A person cannot move on with their life UNTIL they clearly UNDERSTAND their past and the mistakes they and others made

A person cannot move on with their life UNTIL they clearly understand their past and the mistakes they and others made as many experts will attest to.

But, people who are corrupt and immoral keep repeating the party line of “it is time for you to move on already,” “get a new life, and forget about your past” because they do not WANT you to reveal the TRUTH ABOUT THEIR CORRUPTION. This is quite typical as many experts have proven.

Many men and women who jump from one relationship to another have the same problems over and over again because they haven’t taken the time to figure out their problems AND address them in a responsible manner. 

I began to understand Parental Alienation because I went to therapy trying to understand why my ex-husband, my Children and others all of a sudden started to treat me with disrespect and became very demeaning and abusive as a plethora of evidence shows. I learned how to spot the signs of narcissism and others with psychological disorders and problems like control, power lust and immorality so I would not fall prey again. 
Wise and responsible people LEARN from their mistakes; they do not keep repeating them by refusing to address them. 

***Also, a Loving Mother would NEVER ignore the abuse of her Children by leaving them in abusive situations and “just moving on with her life.” Only a sick idiot would even suggest this as any Loving Parent knows!!!

With that being said, I have posted the photos of my minor Son’s abusive living conditions at Cate School Boarding High School near Santa Barbara, California. The top left photo shows his clean, neat room when I was part of his life BEFORE the parental alienation. 

The other 3 photos show the abuse he was force to live in and endure which makes me sick every time I see these photos. 

I have also posted some emails showing that my ex-husband and his new wife CONSENTED to these abusive living conditions of my minor Son and since my ex-husband was paying the tuition (as I was recovering from my seizures and emotional abuse); Cate school listened to him.

Obviously many at Cate School had to go along with this abuse too. 
Think they will be liable?

The following attached emails speak for themselves which leaves me with a very, very heavy heart. 

My ex-husband must think he is funny by signing one of the very serious emails attached “Ur X” showing he is ignoring the GRAVITY OF THE SITUATION he is in and HAS PLACED OTHERS IN by their cooperation with him as many documents show on their face. 

As I keep bringing out more truth about the emotional abuse of Parental Alienation, all those involved and how Parental Alienation leads to other forms of abuse as these photos and emails show and there are many, many more.

Think those involved think they will all get away with abusing my Children and me and also signing false documents and presenting false evidence that many transcripts reveal along with the documents in the case file like the fraudulent stipulated judgment? 

Think all of their egos are that big to allow such immoral and corrupt thoughts? 
They never thought I would survive from all their emotional and other abusive acts and then figure all this out. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

The abuse of Parental Alienation and all the other abuses that commonly go along with it must be ended which I am doing.

I will not allow greed and corruption to sap the soul of Children and their Loving Mother (father) at the time of divorce. 
With Love, I will help my Children heal and millions like them too along with their Loving Mother (father). 

If not I, then who? Truth and Love will prevail.

As always, none of this is advice of any kind; it is based on my knowledge and experience and unfortunately the experiences of my Children who are being abused, whether they want to realize it or not.
The facts clearly speak for themselves and I have many of them as many know and many are part of the court file. 

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org (5 photos)
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Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.
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