AGAIN, there was no criminal evidence against me so the case was dismissed based upon false, made up evidence. Typical behavior of Terrorists so expect it.

The bogus criminal court allegations against me were dismissed because as the Public Defender, Christopher Lee told me, 
THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE showing I had committed any criminal offense which includes that there was NO EVIDENCE I “impersonated” Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church by sending myself emails from him.

Again, the defendants just made up the false allegations as happened in the dismissed criminal lawsuit at the same court case#11HM10952. This is what sick, evil, corrupt people do; THEY MAKE UP FALSE EVIDENCE.

I am thrilled more and more of the TRUTH is being exposed so keep bringing forth the TRUTH so there will be justice.

This morning the Public Defender Christopher Lee read to me the police report in my case # 14HM07681 at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach which stated that my husband (we are still married due to our fraudulent and unlawful divorce judgment and he is a polygamist);
he met with Saddleback Valley Church and was told that Pastor Rick Warren did not send the emails to me I received even though they came from his email address. 

Saddleback Valley Community Church ALSO told my husband they were going to file an order to stop me from sending these alleged emails from Pastor Rick Warren and communicating with him regarding the subject of the emails which was ending Parental Alienation and that my husband has committed tax fraud and is trying to destroy me financially.

However, Saddleback Valley Community Church NEVER told me to stop responding to these emails I received from Pastor Rick Warren’s email address. INTERESTING: Since there is no evidence that I sent these emails which I did not do:
***WHO do you think sent the emails to me PRETENDING to be Pastor Rick Warren and pretending to be interested in ending the epidemic problem of parental alienation?

***Do you think the defendants I have sued for violating my legal rights as explained in the Los Angeles County Superior Court case ‪#‎BC580980‬ are trying to PLANT MORE EVIDENCE by making up emails? 
Who do you think is going to take the fall for my fraudulent divorce judgment which includes a loss of many of my legal and individual rights and also includes many acts of Parental Alienation?

***Are the defendants turning on my husband and ON EACH OTHER TOO?
It was quite interesting how my husband’s new wife (remember he is a polygamist because our divorce is fraudulent and invalid), defendant 
Mikel Sanders-Persky who requested and was granted a restraining order against me so I am unable communicating with her even about my children; communicated with ME at the courthouse today. 
As she left the court today she said “Congratulations” to me for having my case dismissed.

Mikel Sanders-Persky should know better that to communicate with me and try to elicit a response from me so then she can say I violated the restraining order she has against me because I responded to her and this is communicating with her.

Plus, if she has a restraining order against me, why does she all of a sudden WANT to communicate with me? She REFUSES to help me end the Parental Alienation or receive my community property.

Plus, why is Mikel Sanders-Persky congratulating me since based upon tax returns and other documents; it is VERY LIKELY SHE WILL GO TO JAIL for signing these documents under the penalty of perjury and committing other illegal acts as my Complaint in LASC case # BC580980 clearly explains. WHOSE SIDE IS SHE ON NOW? What about all the other defendants?

One of my favorite comments I recently received as a “defense” from the law firm JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR hired to defend her because she: 1) signed my fraudulent, invalid divorce judgment so I am still married; 2) granted fraudulent spousal support orders; 
3) granted restraining orders without a reasonable or rational basis but with the intent to keep me alienated from my Children and to defame my character. (see Superior Court County of Orange judgment in case # 09D002792 and case # BC580980) AND ALSO because Judge Claudia Sibar 4) has refused to rectify her fraudulent and unlawful acts and compensate me for the damages she has caused.

The name of the law firm Judge Claudia Silbar hired is
Cummings, MCClorey, Davis, Acho & Associates, PC which stated in a court filed document as an irrational and unreasonable defense that the reason I filed the lawsuit to enforce my legal rights so I can obtain a legal divorce which includes my receiving my community property, my legally calculated spousal support and rectify the parental alienation was because I was “UNHAPPPY” with the orders of Judge Claudia Silbar.

***Wouldn’t any rational and reasonable person be “unhappy” if they were DEPRIVED of their legal rights to: 1) receive a legal divorce and consequently are still married; 2) DEPRIVED of receiving their community property worth millions of dollars from their marriage of over 20 years and therefore have financial and other problems; 3) DEPRIVED of receiving their legally calculated spousal support; 4) and DEPRIVED of receiving custody and visitation rights even though they are a loving, law-abiding citizen and their children thrived in many ways before the divorce when she was part of their life? All these acts as expected have created serious and severe harms and damages.

I guess this law firm thinks they can evade the law by just claiming I am “unhappy” and not addressing the FACT that I have been deprived of many of my legal rights.

But, it gets more interesting. I hired a private criminal attorney named GABRIEL DORMAN who did NOT reasonably and ethically represent me so I fired him and was appointed the Public Defender Christopher Lee who was reasonable and ethical as the documents from today show.

Gabriel Dorman told me I should plead guilty but refused to tell me what I was pleading guilty to except that it was ALLEGED I violated some restraining order. 
***Public Defender Lee had the same file and information as Gabriel Dorman and read the file to me today and told me there was NO EVIDENCE that I violated any restraining order and had the entire case dismissed as the court documents reflect.

Was Gabriel Dorman paid off to lie to me? Why did he tell me to plead guilty when there was NOT any evidence that I had done anything wrong?

Well, it will be interesting to see what happens Friday January 15, 2016 when I appear before Judge Elizabeth White in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Will she allow the fraudulent divorce judgment to remain or will she demand that it be rectified and my legal rights finally granted to me? What about the parental alienation? Will she allow that to continue too?
I will keep you posted.

Remember, TRUTH will prevail and so will LOVE for making our world a better place for ALL; even children, divorced Mothers and other vulnerable people. We are people too and the laws apply EQUALLY to us too.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder’

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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