An updated version of my recent post entitled; “I came to Israel to find Peace and Love which I am beginning to find as these experiences show. Also, new schemes it appears from RABBI DAVID WOLPE of the Parental Alienation Conspiracy to be aware of.” Now also WHY ENDING PARENTAL ALIENATION is what all reasonable people should want; especially religious leaders and their followers.

Many of my experiences in Israel show that I could not have found this Peace and Love without GOD walking by my side along with my beloved GRANDFATHER BEN; beloved JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS and some other beloved righteous people.

To begin, I found this wonderful opportunity in Southern Israel along the amazing Red Sea near the Egyptian border in the beautiful city of Eilat. The people I have met here have been so kind and TREAT ME LIKE THEIR LONG LOST JEWISH BRETHREN OR RELATIVE making sure I have everything I need and that I have time to relax and enjoy life too. Many strangers help me with directions and speak in Hebrew for me so others understand what I need.

Further, many of the people from Arad, Israel where I was living for the past six months were very encouraging that I look into this Eilat opportunity especially since the Arad Midbar (desert) can be very cold in the winter and the lodges are not that busy then. They have told me repeatedly to let them know how they can help me in Eilat. We stay in touch and plan to get together as friends should.
Eilat has warm winter weather and the Red Sea is warm although a wet suit may be helpful. My Eilat friends gave me one to use along with some snorkel equipment.

I have told all these Israelis and also some tourists too that I am so blessed to have met them and they tell me that THEY are blessed to be able to help me and to be my friend.
They tell me that from my smile, my eyes, my brave attitude and my life story that they know I have a beautiful heart and they are so proud of what I have done, including coming to Israel to live. They UNDERSTAND me and also have respect for my courage and what I have done. This is the LOVE and PEACE I have been searching for. **** I feel like I belong here, in my Jewish homeland Israel. But there is much more.

For example just today:
I went to a yoga class this morning outside along the beautiful Red Sea with about thirty people. The instructor was wonderful and spoke in English too. After the class some women my age came up to me and introduced themselves. They were very welcoming and told me many helpful things about Eilat. We also have plans to meet again soon. I told the instructor that I loved the class and she was also very welcoming and helpful. Not only did I feel great from the yoga; I felt great from the kindness of these Israelis I met.
Next I casually walked back along the Red Sea in the beautiful sunny weather towards one of the beaches to swim and snorkel.

Other very kind and caring Israelis had told me about some great Red Sea beaches to go snorkeling and the best way to get there and other helpful information. Again, some of these people were strangers whom I asked or who overheard our conversation and chimed in with more information. I also am resourceful and have brochures and online information but the advice these compassionate locals have given me was in addition and very helpful.

As one of these very kind Israeli “strangers” recommended; I walked partway and then took the bus. The people at this snorkeling beach were also very helpful and the corals I saw were just beautiful. I did not swim out to the large coral reef today because the waves were very strong. So I swam and snorkeled for a short time and then had a nice time on the beach with some of the others there.

Then when I arrived home; I planned to take a nap before going to a New Year’s Eve party on the rooftop terrace of some friends. However, I found all this delicious food some friends had given me as a present which was so sweet. I was hungry, especially after snorkeling, so I ate some. I couldn’t believe it… they bought me just what I needed and what I like to eat as they know since we have grocery shopped and shared meals together. Tell me this isn’t finding Love and Peace.
I am truly Blessed!!!

Now I want to inform you of some messages and hacking I have been receiving from RABBI DAVID WOLPE Senior Rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and explain WHY ENDING PARENTAL ALIENATION is what all reasonable people should want; especially religious leaders and their followers.

If you have followed some of my posts you know that since I refused to have a “relationship” with RABBI DAVID WOLPE after I consulted him for therapy on “Divorce from the Jewish Perspective and How to Cope;” he banned me from coming to his synagogue Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and has been hacking me since around 2013. I have been telling him to stop and INSTEAD help me end this epidemic problem of Parental Alienation by ending MY situation of Parental Alienation and then all of us can lead the way to help end it for millions of others in America, Israel and Worldwide.
I refused to have a “relationship” with him because he refused to end MY Parental Alienation. He wouldn’t even try to contact my children and help us have a civil and kind conversation WHICH PROVES HE DOESN’T HAVE LOVE IN HIS HEART.

