Always In Our Hearts

This is a beautiful poem written by a very compassionate woman who has also been victimized by parental alienation and wants to help others. Her name is Janet Cresswell and her poem brought tears to our eyes and shows why we must work together to bring awareness to parental alienation. Once many are aware of this abuse, the extremely necessary and urgent legislative and policy changes will be quite obvious to those on Capitol Hill.

 Make sure you have a Kleenex handy before your start reading. I dedicate this poem to all the wonderful but abused children who are suffering from parental alienation:


Hello my angel
How are you, today?
Here is a keepsake of how special you are to me
Now and Always…but you knew that already because I told you many times before you were lost into the wasteland.
The darkness within trapped us
You were gone for a while
You know the truth

In my heart and in my mind
I see your pretty, dainty face, your blonde hair, and sharp blue eyes
I hear your laugh, your throaty giggle, and your childlike demands.
I see your soul through your eyes
The eyes tell the story

You are always with me my special girl please remembers you are always with me. Like the Trillion stars in the black sky, you are always twinkling,
Out of the chasm, I see you
You have reached double figures
I sense you in my fitful dreams.
In my thoughts, I love you forever and eternally you are always mine.

I shall be thinking of you on your amazing, exciting day that we share together evermore
I know you will think of me and miss me but one day we shall meet again,
Like in the beginning when you were always with me.
From beautiful conception to excitement of the scary birth, No-one can compete with that day not even God.
Then you were gone.

By Janet Cresswell


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