Alienated Children Never Give Up Hope

Alienated Children never give up hope.
The Peace Price was recently won by two amazing girls from Pakistan. They were not allowed to be educated, were gang-raped, kidnapped, forced to marry much older men who treated them like slaves.
They escaped and began talking about their experiences which has helped many.
It is so sad just like Parental Alienation is so sad.
Destroying the Mother/Child relationship is just horrible beyond words for Children of all ages and the loving, caring Mother (father). This is why the sick father and those helping him do it; they are sick and enjoy harming others.

***Well, let this experience BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU and don’t worry.
I am working my plan to help end this just like I ended the fraudulent and abusive use of the “Kiddie Trusts” or the fraudulent grantor trusts.
There are so many wonderful things to enjoy in life and these sick people only understand money, power, corruption and harming others.

***They don’t even understand their own responsibilities and how the law can be enforced to make them understand especially when you have very egregious situations.

***This is their weakness because they are not reasonable and refuse to become reasonable and think a Harvard Business School graduate like my ex-husband knows all.Well, time will tell but the odds aren’t looking too good.

My ex-husband already had two Obstruction of Justice cases ruled against him; the one against me with the 18 graduation emails he sent me from his prohibited email address; prohibited from a restraining order he was granted. Then he filed false allegations since he intentionally baited and tricked me to respond to his questions in the emails about the upcoming graduations; thinking he would “allow” me to go with his restraining order. It was a heart wrenching scheme for both me and my children. He marched down to the District Attorneys Office claiming fraudulently and abusively that I violated the restraining order.

What a guy!!! This is what evil, sick, corrupt people do.

But wait, there is more…he then filed a complaint against a Private Investigator for his honest testimony against him. This was dismissed too.
So, his is 0 for 2.
Not looking to good and you know I have a fraudulent divorce which he thinks I have no right to gather the information to rectify.
Well, we shall see. I have that hearing soon.
Should we have a contest.
Send in your comments:

Do you think I have a right to rectify my fraudulent divorce


Do you think my ex-husband, a certified public accountant, and Harvard Business School graduate can keep all his secrets and fraudulent behaviors to himself even though the law says the information must be disclosed?
This is not a joke.
My ex-husband is so delusional, corrupt and evil but thinks he can get away with all of this. Just like my parents did with their fraudulent grantor trust.
I am just a petite woman so what do I know.
These men think they know it all and have all the connections.

I have seen this so many times before and many classic authors write about this too.
I think I am looking pretty good and this is not even the crux of the information; this is just the tip of the iceberg. Time will tell.

Hold strong and do what YOU know is moral and just and great things will happen.
***I have done that all of my life and have benefited beautifully from all of my challenges. I am sure this one will work out beautifully too and I have learned many important lessons already as I am sure you have too.

Remember, I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.-Carl Jung.
***Make yourself the best person you can be and wonderful things will happen.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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