Tonight it appears that RABBI DAVID WOLPE is telling me he has had a change of heart. Really? It appears he thinks he is going to die soon (he has a form of cancer) and will somehow expose this Parental Alienation Conspiracy AT HIS DEATH. Why then?
2) TRUSTED GOD; he would NOW in his lifetime diligently try to end this epidemic problem of Parental Alienation.
INSTEAD, IS RABBI DAVID WOLPE trying to PRETEND that he has had a change in heart so he can PROTECT HIS (false and made-up) LEGACY since overwhelming facts prove that he is a HEARTLESS, EVIL person who PROFITS from alienating children from their loving Mother (or Father), LIKE HIS FATHER, ALSO A RABBI, did. For specific details please see the excerpts on my website from the book “The New Rabbi” by Stephen Fried. […/]

How many more families will RABBI DAVID WOLPE harm with acts of Parental Alienation before he actually dies? Anyway, I just wanted to warn others because I think this is another scheme of RABBI DAVID WOLPE’S to save his FALSE IMAGE and MADE-UP LEGACY since the facts from all my lawsuits in public records prove; he has and continues to PROFIT from Parental Alienation.
***In other words, RABBI DAVID WOLPE could easily, in his influential position, make a few phone calls and help Me and My Children begin communicating again so then they can UNDERSTAND that the Parental Alienation began due to lies and schemes and that it is so unnecessary to be continued. Why is RABBI DAVID WOLPE trying to PROTECT this conspiracy when he has the power and ability to end it in his lifetime?
It would be a great New Year’s gift for RABBI DAVID WOLPE himself; for me; for My Children; and for millions of others suffering from this epidemic problem of Parental Alienation if he would to begin honestly communicating with My Children. THEN MY CHILDREN WILL NOT BE AFRAID and WILL WANT TO have a civil conversation with me so they UNDERSTAND that our Parental Alienation began due to lies and threats and should be ended immediately. Then RABBI DAVID WOLPE, MY CHILDREN and I can all use our experiences, skills and education to help end this terror for millions. This is what Judaism and many other religions promote: Love, Peace and Working Together Honestly to help others.
Now I want to explain WHY ENDING PARENTAL ALIENATION is what all reasonable people should want; especially religious leaders and their followers. I want to post something written by the very reasonable, well respected and brilliant psychologist Carl Jung:

You have heard that in Egypt, the waters of the Nile overflowing its banks take the place of rain, and that these fructifying waters are led by various channels into the remote fields to irrigate them. Now, the Nile with its precious floods would be of no benefit to the fields without these channels. Thus it is with the Torah and the Mitzvoth (good deeds, not just words, but deeds). The Torah is the mighty stream of spirituality flowing since ancient times through Israel. It would have caused no useful fruits to grow, and would have produced no spiritual progress, no moral advancement, had the Mitzvah not been there to lead its divine floods into the houses, the hearts, and the minds of individual members of the people, by CONNECTING PRACTICAL LIFE in all its variety and its activities, WITH THE SPIRITUAL TRUTHS OF RELIGION. [He continues…]”
“ It is the GREATEST MISTAKE, based on an entire MISUNDERSTANDING OF HUMAN NATURE, to assume that men are capable of living in a WORLD OF IDEAS ONLY, and can dispense with symbols that should embody these ideas and give them tangibility and VISIBLE form. ONLY THE MITZVAH IS THE LADDER CONNECTING HEAVEN AND EARTH.”

Well, I just wanted to bring these thoughts out in the public so others will be aware and time will tell what transpires. Regardless, as this New Year begins; create new memories with kind and compassionate people who have love in their heart as I have done in my new life in Israel as I know GOD is walking by my side. Trust that he will walk by your side too.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,

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