEN he may agree to “allow” the Children to begin communicating with their loving Mother once he dies.

HOWEVER, by that time will the Children be so brainwashed against their loving Mother and have ADOPTED a criminal and immoral life for themselves that they won’t want to reunite with their Mother anyway?

OR, if the Mother has been able to begin a wonderful new life for herself AS I HAVE SO GRATEFULLY BEEN ABLE TO DO; will the Children try to abuse her even more by PRETENDING to love her so they can gain her trust and then destroy her life AGAIN emotionally and financially.

In other words, will they pretend to love their Mother and need financial help from her due to lies they tell her and due to what their father did to them and then leave her AGAIN emotionally and financially scarred once they have their money they wanted and her renewed trust in them?

    Regardless, honest, loving Mothers know what is in the heart and mind of their Children especially when GOD is walking by her side and helping her not only survive but THRIVE from this terror of Parental Alienation.

Thus, ALL ALIENATED CHILDREN, especially ADULTS, contact your loving Mother NOW, especially during this coronavirus and STOP BELIEVING THE LIES.

****FOR MY CHILDREN SPECIFICALLY, just leave a comment on my Facebook page for the World to see so if anything happens, your comment will prove the TRUTH and YOUR LOVING INTENTIONS.

Now on a lighter note, I am just so impressed with HOW ISRAEL IS HANDLING THIS CORONAVIRUS PLAGUE/WAR. 

I went to my favorite Russian store today and also another grocery story. Before you could enter, the security guards at both stores quickly took your temperature at your forehead using some high-tech thermometer to make sure you registered 98.6 degrees. I JUST LOVE MY NEW LIFE IN ISRAEL AROUND LOVING, CARING, REASONABLE and RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE.

Israel has many ethnic grocery stores since many Israelis have emigrated from many different countries from all over the world. Thus, I have been eating many new foods and making new dishes. Recently I made a delicious vegetable soup and added some grilled fish. We are very lucky here in Israel because we have many varieties of fish from the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea on our borders. (The Dead Sea also on our border is too salty and has no life, which is one reason it is called the Dead Sea).

If you have never tasted Katen bread and can get it, it is delicious. I get it at the Russian store.

The other grocery store I went to today had a sale on some of the varieties of halva which is a Middle Eastern dessert made with sesame paste.  It comes just plain or with all kinds of nuts, raisins and in many flavors. Today I bought some on sale with chocolate swirl.

People ask me how I stay so thin and in shape if I eat this dessert and foods like olives, tahini which are healthy but high in calories. Well, I exercise daily; I generally eat often but with small portions and; I do not eat to hide problems. I have PROUDLY faced my problems and CHOSEN to begin a new life among kind, caring, honest and responsible people here in Israel which I love. As brilliant psychiatrist Carl Jung said: “I am not what happened to me, I am what I CHOOSE to become.” You can follow my example if YOU choose. I hope you are enjoying your life as I am.

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As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org




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