A speech by one of my role models; an honest, kind amazing strong woman even in the face of her severe daily challenges

This post is about a speech by one of my role models who is not only a kind, honest and amazing woman, but her speech will show you her incredible strength in the face of daily challenges.
I met this amazing woman Cindy in an art class about seven years ago when I had just separated from my ex-husband and my children who were berating, humiliating and being very disrespectful towards me.

Cindy and I realized right away that we had so many things in common; one commonality being was that we both had epilepsy. My epilepsy symptoms disappeared when I separated from my ex-husband and children and all of their emotional abuse they inflicted upon me. I have replaced their relationships with people like Cindy who are kind, caring and honest and have an incredible amount of strength. They forge forward doing positive things, even in the face of extreme adversarial conditions.

My children and my ex-husband used to have these characteristics, but unfortunately for themselves and others they changed and have chosen to remain people with horrible values as the facts speak for themselves.

I am so much happier and healthier spending my time with people like Cindy as we always try to bring out the best in each other and help each other make worthwhile accomplishments.

Cindy is more religious than I am, although I believe in the traditional Jewish teachings; not what Jewish leaders and organizations today try to claim are acts and beliefs of Judaism. Any reasonable person knows Parental Alienation is NOT what Judaism promotes even though Jewish leaders and Jewish organization today promote and profit from Parental Alienation.

Like me, Cindy never found the warmth in the synagogues or Jewish organizations. Cindy found warmth, kindness and nourishment from this Church she found and now belongs to.

Cindy gave this beautiful speech or testimony explaining why she now follows Christianity instead of Judaism as she spoke from her beautiful heart. I don’t think there are many people in this world who would have given this beautiful speech when faced with the challenges Cindy faces daily as her speech clearly reveals.

***You have to hear how Cindy overcame her challenge plaguing her while giving her speech and how those around her helped her. They surrounded her and spoke words or kindness. I am so proud of her and so are many others. She is a wonderful inspiration.

To all of you who have and continue to perpetuate the Parental Alienation against me and millions of others; you should be so ashamed of yourself for creating these problems for Mothers (fathers) and their Children. Plus, you should be ashamed of stealing her assets from the divorce so she suffers financially too. Does this make you feel strong and powerful or mentally and emotionally sick like you truly are?

Please listen to the speech of my role model Cindy and see if you could even IMAGINE yourself being as strong, honest and kind as her. 
Why not just start by helping me, not fighting me, to prevent acts of parental alienation from being used to profit from divorce. Help make using parental alienation to profit from divorce a business model of the past. 
Remember, our choices determine our destiny.
My role models consisting of my Grandfather Ben, Judge James S. Sfekas, Cindy and others have taught me well and continue to teach me well too.

Here is Cindy’s amazing speech. Just go to this website:
Then about 4or 5 testimonies down, click on Cindy’s.

What an amazing woman and I am so glad I met her in my art class. She was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Los Angeles. I just love Los Angeles.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation .org

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