Another great day for everyone who supports Truth and Justice for ALL and why being WITHOUT your children can be a blessing.

Those with professional titles and prestigious positions in society keep incriminating themselves and others in their alliance more and more while at the same time showing their disgraceful values and character.

At a hearing early this fall, Judge Elizabeth White of the Los Angeles Superior Court ordered that in an effort to save the taxpayers money and prevent duplicitous efforts by the court; all demurrers, motions to strike, and other responsive motions and issues regarding the Plaintiff’s complaints would be heard on ONE DATE, November 17, 2015. 
(I am the Plaintiff because I have sued the others who are the defendants. The complaint outlines the defendants’ unlawful acts and the resulting harms I have and continue to suffer. Case ‪#‎BC580980‬). 

Judge White’s ruling is very reasonable and is called ordering “judicial economy.” Any business person knows it is cost and energy effective to hear all motions regarding the same matters together at the same time.

However, since then, all the defendants got together and unilaterally agreed to move the November 17th hearing to January 15, 2016, without my knowledge and consent, when they knew or should have known that delaying a hearing has financial and other consequences that must be considered along with the law which requires TIMELY DUE PROCESS. 
In essence, this is delaying justice.

But it gets worse. 
Now 2 of the defendants sent me papers which state they moved their hearing regarding these matters to February 24th and 25th.

Do they think they are ENTITLED and do NOT have to:
1) Follow Judge White’s order;
2) Can ignore the law by delaying justice even more and;
3) Can ignore judicial economy?

These 2 defendants: 
1) the law firm NEMECEK & COLE and 
sent me papers regarding these matters but have not filed any corresponding moving papers with the Los Angeles Superior Court as of 9:48am this morning, November 30, 2015 per Judge White’s courtroom assistant, Shari.

Both of these law firms have just RESERVED these dates but for what purpose is unknown by the court and now also myself.

Do you think these 2 law firms want to see what happens to the bogus criminal lawsuit scheduled for January 12, 2016 where I have been accused of “impersonating” PASTOR RICK WARREN by sending to myself emails from him, which I do not even know how to do? This is not a joke.
Think all of this is MALICIOUS PROSECUTION?
Think all of this is ABUSE OF PROCESS?
Think all of this shows honesty, integrity, reasonableness, a diligent effort to obtain justice?

Are these 2 law firms just practicing law “by the seat of their pants,” and doing what they think they can GET AWAY WITH?

Are these 2 law firms along with the other defendants, working the legal system to take advantage of an honest, kind, law-abiding Mother/Wife so they can PROFIT FROM HER DIVORCE?
Is this Democracy or Criminal and Unlawful acts?
Any reasonable, compassionate person knows the answers.

Well Shari, Judge White’s courtroom assistant told me that at the January 15, 2016 hearing, (that was unilaterally moved from November 17, 2015 without my knowledge and consent); I will find out what these MYSTERIOUS hearings in February are for and whether the judge will allow them to be continued? Democracy? Trial by Ambush? Justice?

***On another note, as we are in a holiday season now; 
BE HAPPY to be without your abusive, unreasonable, uncivil and unappreciative Children if this is the behavior they have chosen to adopt.

Remember, you cannot control them and what they do. So, if they want to do negative, harmful things, then they along with others who also do negative, harmful things, have no room in MY life because:
1) the negativity will keep affecting them in very negative ways
2) if I and you too let them into your life, their negative acts will affect you too. This creates a very TOXIC ENVIRONMENT.
3) I do not want to get sick again for being in such a toxic environment and I am sure you do not either.
So be happy to spend your time with those who are kind, honest, reasonable and appreciate you. 

*******I just wanted to mention this for those who feel like they are missing something by being without their disrespectful, rude, unreasonable and unappreciative Children of all ages along with others like this.*******

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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