A special post to show the corruption of law firms and their partners especially PHIL SEASTROM of SEASTROM & SEASTROM

PHIL SEASTROM of SEASTROM & SEASTROM represented my husband for the divorce which included: 
-the fraudulent divorce contact they drafted and signed,
-fraudulent restraining orders they requested and; 
-fraudulent spousal support requests they made both initially and after the fraudulent contract was signed; 
ALL of which are fraudulent, unlawful and invalid, which is why I am suing to enforce my legal and constitutional rights because…
I am:

1) still legally married;

2) have been fraudulently deprived of receiving many assets from my community estate worth millions of dollars and under my husband’s control since he has extensive financial knowledge, education and experience;

3) have been fraudulently deprived of my lawful spousal support; 

4) have been deprived of my legal and constitutional rights due to these unlawful restraining orders; including being UNABLE to go to my Children’s graduations and other events and celebrations if my husband and his mistress are present. (this is corrupt and immoral beyond words as I am sure the jury will easily understand).

But watch as PHIL SEASTROM and SEASTROM & SEASTROM destroy themselves because PHIL SEASTROM signed a personal Declaration under the penalty of perjury which is part of public records and therefore he can be held PERSONALLY LIABLE. Just watch.

But to make matters worse for PHIL SEASTROM and SEASTROM & SEASTROM; they appear to be focused on demurrers and the court of appeal transcript and NOT on the facts and rectifying the harms they have repeatedly caused due to their PATTERN of committing illegal and fraudulent acts.

For example, do you really think PHIL SEASTROM and SEASTROM & SEASTROM told my husband we ARE divorced even though the net worth of the community estate and its disposal was never established ?
was the Fraudulent Divorce Contact and the Parental Alienation part of their PLANNED SCHEME to deprive me of my assets and cause me severe harms thinking I would die and then they could keep my millions of dollars and continue to lie, abuse, terrorize and torture my Children with the assistance of judges, rabbis, a pastor, religious organizations, private non-profit Cate School, other law firms, the court -appointed therapist and others who are part of the SICK CORRUPT CONSPIRACY to:

1) take children, teens and young adults away from their law-abiding Mother who is very honest and compassionate and taught them many important lessons as their values, character and accomplishments showed before the divorce when she was part of their life and showed them a lot of LOVE and;

2) to profit from divorce by stealing the Mother’s community property and spousal support?

Think the jury will believe NOW especially AFTER many court hearings GOING ON FOR THE PAST 8 YEARS that PHIL SEASTROM and SEASTROM & SEASTROM did not know the divorce contract was fraudulent, invalid and unlawful and the Children and their Mother have been suffering from Parental Alienation? 

SEASTROM & SEASTROM advertises that it is a very competent, honest law firm along with PHIL SEASTROM its founder. Watch as I prove otherwise if they are so delusional to keep depriving me of my legal and constitutional rights.

As just one simple example; I am sure the jury will want to know why as the law firm of my husband MARK HASSMAN, they have not amended his Income and Expense Declaration to show he can now and could previously afford to pay me more alimony than $350 every 2 weeks since he can afford 2 new Lexus vehicles and other expenses which most people, including people of the jury, consider luxuries. 
Justice? Sick? Abusive? Definitely a violation of the law.

I have many facts showing a PATTERN of this fraudulent, unlawful, immoral and criminal behavior by PHIL SEASTROM and SEASTROM & SEASTROM and all the other Defendant too.

Think I am involved in a War against the Corrupt and Immoral Establishment? It has become a Massacre due to their belief that they think they can rule with Entitlement and not have to follow the clear, objective and reasonable laws as a jury will easily understand since this is what their PATTERN of behaviors show.

Think a jury will have trouble understanding that a Wife/Mother has been deprived of receiving her 50 percent of the community estate worth millions of dollars and she was inflicted with very severe emotional, psychological and physical problems due to their acts of taking her Children away from her with lies, threats and schemes called Parental Alienation.

All the defendants have a lot to lose professionally and personally especially PHIL SEASTROM and others who have signed PERSONAL Declarations like SARAH L. OVERTON.

Also, let’s not forget the law firm NEMECEK AND COLE and others who keep violating the law by using their legal practice to help their client SEASTROM & SEASTROM and other defendants violate the law. This is illegal as I am sure the jury will understand too.

What I just explained is only the very tip of the iceberg; there is so much more incrimination by all the defendants but again, it appears they think they can use their titles and connections and violate the law while abusing, terrorizing, and torturing a Wife/Mother and her Children as MY lawsuit and the lawsuits and situations of MILLIONS of others continue to show. [www.PAlienation.org]

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based on my knowledge and experiences and what many experts on Parental Alienation and divorce have proven.

As I expose more and more of the truth, the illegal and immoral acts of the defendants become clearer and clearer. Truth and justice will prevail, especially for those who have love for humanity and NOT the love and passion to destroy love and family so they can PROFIT. This is sick, as well as unlawful and CRIMINAL which I am sure the jury will understand. Just watch.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:



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