A Solution to End the Epidemic Problem of Parental Alienation and Allow Wives/Mothers to Obtain a Legal and Valid Divorce

Using 501(c)(3) and other “charitable agreements to launder money, property and income of a Wife/Mother at the time of divorce is what the Establishment and those working with them are intentionally doing and have been doing for many decades.[www.PAlienation.org]

A husband secretly works with the Establishment and secretly gives money, property and income to religious organizations, non-profit schools and other non-profits so all of them TOGETHER can steal the Wife/Mother’s community property at the time of divorce by receiving HER 50 percent interest worth millions of dollars.

As reasonably expected, the Wife/Mother suffers financially and  has other problems. This secret scheme of the corrupt Establishment is UNDENIABLY intentionally plotting evil, abuse, torture and terror as any reasonable, sane person knows. [For more details see posts below;www.PAlienation.org and also Los Angeles County Superior Court case#BC580980]

The corrupt religious organizations, corrupt non-profit schools, other corrupt non-profits, corrupt law firms, corrupt judges, the corrupt court-appointed therapist, corrupt executives, corrupt corporate owners, corrupt joint venture partners, and the husband’s corrupt mistress are all working together and it even appears they also work with the couples’ OWN CHILDREN whom all these parties have brainwashed so the children cheat their OWN MOTHER.
***As any reasonable person knows, this is unconscionable and of course constitutes evil, abuse, torture and terror which is exactly what Parental Alienation is as many experts have proven. [www.PAlienation.org]

Some people allow their relatives who are narcissists or have other mental illnesses or their friends and others they have met to shape their habits and behavior WITHOUT EVEN THINKING if what they are doing is reasonable and lawful. 
They commonly think to themselves: 
“So and so has influence and money so I must gain his or her confidence even using lies and manipulations if necessary so I can become part of his or her collective group and profit. I want to profit and gain this influence and money even if this means I have to HARM OTHERS and USE THEM to the benefit of this collective group which will ultimately be to my own advantage.”

***This is how those in sick, destructive, evil, abusive collective groups think which includes many in the Establishment, in cults and other “clubs.”

As a result, these people in the Establishment and in cults and “clubs” who have influence and money lack greatly in what really matters which is peace of mind, compassion and honesty because they are so full of shame as many acclaimed authors like Hermann Hesse, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Ayn Rand and others have written including many religious teachings like the Bible. 
Accordingly, as these and many other writings state; people in the Establishment and in cults and “clubs” who have influence and money but lack greatly in what really matters:

1. become more and more delusional and drive themselves crazy as they become filled with more and more shame for the abusive, unlawful acts they have committed;

2. are so full of shame but try to convince themselves that they are very professional because they have an “art” of finding the right moment to make use of people.

3. are so full of shame but still continue to increase their shame by constantly trying to find and train others to use and abuse people too like they do so the entire sick, evil, collective group can profit. It is like a PYRAMID SCHEME. 
Everyone in the group must CONSTANTLY be on the lookout for vulnerable people to cheat so the sick, collective group can profit, otherwise; they are thrown out of the collective group, cult or “club” and commonly even abused and punished physically or threatened.

***Plus, a young adult who is suffering from Parental Alienation will reasonably be concerned about how he or she will survive . They often believe the lies about their loving, law-abiding Mother and also believe the threats. Thus, these children of all ages refuse to contact their loving, law-abiding Mother even though she can help them. This why so many young adults have become violent and have many other emotional problems as experts have proven; they live in a world of abuse and no longer live with love from their honest, law-abiding compassionate Mother.

Plus, the corrupt Establishment, cult or “club” is only concerned with “what you can do for them tomorrow,” not what you did yesterday. There is no love; it is all about using and abusing people.

The 501(c)(3) and other “charitable agreements are the PREFECT VEHICLE for sick, evil collective groups, cults and “clubs” to use because their actions can be kept secret since the donors and the source of the donations do not have to be disclosed according to the CURRENT LAW.

Further, this 501(c)(3) scheme allows the sick, abusive father to make the children feel special because they are part of some group and USES THE CHILDREN to help him profit by stealing the Wife/Mother’s community property, money and income at the time of divorce. Not only does the collective group profit; the sick, corrupt husband/father also receives tax deductions and other tax benefits for his donations.

The sick, abusive husband/father also thinks the use of the 501(c)(3) agreements “punishes” the Wife/Mother for not “obeying” him and being reasonable and getting away from him and his abuse and corruption. 
***However, I came along and my sick, corrupt, stupid husband did not expect me to recover enough from the Parental Alienation so I could expose the truth and hold him and all the others in the Establishment and also working with him legally liable so they cannot profit at my expense anymore.
What will my own Children do? 
Will they continue to go along with this corruption or will they disregard the lies and threats and contact me so together we can bring about Justice?

Never expect those in the Establishment and those who are corrupt and working with them to apologize because they are so delusional that they think they are entitled to act as they want. Plus, they try to destroy those who are exposing the truth instead of being reasonable and changing their unlawful, corrupt and abusive behaviors. 
DONALD TRUMP has clearly shown this is what they do.

Thus, the illegal use of 501(c)(3) and other “charitable” agreements must be ended by demanding the full disclosure of the donors and the source of the money, property and income donated because then the VEHICLE to create and promote the form of abuse called Parental Alienation will be ended. 
Secretly hiding and stealing a Wife/Mother’s community property, money and income at the time of divorce and thereafter will carry its own CRIMINAL PENALTIES FOR THE NON-PROFITS who do not follow the law by fully disclosing the information about their donors and the source of the donation. IN ADDITION, non-profits which refuse to follow this new law; will lose their non-profit status. Not only is this a very reasonable legal precedent to set; it is objective and will bring forth JUSTICE to millions suffering from Parental Alienation and for future generations.

***If non-profits do not agree to these reasonable legal changes; the public will lose faith in them and their purpose for existing and will stop making donations.
Thus, the non-profits will destroy themselves. 
Many are already questioning the secret use of 501(c)(3) agreements with regard to the superPACs. 
Wait until all the facts about the Clinton’s “charitable” organizations are revealed too as DONALD TRUMP plans to do and the Establishment is petrified.

***PEOPLE ARE GENERALLY ONLY STRONG WHEN THEIR CONSCIENCE IS CLEAN. Thus, very few corrupt people in a collective group, cult or “club” allow themselves to ADMIT their mistakes and receive the necessary therapy to change their values, habits and behaviors. They are AFRAID to go against the corrupt establishment and leave the collective group or “club.”

I have done this twice now in my life; once against my parents, sister and their attorney and again against my husband, judges, law firms, religious organizations, non-profit schools, executives, joint venture partners, the court-appointed therapist, the mistress and others as LASC case# BC580980 shows. They are afraid of change and beginning again in a new, positive, enriching environment with truthful, compassionate, well-intended people.

Regardless, I am continuing to move forward bringing necessary and reasonable changes to our laws so there will be Justice for ALL and Women like me can be legally divorced where the net worth (value) of the community estate is established and distributed 50/50 between the spouses; not between the corrupt, sick and stupid husband, the Establishment and others. This is not the law as I will prove. Just watch. Truth, Justice and Love will prevail.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation .org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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