An Update since the Dr. Phil show.

My Daughter alleged she had a serious cutting problem that NO ONE NOTICED including my ex-husband, doctors, teachers, classmates and her brothers but somehow it was all my fault for not only missing this alleged cutting but also for causing it.

After the Dr. Phil show I emailed my Daughter (before she disabled my emails for some reason), to please go to the school counselor to address this alleged cutting issue that was obviously very disturbing to her since she mentioned it on national television. I explained to her the importance of addressing this issue so she can understand the reason for it so she will not repeat it.

Wise people learn from their mistakes.

I also called her college and asked them to please make sure she receives therapy to address this alleged cutting issue. I was told that since she is an adult, she must take herself to the school provided counselor and they could not make sure she goes.

My Daughter has since graduated from this college but to my understanding has not had any therapy to address this alleged cutting issue that she felt so horrible about that she mentioned it on national television. Her father and step-mother to my knowledge have not helped my Daughter realize the importance of addressing this issue in therapy either.

It is also my understanding, that as beautiful as my Daughter is; she is still suffering from this alleged cutting issue from the past. WHEN I WAS PART OF HER LIFE until the parental alienation began when she was in high school; she had beautiful values and was a leader in many aspects at her school, THRIVED IN MANY WAYS: she had respected values and character, was a great athlete in great shape and a wonderful student too.

Her doctors were pleased with her health until around the time of the divorce when she gained a lot of weight and still has not been able to lose it; despite her doctors’ concerns and how smart she is.

Her father and step-mother refuse to contact me to try to help my Daughter even though my Daughter did not have this problem when I was part of her life and even though they told Dr. Phil they were in favor of our reunification. This just shows more of their lies and also their unreasonable and uncaring behavior. Their behavior is not reasonable since when I was part of my Daughter’s life, she did not have this health problem and THRIVED in many ways.

MY DAUGHTER IS SO BEAUTIFUL BOTH INSIDE AND OUTSIDE: she is kind, caring and thoughtful and had beautiful values BEFORE the divorce and would have NEVER told me about a month or so after the Dr. Phil show that she will never see me again or go to the therapy Dr. Phil so graciously provided unless I take my website down on Parental Alienation.

I tried to explain to my Daughter that her ultimatum was unreasonable because many find it helpful and this is my choice as an adult. It is not reasonable that I, her Mother, need to have HER APPROVAL for things that I choose to do for myself as an adult.

My Daughter’s behavior is typical of a young adult suffering from parental alienation because she is being controlled and this is TRANSFERENCE. Obviously my ex-husband and his new wife are trying to control me through my Daughter which is so horrible but typical of sick alienating parents and those aiding them.

***My ex-husband and his new wife refuse to WORK WITH ME to help my Daughter take control of her health again and UNDERSTAND her reason for refusing to go to therapy and keep me alienated unless I take my website down.

Their refusal to work with me to help my Daughter is unreasonable since when I was part of her life up until the time of the divorce she was a wonderful athlete, had great eating habits, THRIVED in many ways and was polite, collaborative and did not give unreasonable ultimatums.

My wonderful but obviously emotionally abused, brainwashed and indoctrinated Daughter suffering from parental alienation along with my youngest Son have been FORCED for several YEARS to pay over $500 MONTH while away at college and having their own expenses to pay but this $500 a MONTH is for the household expenses of my ex-husband and his new wife (the high priced call girl, which many told me is too nice a description for her with all this abuse). My Children have approximately $225,000 of student loans to pay according to many court documents and my ex-husband’s testimony.

In addition, my ex-husband swore in Judge Claudia Silbar’s public court that “I’ve been insolvent for years,” “I am struggling” and his new wife is unemployed but somehow he was approved by “Lexus Financial” for 2 NOT 1 BUT 2 Lexus leases but is unable to pay my spousal support; while my Children have been paying over $500 a month for their household expenses. Is this Involuntary Servitude? Is the Forced Labor? Is this Domestic Violence? Is the Abuse?

My ex-husband also bought his step-daughter a car according to DMV records but refuses to buy his own Daughter a car. So she is USING THE RESOURCES SHE HAS and trying to do the best she can. My Daughter is riding around on a motorcycle as I understand because this is what she can afford with all her other expenses and demands my ex-husband and his new wife and others working with them to continue the Parental Alienation have place upon her. I feel so badly but my Daughter refuses to contact me so I can help her.

I also understand that even though my Daughter is so beautiful, she has started to wear a lot of make-up especially around her eyes; maybe to draw attention away from her body.

***All of this upsets me terribly especially since I know my Daughter could BENEFIT FROM MY KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCES and I know SHE KNOWS this too; but is afraid for some reason to contact me.

My ex-husband and his new wife should know my Daughter could benefit too as she THRIVED in many ways when I was part of her life.
Rabbi Ralph Resnick from Sinai Temple in Los Angeles wrote that my Children could benefit too if I was part of their life and many Corporate Executives, School Administrators and Lawyers, Judge Claudia Silbar and others AIDING AND ABETTING my ex-husband in perpetuating the Parental Alienation know or should reasonably know my Daughter and Sons could benefit too from my love and support.

As many experts have shown Children of all ages are harmed in many ways when at the time of divorce they are deprived of receiving the love and support from their loving Mother who nurtured them and helped them thrive in many ways.

