A very WORTHY FIGHT is one to stop leaders and organizations which are a cornerstone to American society, and those helping them from KILLING BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS which are OUR CHILDREN and THEIR LOVING MOTHER (father) both literally and figuratively by destroying their heart, mind and soul to the point where they have lost their beautiful character and values and have become their robots, slaves and toys and believe they cannot escape. THEY HAVE LOST THEIR BEAUTIFUL POTENTIAL, THE SPARKLE IN THEIR EYES, HOPE and a MEANS TO ESCAPE from this abuse; often because they are threatened and scared and often because they do not know how. (I have a note for you at the end marked***).

Well, I am not threatened by their acts and I know how to help millions of us in this situation of Parental Alienation so this is my WORTHY FIGHT. I cannot leave myself and my Children and millions like us in this abuse when I have the skills and knowledge to end it. I have courage, foresight and have learned from the mistakes of others as well as my own mistakes from my past.

A very WORTHY FIGHT is one to end the corrupt and immoral policies of leaders and organizations and those helping them which have the goal or intent to DESTROY THE BOND and COMPANIONSHIP between Loving Mothers and their Children because they have PASSED and are PROMOTING POLICIES to make DIVORCE PROFITABLE for them and the sick, evil parent at the EXPENSE of beautiful Children and their Loving Mother.

This is the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation which many experts have proven is destroying MILLIONS of Children, which includes Teen and Young Adult Children and their Loving Mothers at the time of divorce so DIVORCE CAN BE PROFITABLE for them and they can have sick and evil fun using and abusing the Children and WATCHING THEM SUFFER emotionally, psychologically, financially and in many other ways.[http://www.palienation.org/background/]

An honest, strong and moral leader ALWAYS favors PROGRESS and helping others REACH their POTENTIAL over PARTISANSHIP or POLITICS as many call it; which is DESTROYING PROGRESS which includes the potential of beautiful flowers…our Children and their loving Mother.

Evil, corrupt leaders think they are ENTITLED to destroy, use and abuse whomever they want because they have been and continue to run dictatorships in their “political” empires or organizations they built right here in the United States; like the JEWS and JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS prove daily; to my very, very deep regret since I am a Jew; but TRUTH MUST BE SPREAD so EVIL can be stopped.

I know many reading this understand the depth of pain felt when your companionship is destroyed that you shared with your Children, or Children that you shared with your Loving Mother. I am unique because I have felt this both as a Mother and a Child. I am in a horrific parental alienation situation and as a young adult I WATCHED MY OWN PARENTS try to destroy me because I refused to go along with their fraudulent tax fraud scheme using my social security number and a fraudulent grantor trust.

As a result of these horrible but interesting and very educational experiences; I care so DEEPLY for Children and Loving Mothers.

Many brave soldiers risk everything by going to war leaving their families not knowing if they will ever return. Well, I have lost most things that are important to me; especially the beautiful and enriching companionship my Children and I shared, which many photos, emails, cards and letters show; despite what their father, step-mother and others try to make them believe.

Those who I thought were my friends, like fellow Jews, cousins and old friends refuse to help because many of them are members and even leaders of synagogues and other organizations which PROFIT from divorce at the expense of the Loving Mother and her Children. Our society has become one of destroying beautiful flowers for GREED AND POWER.

A very WORTHY FIGHT is one to stop those who use their greed and power to harm our Children and their Loving Mother. This is the worthy fight of ending Parental Alienation which I am diligently fighting and will WIN.

***TO MY CHILDREN AND OTHERS TOO: When I was in therapy, one issue I had to overcome was my INCORRECT FEELING that I put you and myself too IN HARMS WAY by marrying your father who after 20 years, his very obvious psychological, emotional and mental problems surfaced which was around the time of the recession.
I was told professionally your father ALLOWED his EGO to destroy his heart, soul and mind. PLUS, he refuses to this day to have competent therapy as I suggested even in court testimony, that he be ordered to have to address his very serious problems and frustrations; so he can stop RUINING PEOPLES’ LIVES.

I was also told and have read many books too, that a healthy relationship is based upon TRUST. With your father’s MBA from Harvard, being a CPA, a Chief Financial Officer and all of his investment and business experiences it was only REASONABLE that I trusted him to HONESTLY manage our finances as he trusted me to raise and nurture you and tend to your needs and the household chores as the full time caregiver. (especially with your health issues which needed extra attention and care as you know).
This is what a healthy relationship entails; trusting each other as you share your responsibilities.

Thus, I am very sorry your father changed but that is BEYOND MY CONTROL. But, what I CAN CONTROL is MYSELF.

Therefore, I will fight the emotional abuse, torture and horror called Parental Alienation because this is what I CHOOSE TO DO because it is a VERY WORTHY FIGHT. To give up I would be selling my own heart, soul and mind. I refused to sell out as a young adult with my lawsuit against my parents so you KNOW I will refuse to sell out now when there is so much more involved than the fraudulent use of my social security number.

I am using all of my life long skills, experience and knowledge to fight this WORTHY FIGHT against all these horrible, sick and evil leaders and organizations which I have done before so now I am more experienced and knowledgeable too.

I don’t expect your father or any of those in his Chain of Fools helping him and themselves who are PROFITING from our divorce to change until I force them to change their evil ways; just like my parents, sister and their lawyer had to be forced. Then the tax laws were changed too.

Confession is good for the soul but those with “entitled” attitudes who think they are Kings and Queens will not usually admit their mistakes and rectify them willingly. 
They only change when they are forced because they “hate to lose” even when they KNOW they are wrong.

Also, if they do apologize, it is empty and meaningless and NOT followed by actions showing they truly apologize. It is just another lie and scheme to them to make themselves look honest when they are clearly very, very corrupt and immoral.

I hope all of you are beginning to understand my WORTHY FIGHT and will not be afraid to contact me so we can help each other heal TOGETHER as a Loving Mother and her Children, even adult children should do. Regardless, I will continue to fight my worthy fight and bring JUSTICE as I have done before.
Love, Mom

My next post will discuss whether Judge Claudia Silbar will choose to keep killing beautiful flowers or JOIN ME in forcing corrupt, immoral leaders and organizations in our society to change their very, very destructive behaviors and policies. Also, I will disclose some of her statements which incriminate her quite clearly in this abuse and emotional torture of Parental Alienation and other culpable acts.

Our choices define our character and our character defines our Destiny.

As I continue with my WORTHY FIGHT.

As always, none of this is legal advice or advice of any kind. It is based upon my knowledge.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,www.PAlienation.org



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