Angry people are those who are very Afraid but are also Unreasonable and Refuse to Change

Paybacks can be very hard to take especially for those who have abused and taken horrible advantage of an honest, compassionate, law-abiding Mother and her Children using acts of Parental Alienation.

Please beware that this week should create a lot of anger for many of those I sued and those who are involved but I haven’t sued yet in my $70 million dollar lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court case # BC580980 since I have a fraudulent divorce involving Parental Alienation.

Well PAYBACKS can be very hard to take especially when they come from a Mother who is an attorney, clerked for a judge and sued her parents and their lawyers when they tried to take advantage of her as a young adult and DEPRIVE HER OF HER LEGAL RIGHTS by using her social security number.

***If you don’t fight for your rights and maintain your good values in life; why are you living? To be a slave? 
To be filled with so much guilt and shame that you have lost hope in life and don’t care about much?
You can’t even find pleasure in many things and have to drink or do other harmful things to yourself and others to try to “escape” instead of being reasonable and changing your destructive ways.

You own your mind, heart and soul and have your own free will to do as YOU please if you have the courage, strength and self-esteem to KNOW that TRUTH WILL PREVAIL. As, as I believe and my life shows as an example; God helps those who help themselves who CONSISTENTLY to do good things and help others make positive accomplishments too.

With that being said, do you know that one of the common reasons people tend to get angry is when they are AFRAID. For those who show characteristics of narcissists, sociopaths who have control and power problems; like those I have sued clearly show; they tend to get angry when their corrupt network is threatened or their jobs or corporations and their reputations. Oh well.

This is why they have been hacking me for years, filing fraudulent and misleading civil and criminal law suits against me and trying to figure out my next move so they can try to destroy me. It is a common strategy of COWARDS who refuse to face their problems by reasonably changing their destructive ways.

So, today my document was filed with Los Angeles County Superior Court as it is part of public records showing with over 300 FACTS how the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM which includes one of its founders PHILIP G. SEASTROM committed CRIMINAL ACTS pertaining to:
• signing my fraudulent stipulated judgment;
• depriving me of my rights to custody and visitation WITHOUT psychological tests and clinical evaluations showing I am unfit or dangerous;
• Making up lies and filing false lawsuits to try to prove I am no longer a compassionate, honest, law-abiding person but have suddenly become a felon based on their false and misleading allegations and evidence;
• Have committed what clearly appears to be TAX FRAUD and PERJURY based upon billing fictitious legal fees so my ex-husband could take them as a tax deduction and SEASTROM would have more profits.
• How PHILIP G. SEASTROM lied by saying in his own declaration, that my lawsuit is “baseless.”
• How PHILIP G. SEASTROM and others at the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM have shown a pattern of criminal behavior.

Remember I have said before that corrupt and evil people either change or destroy themselves. Well, PHIL SEASTROM thinks he is “the man” who is going to save everyone I sued with his anti-SLAPP motion. From my seat which is very comfortable and has a great view; it appears that if PHIL SEASTROM is going to save everyone; he will be doing it from his jail cell.

Further, as my document states which was filed today and is now part of public records for case# BC580980 in LA Superior Court; as an Officer of the Court; when the judge hears and/or sees incriminating evidence; he or she must report the corrupt person to the criminal division of the court to be sued criminally. 
***I also know this is an obligation the Judge has or the Judge himself or herself can be incriminated for 2 very clear reasons:
1) I clerked for a very wise and honest Judge, Judge James S. Sfekas who was very aware of this duty;
2) Judge Fader, another wise and honest Judge who was the Judge in my case against my parents, sister and their lawyer when they used my social security number; told my parents, sister and their lawyer this information about reporting them to the criminal division, which forced them to settle.

I learned a lot from those experiences which I am applying in my current case. However, this time I will not seal the file but will make the FACTS very public to bring about important changes in our society and the law once again.

My favorite argument comes from my ex-husband’s current wife who wrote in her argument that even if it is TRUE that acts of Parental Alienation have intentionally destroyed my companionship with my Children and millions of dollars have been stolen from me; I will lose because I did not plead my arguments correctly. Can you image how evil, cold hearted and ignorant someone is to say this and not even be embarrassed?

So, expect many I sued especially PHIL SEASTROM of SEASTROM & SEASTROM to be very angry because his attorney should receive my document in the next few days or can look it up in the court file. If they can think rationally; they will realize that my lawsuit threatens their livelihood and their life as they know it now because they could very realistically be behind bars.

As Trevor Noah says in his stand-up routine that he was born a criminal; I will prove that myself and my Children have been forced by criminals to be alienated from each other since the time of the divorce. However, in my case; the criminals are judges, lawyers, rabbis, a pastor, a school, a therapist, executives, corporations, an ex-husband and his current wife.

So, unless you want to see their anger; stay away from them but especially this week as I expect them to become very, very angry because they are AFRAID.
BUT they only have THEMSELVES TO BLAME for the CHOICES THEY HAVE MADE and continue to make.
Learn from them what NOT to do.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; just based on my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;

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