An Incriminating letter from Sinai Temple in Los Angeles showing OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE

Below is an incriminating letter for all those at SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES showing they have committed the VERY SERIOUS CRIME of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

This letter BELOW was written to Gabriel who is my criminal attorney who has defended me against numerous FRAUDULENT lawsuits brought against me by my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN with false and misleading allegations.
*** They have all been dismissed.

A common scheme many alienating parents use is toTRY to file false lawsuits to get the loving Mother WHO HAS BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER and VALUES to get a felony so then the evil alienating parent does not have to pay support. This is obstruction of justice and what those who abuse children and their loving Mother do at the time of divorce to make the divorce PROFITABLE for them.
They don’t care about the laws because they think their “connections” will protect them. Well, we shall see.

Rabbi Ralph Resnick is an employee of Sinai Temple and wrote this letter below to Gabriel, my criminal attorney, knowing and completely aware that his letter was going to be used at the criminal hearing.

****Preparing false evidence and offering false evidence are crimes of Obstruction of Justice pursuant to California Penal Code 132 PC and 134 PC. The penalties are time in jail. Especially for a Rabbi; do you think the penalties could be harsher?

So, why has Sinai Temple banned me from attending public and private events since October 27, 2012; ten (10) months after Rabbi Ralph Resnick wrote this letter about my beautiful character and what my ex-husband is doing is HARMFUL TO OUR CHILDREN as many experts have proven.

Also, why hasn’t Rabbi Ralph Resnick and others at Sinai Temple given sermons, help educate the Jews about parental alienation and help me REUNITE with my Children if he knows this is harmful to them as he stated in a letter he prepared to be offered at a court hearing? Their acts of ignoring this abuse are not reasonable.

October 27, 2012, when I was banned from Sinai Temple was around the time my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN made 501c3 and/or other agreements with Sinai Temple with my community property and other interests, WITHOUT my knowledge and consent?

So, if Judge Claudia Silbar decides to follow the law so I can PROVE Sinai Temple and others are paying my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN’S expenses like his 2 new Lexus leases even though he swore repeatedly that he is “struggling”, “insolvent” and “unable” to pay my support which was eliminated; this PROVES they are all involved in a PLOT, SCHEME, JOINT ENTERPRISE and SOPHISTICATED PLAN to steal, conceal, convert my property unlawfully and OBSTRUCT JUSTICE. It will show there is concealed community property, income and other interests.

This is ESPECIALLY true since Sinai Temple and others have been notified repeatedly about returning my property and interests.
Also, about about an hour ago I called Rabbi Ralph Resnick and he hung up on me. So, I called back and left him a voice mail message to admit what he has done and return my property. I then called and left a similar message with HOWARD LESNER, the Executive Director of Sinai Temple.
They just think they can ignore abuse and corruption and keep causing it??? Well, I will PROVE THEM WRONG.

This is what a loving, caring, responsible Mother with the PROOF will do; HOLD THEM ALL ACCOUNTABLE.

So, what will Rabbi Ralph Resnick do? Lie and try to change his story or tell the truth? Time will tell. Will he keep incriminating himself and others? Time will tell.

Sinai Temple and Ralph, you can’t have it both ways…Ralph why don’t your actions support what you wrote for the judge. Are your actions deemed emotional abuse and emotional torture? You STATED it is wrong to alienate me from my Children so why not help me reunite with them? Why aren’t others at Sinai Temple helping us too? These are reasonable questions a judge and jury will want to know. Pleading the 5th???

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, just based on my knowledge. I have a lot of it especially since I clerked for a wonderful and wise Judge and had a wonderful and wise Grandfather Ben.

Below is Rabbi Ralph Resnick’s letter addressed to my criminal attorney.

God and Truth will always prevail as I keep PROVING IT.

January 26, 2012

Dear Gabriel,
I met Sara Hassman about 3 years ago when she was volunteering in the Sisterhood kitchen at Sinai Temple where I am the Ritual Director and lead the Family Minyan. We had a nice conversation and made plans to have lunch. We found many parts of our lives over-lapped and that we enjoyed each other’s company on a friendly basis. Recently, Sara has started attending my Family Minyan service on Saturday mornings,although she is taking a break while studying for the bar. I am sure that she’ll be back as a ‘regular’ once she’s finished the test.

I have found Sara to be very dedicated in living a Jewish life and by incorporating many of the Torah’s teachings in her daily life and in her relations with the people that she works with and with those that she encounters in her day-to-day activities. She has always shown and expressed very good values and she supports many Jewish causes.

Aside from her Judaism, Sara and I have many things in our live’s in common, especially since we are both divorced and both have children whom we love deeply. I think that it is not right that her ex-husband is not encouraging their children to have any relationship with Sara. I believe that this is not in the childrens’ best interests, I have lived through a similar situation in my life and it was not healthy for the children. I know that Sara’s children would greatly benefit from a re-newed relationship with their mother so that they could see, now that they are older, the type of caring individual that she is and experience the values by which she lives her life.

Yours truly,

Ralph R. Resnick
Ritual Director
Sinai Temple

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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