A loving Mother should not be expected to leave her Children in an abusive situation.
When I sent emails to my ex-husband and his new wife to try to resolve the parental alienation; as discussed on the Dr. Phil show; they filed CIVIL restraining orders against me for sending these to REASONABLY and CIVILLY try to resolve the parental alienation and the abusive living conditions of my minor Son at Cate School, a California Boarding High School as the court records and photographs show.
You do not need any rational reason to get a civil restraining order and they are issued routinely by Judges. I have had a clean record my entire life of over 50 years and I am known for my good character and charity work as many documents show.

It is a common strategy for alienating parents and those aiding them to get these civil restraining orders so the loving Mother (father) cannot attend graduations, birthdays and other celebrations if the alienating father and his new spouse are there.
Also, the Children, Teens and Young Adults are more likely to BELIEVE THE LIES of the alienating father (mother), new wife and others because the loving Mother is not there to show them and tell them the truth. It is pure evil but this is the brainwashing or indoctrination.

It is my understanding, not legal advice that it is a Federal Crime to provide false information to a federally insured banking institution.
My ex-husband, who is a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, who received his MBA from Harvard and spearheaded the Jiffy Lube International, Inc. initial public offering in the 1980’s and since then has negotiated multi-million dollar agreements swore at public court hearings before Judge Claudia Silbar:

“I’ve been insolvent for years,” “I am struggling” and his new wife is unemployed but somehow he was approved by “Lexus Financial” for 2 NOT 1 BUT 2 Lexus leases as documents show.

Donald Trump has been insolvent for years too and has bought yachts and made other investments while insolvent.
There are many definitions of “insolvency” and some individuals and companies PERMANENTLY operate in a state in insolvency if they have loans which my ex-husband has.

Bogus loans to family members, business partners and friends and sham transactions may exist since my ex-husband has approximately $225,000 of student loans and approximately a $225,000 LLC guaranty from Joint Venture Partners and Business Associates. But, he just got approved for 2 Lexus leases, while “struggling” and “unable” to pay my support and help my Daughter buy a car so she can stop riding around on a motorcycle.

Do you think my ex-husband will buy a yacht next, like Donald Trump, even though he swears he is insolvent and struggling?
Like my friends say, my ex-husband SITS HIGH on his

Think my ex-husband will take the Judge, Law Firms, an Accounting Firm, Joint Venture Partners, Religious Leaders and Organizations, Schools, his new wife, his mother, Corporate Owners, Executives, Therapists and a 401k Administrator down with him since it clearly appears they are AIDING AND ABETTING him in breaching his fiduciary duty to me to provide complete and accurate disclosure of all community assets and sources of income and a fair distribution of the community estate and fair and honest dealing? What about for AIDING AND ABETTING in the emotional abuse, torture and brainwashing of Parental Alienation?
Will they be liable for emotional abuse, torture and brainwashing too since my ex-husband clearly appears to be abusing our Children and me also as many facts and photographs show?
What if it is PROVEN that they have benefited financially and in other ways?

If my ex-husband Mark F. Hassman lied on a loan application(s) it is my understanding that this is a Federal Crime because it is a Federal Crime to provide false information to a federally insured banking institution.

Think this is AIDING AND ABETTING fraud, conversion and other criminal offenses along with the Federal Crime of lying to a federally insured banking institution?
Think this could be grand theft since this involves millions of dollars of concealed assets including Companies, Partnerships and other interests?

Even though my ex-husband and his new wife told Dr. Phil they encourage reunification; they have not made any efforts, even over the recent Holidays.
My ex-husband is a professional negotiator and has negotiated many multi-million dollar agreements during his career as a Chief Financial Officer who received his MBA from Harvard.

Well, this is the update so far from the Dr. Phil show.
I am confident my Daughter and also my Sons realize the truth but are being THREATENED OR BRIBED with financial repercussions if they contact me.
They would NEVER alienate me or cuss and suddenly behave with disrespect around the time of divorce if they weren’t being threatened or brainwashed.

I am continuing to bring out more and more of the truth and ALL THOSE INVOLVED in AIDING AND ABETTING my ex-husband with parental alienation and transferring and hiding my community property, income and other interests so I never receive them.

It is so sad, if only my ex-husband would have divided and distributed the community estate under his control fairly and agreed to co-parent. But, then again, alienating parents are not reasonable and have CONTROL, POWER, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS as many experts have proven.

If MY CHILDREN are reading this and for Everyone too:
Please Remember Not to Forget that of all the forces that can change the world, LOVE is still the most powerful and you know you NEVER need to doubt my LOVE FOR ALL OF YOU. I will show you more wonderful changes I will make with love so you will continue to THRIVE as you did when I was part of your life until the alienation abruptly began around the time of the divorce.
Just keep doing positive things for yourself.
God helps those who help themselves and who loves others and tries to help them too when they have LOST THEIR WAY.
If you doubt my words, look at me. You know how sick I was and it is a MIRACLE I have survived and my skills have come back so I can continue with Love to make great changes. Please contact me so I can help you with my knowledge and experiences as wise people learn from each other; they don’t try to raise themselves.
Love, Mom

As always, none of this is advice of any kind. It is just based on my understanding and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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