ALL I ASKED was that my cousins call my Children periodically just to say “hi” and see how they are doing as cousins should WANT TO DO ANYWAY.

I was told professionally in 2008 that if my cousins called my Children on holidays, birthdays and took turns every couple weeks just to say “hi” that this would help thwart the well documented symptoms of Parental Alienation.

To my chagrin and extreme disappointment ALL my cousins refused although for years they had come to celebrate my Children’s Bat and Bar Mitzvah and we celebrated the Jewish holidays together.

Family is supposed to help each other during difficult times and not desert them.

***ALL I ASKED was that my cousins call my Children periodically just to say “hi” and see how they are doing as cousins should WANT TO DO ANYWAY.

My Children have since changed their phone numbers and email addresses. It is not in my best interest or my Children’s to keep spending money to find out their email address and phone number just to have them:
• Hang-up on me;
• Ignore me; 
• Say nasty, unreasonable things or;
• Refuse to listen to reason;
• So I stopped trying to contact them because it was making me sick. 
• This is all characteristic of Parental Alienation Syndrome when combined with all their other behaviors and the behaviors of my husband MARK HASSMAN, his mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY and others like RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE, judges, the court-appointed therapist ALAN LIBERMAN PhD; PASTOR RICK WARREN of SADDLEBACK CHURCH, the non-profit CATE SCHOOL .

***They should all WANT to encourage a reunification of our relationship because I am a compassionate, law-abiding Mother who helped my Children thrive in many important, positive ways since the day they were born until the time of the divorce when they SUDDENLY alienated me from their life without any legal or rational basis.

Continuing, when my cousins refused to even make periodic phone calls to my Children; I told them that I did not want to associate with them anymore because their CHOICE shows their horrible values and character.
*** It is common knowledge that Children whose parents are going through a divorce, which is a life-changing event, need support and love and should not to be forgotten by those who used to be part of their life. 
Any compassionate, reasonable person knows this.

My cousins along with their synagogues refused to reach out to my Children and help them begin communicating with me when they SUDDENLY alienated me at the time of divorce around 2008 and STILL CURRENTLY refuse to help us reunite and help me rectify my fraudulent divorce contract so I can be legally divorced.

As the facts show; it appears all of them are involved in the intentional and sophisticated immoral, illegal and unconscionable BUSINESS PLAN of:
1. using acts of Parental Alienation so the Wife/Mother is so distraught, terrorized and tortured that she cannot think straight.

2. Thus, she reasonably relies upon and listens to the corrupt judge, corrupt lawyers and corrupt husband who all have FIDUCIARY DUTIES to treat her honestly and fairly during the divorce process whereby she signs a fraudulent, illegal and invalid divorce contact based on their advice and actions.

My divorce contact is invalid because it does not even list:
• The legally required Net Worth (value) of the community estate 
• AND its legally required disposal; 
• Lacks legally required forms and;
• Lacks sufficient descriptions and other material terms (no sufficiently particularity) so there cannot even be INFORMED CONSENT by those who signed the contract which includes the judge, lawyers, husband and wife.

***Where do you think all the millions of dollars comprising my community estate when? Do you think it just disappeared into thin air? 
No, my husband MARK HASSMAN, who controlled the community estate TOOK IT ALL FOR HIMSELF and is SHARING it with all these others who helped him INCLUDING but not limited to: RABBIS; JEWISH LEADERS AND JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS NATIONWIDE; the non-profit CATE SCHOOL who are using their 501(c)(3) agreements to help hide and steal the Wife/Mother’s property and income SHE not them is legally entitled to receive.

***Jews and other non-profits are not supposed to illegally use their 501(c)(3) agreements to steal the Wife/Mother’s property and income and keep her alienated from her Children beginning at the time of divorce as any sane person knows.

Well, since my health came back enough and I have the legal skills; I have sued all of them and my lawsuit is currently in the Court of Appeal case‪#‎B267984‬. The defendants have not produced ANY conflicting evidence but just keep making up lies and legal technicalities.

Their victory thus far, where they were able to get corrupt JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE to deny me of my legal and constitutional rights so my case is in the Court of Appeal has been a PYRRHIC VICTORY because it just incriminates all of them and others even more.

Below is a list of all my cousins, friends, other relatives and their Jewish synagogues who refuse to even help me begin communicating with my Children and rectify my fraudulent divorce contract. There are many others too going along with this corruption, terror and torture.
***With family, friends and a Jewish religion like this; who needs enemies?

I want to post this list so anyone who associates with these people and organizations knows what to expect, based upon my well-documented facts:

• SINAI TEMPLE of Los Angeles including RABBI DAVID WOLPE, RABBI RALPH RESNICK and others;

• THE JEWISH JOURNAL of Los Angeles;


• BETH TFILOH SYNAGOGUE in Baltimore including RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG and many of my relatives and friends who are active in this orthodox or very religious synagogue and have sent their children to their religious school including but not limited to:

RUTH and DAVID CARLINER; my sister and brother-in-law. I sued my sister in 1985 for going along with the corrupt tax evasion scheme using a fraudulent grantor trust. She continues to show her immoral and corrupt values as the facts show. She, her husband and all the others refuse to help me reunite with my Children and help me end the illegal use of 501(c)(3) agreements by BETH TFILOH SYNAGOGUE and others even though I have been an honest, compassionate law-abiding woman my entire life.

