ALIENATED CHILDREN ADDICTED TO DRUGS and/or in SEX TRAFFICKING, ARMS TRAFFICKING or committing other crimes; don’t worry. This is all PART OF THE INTERNATIONAL TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION which will End. You will have a new beautiful life with Love.

ALIENATED CHILDREN, many of you were targeted because your wealthy father (or mother) not only had access to a lot of money; he also had an insatiable, sick desire for more money and more power AND was willing to bribe, cheat, lie, steal and HARM YOU in order to develop a powerful NETWORK so then he could begin profiting from very large illegal businesses.
In other words, as my divorce lawsuits, government reports and other evidence have proven: judges; lawyers; religious leaders and their “religious” nonprofit organizations; executives; therapists; nonprofit schools and other nonprofit organizations; politicians; and others have developed a very PROFITABLE BUSINESS involving: BRIBES, and LAUNDER MONEY in off shore accounts, in “religious” and other nonprofit organizations, in trusts and elsewhere by abusing Children of all ages who are suffering from the INTERNATIONAL TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION which THEY SECRETLY CREATED and then use and abuse these vulnerable ALIENATED CHILDREN to help them SECRETLY OPERATE and profit.
DRUG LORDS, SEX TRADE OPERATORS, ARMS DEALERS and OTHER TERRORISTS each need their secret NETWORKS to keep their illegal businesses going as News Reports, Law Enforcement Authorities, Movies and Books have proven.
For example, the highly suspected recent murder (not suicide) of powerful, well-connected billionaire and CHILD SEX ABUSER named JEFFREY EPSTEIN is believed to be the work of International Terrorist Organizations. What did this powerful, well-connected billionaire know that many thought needed to be kept secret?
MY CHILDREN, the Parental Alienation began when your wealthy father agreed to carry out criminal and immoral acts so he could have more money even if this was at your expense.
Your father did not care that you were going to be harmed by being forced to: 1)have your loving and enriching companionship with your Mother destroyed; 2) commit crimes as many divorce documents prove you have and; 3) be abused emotionally and in other ways.
As mine and your father’s divorce documents prove MY CHILDREN; at first we had a “Collaborative Divorce Agreement” with “shared custody” and a “50/50 division” of our marital assets and income which is reasonable and also in accordance with the law.
Then very unexpectantly: your father pulled out of the “collaborative divorce process;” hired new divorce lawyers; refused to sign the Collaborative Divorce Agreement; which forced me to hire new divorce lawyers who worked in the California State and Federal Courts, not strictly in the Collaborative Divorce System.
Do you know who approached your father and encouraged him to begin the very well-documented acts of Parental Alienation which are clearly written on our illegal and fraudulent divorce judgment?
(I was suddenly and without any legal or rational basis denied custody, visitation and received no assets or income from our community estate worth many millions of dollars).
But then, to make matters more criminal, immoral and terrifying as my lawsuits prove; our signed, filed divorce judgment was then RATIFIED by many Federal judges and even the U.S. Supreme Court justices. Why would these judges and justices go along with this corruption and terror if they weren’t part of some NETWORK which profits from Parental Alienation?
America is no longer a democracy and neither are many other counties which also promote Parental Alienation.
Thus, we have become a world consisting of many Rogue States whose leaders and the organizations they control secretly profit from the INTERNATIONAL TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION which involves many criminal and immoral acts of Terror against Mothers and their Children and some Fathers too.
In other words, Parental Alienation is an INTERNATIONAL WAR against these Terrorists because Worldwide Parental Alienation commonly involves the crimes of SEX, DRUG, ALCOHOL and other types of ABUSE along with THEFT, PERJURY, MONEY LAUNDERING, BRIBERY, EXTORTION, TREASON and others which are FINANCED BY INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSES ILLEGALLY OPERATING; yes financed by international businesses in many countries, illegally operating.
Some of these illegal international businesses are vertically integrated so there is ONE KINGPIN with a very powerful NETWORK while others are horizontally integrated with several KINGPINS controlling different aspects of the business, each with his own powerful NETWORK.
If you doubt my words research some drug, sex and child abuse rings along with reports by government enforcement agencies and other international authorities.
Consequently, the ALIENATED CHILDREN OF ALL AGES can easily be CONTROLLED and FORCED to help commit some of these crimes now that the loving, law-abiding Mother or Father has been alienated from their life and they are now being drugged, abused and threatened.
As I stated before, if these alienated children try to contact their loving, law-abiding Mother (or father); they have been threatened that they, their Mother or Father, their siblings and other family members will ALL BE KILLED.
*****Again I passionately repeat: SO WHAT IF YOU DIE FIGHTING FOR Love, Freedom, Truth, Peace and Equal Rights as many soldiers have done and will continue to do? It is not worth living a life of crime and terror instead of lovingly and passionately fighting to end it by contacting your loving, law-abiding Mother (or father).
SO WHAT if you are eventually killed by these Terrorists? At least you will have had at least a few minutes with your Mother while you proudly and honorably know you did your part in ending Parental Alienation and making a better world for future generations.
**** It isn’t worth living a life without LOVE and being in constant fear of their Terror.
Attached are some photos from a circle in my neighborhood in Eilat, Israel in honor of three heroes who died in a terrorist attack. They were trying to enjoy their lives as bakers making many delicious and beautiful pastries and cakes for Israelis.
These photos can also remind everyone of the terror being suffering by millions of Children, including MY THREE CHILDREN, suffering from THE INTERNATIONAL TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION which I am very hopeful will end soon as our new world begins, post-Coronavirus.

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As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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