Abandoned. This is How Sick Alienating Parents and those Aiding Them Try to Make the Children and Loving Parents Feel.

Abandoned, this is how the sick alienating parent and those helping him(her) try to make alienated children and their loving Mother (father) feel. They will tell your friends and associates false stories and lies about you and even threaten them; trying to get them to abandon you.
Don’t worry because you do not want to associate with those who are so weak, unreasonable, listen to their lies and are intimidated by them and consequently abandon you as a friend or acquaintance.

This saves you the trouble of seeing who is a true friend and worth your while because anyone who believes their lies and false stories about you or allows themselves to be intimidated so they abandon you, you are better off without them in your life.

***A reasonable, honest person worthy of your time should question these liars and not be intimidated by their schemes.
Also, expect these evil, alienating parents and those who aid them like rabbis, priests, school administrators and an evil step-mother (father) to also go on line and try to defame you using aliases and Trojan email messages.

They may also hack your computer to try to figure out who you associate with. Remember, they think they own the world and do not have to follow any laws. In reality they are such cowards they can’t even use their true name when they tell their lies and schemes.
This is what these Terrorists do. Just know how they behave and EXPECT this.

***Also, know your loving Mother (Father) is always there for you and will not abandon you.

We are tough and will not be intimidated by their evil acts threats and lies. Many of us can often predict what they will do next because they follow the behaviors of narcissists and sociopaths since most of them have these disorders.
MACHIAVELLI’S STRATEGY of “divide and conquer” is why these evil, alienating parents and those aiding them tell lies, threaten and intimidate others to get them to abandon you. In other words, they try to make you feel abandoned and ALL ALONE because then they can CONTROL you better. Remember they love control and want to control everyone in their world.
***This is why they try to destroy the wonderful Parent/Child relationship because they think they can better control the loving parent and children since they no longer have the companionship of each other.***Then when they make these fraudulent 501(c)(3) agreements, and do other horrible things, the loving parent is unaware and is not there to stop the abuse. This is why parental alienation is such EVIL emotional torture.
Adult children know that you are not property and can stop this abuse.
Get away!!!

***FOR ANY BROTHERS AND SISTERS READING THIS: Please, if your alienating parent has caused you to abandon each other like they did your loving Mother; start communicating and get your fun and wonderful companionship back.
It is important for all of you and very reasonable to do.
ONE OF YOU BE THE LEADER and initiate the communication.
Please, since I know you will be very glad you did and be kind and respectful to each other.
Get back to your true character with your good values and behaviors.

Also, do not expect an alienating parent and those aiding him to be able to honestly and truthfully help you because they are INCAPABLE of thinking reasonably and solving their OWN problems of shame, narcissism and sociopathic disorders.

They always have hidden, ulterior motives that are in their best interest only, not yours. Like claiming “Charitable Contributions” when they have used these fraudulent 501(c)(3) agreements to hide property, savings and income that should have been given to the loving parent at the time of divorce or used to pay spousal support. Or telling a child they must do certain things to pay off their STUDENT LOAN DEBT while they use the student loan money for themselves. It is pure evil but IRS is trying to crackdown on this abuse. ***Don’t worry and just expect these evil parents and the evil rabbis, priests, pastors, teachers and coaches to behave this way because this is all they know how to do: lie, scheme, manipulate and intimidate. They refuse to focus their mind and learn to think and do positive things. ***So what? Just know they will not change so DON’T LET THEM make you feel abandoned. Instead be GRATEFUL they helped you realize those who are weak, believe their lies about you, are intimidated by them, are not strong enough to do what is reasonable and kind by remaining your friend and supporting you. This is GREAT since you can now have fun finding new friends and acquaintances.

GET AWAY FROM THEM, stop allowing yourself to be used and abused.

YOU ARE NOT PROPERTY and you are smart, resourceful and have free will.

HELP YOURSELF, you are very capable.

Remember, these evil alienating parents and those aiding them do not like independent people with independent, reasonable thoughts and reasonable ideas because they can’t CONTROL THEM and this is what they aim to do; control the world. They want to control you for their benefit by intimidating, scaring and exploiting you and trying to shame you by making you feel like “something is wrong with YOU,” when it is THEM.

***They are the sick ones but try to make it seem like you are the one who is sick and horrible.  They blame you for being so unreasonable and irrational and even crazy when it is THEM.

They need a scapegoat to blame someone for their problems because they try to make everyone believe they are always right.

So don’t fall for this strategy. Know they are so unhappy and full of shame for all their behaviors.

Consequently, their titles and money cannot make them happy and they don’t even know how to enjoy it. Their ‘fame’ and ‘prestigious titles’ are not all they are cracked up to be because they are miserable people on a free fall. They don’t know the difference between lies and reality because they have told so many lies they believe them and think that is reality. They just like to complain, abuse and harass people. This is fun and what they live for.

Can you imagine???

There are so many wonderful things in this world to enjoy especially to love, truly helping others make great accomplishments, being reasonable and rational and then being able to live with peace of mind; not having any shame. But they keep harassing and harming others because they think it is fun and a game and they make it profitable with these fraudulent and evil 501(c)(3) agreements too.

So they keep having more and more problems due to all the shame they subconsciously feel. It literally eats them up alive as many authors have written about. So be happy if they make you feel isolated because you don’t want to be part of any group with them or a group with people they associate with or a group who is intimidated by them.

Form your own group with good, kind, honest people who want to make worthwhile accomplishments and help each other; not try to deceive, defame and harm others and then claim “Charitable 501(c)(3) Contributions” for treating others in these evil ways. If not I, then who? -By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org.



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