HELENE PENN-CARLINER, my mother who I sued in 1985 for illegally using my social security number and setting up a fraudulent grantor trust so she and my father could EVADE TAXES and PROFIT while trying to CONTROL ME. She also continues to show her immoral and corrupt values and will not even respond to my emails about helping me reunite with my Children and end the illegal use of 501(c)(3) agreements by BETH TFILOH SYNAGOGUE and others.

LINDA and STEVE HURWITZ and RONNIE DAVIS- my cousins and friend respectively who are active in the administration at BETH TFILOH SYNAGOGUE.

GLENN and DEBI WEINBERG – Glenn was a very old friend of mine who inherited millions of dollars which apparently changed him. He even opened a Casino when Jews, especially religious ones, are prohibited from gambling.

HOWARD and ANNE LOUISE PERLOW, my cousins. Why are you doing this? Howard, haven’t you learned your lesson when you went to JAIL FOR INSURANCE FRAUD? ANNE LOUISE, I always liked you and you are a wonderful, kind a compassionate Mother and person. 
Why, Anne Louise do you put up with this so you allow yourself to be incriminated and you do not help make our world a better place for all as Jews are commanded to do?

• BETH EL SYNAGOGUE in Baltimore also refuses to acknowledge the epidemic problems of Parental Alienation and the illegal use of 501(c)(3) agreements to hide and steal the honest, compassionate law-abiding Wife/Mother’s property and income.
The following are my cousins who are or were members and some have been active in its administration too.

JEFFREY and CINDY PERLOW and IRA and CAROL PERLOW- I always liked you too. Why are you behaving this way? Your Mother who I really loved and had so much respect for would be appalled.

HOWARD and ANNE LOUISE PERLOW-were also active here as well as BETH TFILOH. 
***Anne Louise I always thought was an honest, compassionate person but I guess I was wrong.

SAM and BEVERLY PENN- you make me sick because when I saw you in Santa Monica, Beverly, you told me that I can’t move City Hall. Fighting for my legal and constitutional rights and those of millions of others who are unable to defend theirs is what Jews are commanded to do. Why have you refused to help me; because you are BENEFITING like all the others from your “investments” at Beth El and elsewhere?

LEWIS and MITZI PENN- I am speechless because Lewis you really disappointed me. Why are you doing this? Why not try to help me? Jews are supposed to help one another, not promote abuse, terror, torture and evil. You know it is a sin to take Children away from their loving, law-abiding Mother and you know I am a wonderful Mother and person.

all my cousins who have gone along with this corrupt collective group instead of helping me get Jewish synagogues and other Jewish Organizations to recognize and resolve the epidemic problems of Parental Alienation and the illegal use of 501(c)(3) agreements. 
They refuse to help me stop millions of Mothers like myself and our Children from suffering emotionally and financially like 
ADOLPH HITLER caused millions of Jews to suffer when he alienated Children from their loving Mother and stole her property and money.

Why are they and all the others encouraging this 
CURRENT DAY HOLOCAUST instead of helping me end it? 
Are they profiting too?
***To my great dismay, with a very heavy heart; it appears my relatives, friends, Jewish leaders and Jewish organizations are just like ADOLPH HITLER because they are causing this CURRENT DAY HOLOCAUST. They refuse to help loving, law-abiding Mothers reunite with her Children and refuse to help her rectify her fraudulent divorce so she can receive her property and income.

Instead, they have CHOSEN to:
• KEEP her and her Children alienated and
• KEEP her money and property so Jewish Organizations and their Leaders can PROFIT.
• This is not Judaism but torture, terror and abuse as any reasonable, sane person knows.

With a very heavy heart I am glad I no longer associate with these people and others like them.
I am very proud of MY CHOICES as I continue to fight for the legal and constitutional rights of Wives and Mothers and our Alienated Children as I make our world a better place for all. This is what Jews are COMMANDED to do and I am a Jew who is very PROUD THAT I CLEARLY ACT LIKE A JEW.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;


Unfortunately Peanutbutter:  Is it still your intention to win over some of these people? It sounds like you may still have some hope of convincing several of them if they will only see the error of their ways using your above argumentation, and it would indeed be a pity to have to abandon all remaining family and friends.

Parental Alienation Solutions
Wrong again but only partially this time;
It is not my loss to continue to abandon them, it is clearly theirs as any reasonable, compassionate, sane, person knows. I am so glad to be away from all of them and their horrible values and character.
I can’t control what they decide to do; I can only QUESTION them and set the honest, compassionate example for them to follow. However, I hope you are right and they see the errors of their ways and JOIN ME in bringing forth truth and justice in the Jewish community and beyond.
Many of them are very capable people if they focus their mind and try to make essential positive changes so our world becomes a better place for all.
Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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