A sample from my Opening Appellants Brief for the Court of Appeal to show: how the defendants in my lawsuit are TERRORISTS.

They are terrorists for  what they have done and continue to do and for REFUSING to acknowledge the FACTS and rectify the harms they have caused and continue to cause. FYI, the abbreviation CT means court transcript and the citations refer to laws, the US Constitution and statutes.


This case involves a judgment for dissolution of a MARRIAGE CONTRACT from a marriage of 23 years which is still ongoing since said DISSOLUTION has not legally dissolved said marriage. 
The signed and filed dissolution contract or stipulated judgment shows 1) the net worth of the community estate AND 2) its disposal were never established even though said factors are legally required BEFORE a dissolution of a marriage contract is deemed legal, valid and complete.
[Cal Fam Code §§ 761, 802, 2102-2120,1101-1,2580, 4320, First, Fifth, Ninth, Fourteenth Amendments of U.S. Constitution] (CT 000434-6; 000557, 000625, 001083-4,001140)

Tax returns and a letter from Appellant’s law firm questioning the disposal of approximately $2.5 million dollars received by the community estate during the last two (2) years of the marriage while the divorce proceedings were going on which was under Husband’s (MARK HASSMAN’S) control, show the net worth of the community estate was millions of dollars. 
(CT 000318-9, 000774-6, 000781; 000429-31, 001270: 2 million dollars has not been accounted for )

Trust Schedules show community assets were converted; (CT 000432-4) ;

Federal 401K profiting sharing plan of the community was converted because Husband cashed it out “to do a couple things.” ( CT00443-8, 001271)

Jiffy Lube Stock Options owned by the community for over 20 years and their accumulations were converted. (CT 000438-9);

Corporations in California, Delaware and Pennsylvania owned by the community were converted. (CT 000439-43);

Moote Pointe Properties, LLC owned by the community was converted. (CT 000448);

Several homes owned by the community were converted (00451-4);

Two (2) undefined Investments owned by the community and Two (2) 529 Plans where contributions were made by the community were converted. (CT00454-7);

The $55,000 Payment of a Personal Loan of Husband was made with community funds thereby showing more Converted Community Property. (CT 000457-61);

The $225,000 Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) Guaranty Payments were made to defendants MJ and Marji Knitter with Converted Community Property because Appellant never received her 50 percent interest in said LLC. (CT 000461-000465; 000750-65: Divorce Judgment);

The total annual income of the community estate during said 23 year marriage was approximately $700,000 to $1,000,000 looking at the tax returns from the last six (6) years of the marriage. Accordingly, the total income of the community estate from all income sources during the entire 23 year marriage was conservatively approximately $20 million dollars (taking $850,000 as a conservative average of annual income times 23years of marriage equals $19,550,000). 
(CT; 000903-6, 000748, 000774-6 ).

Said divorce judgment also does not disclose the disposal of said approximate $20 million dollars as the law requires in order for a dissolution of a MARRIAGE CONTRACT to be deemed lawful, valid and completed. 
(CT: 000750-000765: Divorce Judgment, Cal Fam Code, U.S. Constitution, Due Process Clause 000071-2, 000143, 000676-7, 000900-1)

Property acquired during the marriage is community property of which each spouse has an equal right to succeed to the property after dissolution. [Cal Fam Code §§802, 803,2581, Meyer v. Kinzer and Wife, 12 Cal. 247 (1859)] (CT 000654)

Accordingly; Appellant and her husband are not yet legally divorced because THE STEPS NECESSARY TO COMPLETE THE DISSOLUTION OF THEIR MARRIAGE CONTRACT HAVE NEVER BEEN LEGALLY COMPLETED, even though both spouses were represented by experienced law firms; and Judge Silbar reviewed, signed and filed said divorce judgment. (CT 000023, 000303-6; 000750-65).

Religious organizations and Private School Aided and Abetted in the Conversion of Appellant’s Community Property using their 501(c)(3) agreements (CT 000465-72)

This is just a short sample to show this SICK, EVIL , CORRUPT CONSPIRACY. I have not even discussed the Parental Alienation in this sample.

Truth and Love for Humanity and Justice will prevail; not these sick people and organizations which are part of the Establishment.

Do what you can in your community to spread the truth and help others suffering from Parental Alienation and a fraudulent Divorce Judgment.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge, experiences and research. I thought it would be helpful for others to see.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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