Another great update for OUR REVOLUTION to End the Epidemic Problem of Parental Alienation which commonly involves Modern Slavery, Fraudulent Divorce Judgments, Criminally Granted Restraining Orders and other crimes. Only CRIMINALS AND TERRORISTS would keep SUPPORTING these HEINOUSNESS ACTS AND PROFIT from them too having secret policies and practices while pretending to be honest, moral, very professional and religious.

First, many very positive things have been happening in many courts; judges continue to ignore the facts and make incriminating orders while more motions are being filed which PROVE their orders are criminal, illegal, malicious and immoral. Also, the facts prove that judges have become so corrupt that they date and sign orders before hearing the evidence at the scheduled hearing. This is blatantly a denial of one’s Constitutional Right to Due Process.

However, today I filed a Writ of Mandate which means that I sued the judges of the court for making such criminal, illegal, immoral and malicious rulings which support each other and prove their CONSPIRACY TO PROMOTE PARENTAL ALIENATION AND THEIR RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE TO STEAL AND REDISTRIBUTE the assets of the loving, law-abiding Mother (Father) at the time of divorce who is suffering from Parental Alienation as THEY PLANNED AND ENGINEERED.

It is a CRIME to SEPARATE loving, law-abiding AMERICAN PARENTS from their AMERICAN CHILDREN here in our AMERICAN COURTS. This is also very evil as any reasonable person knows. However as my facts clearly prove this was done and CONTINUES TO BE ENFORCED, NOT RECTIFIED by the following judicial officers in their public capacities in the California Superior Court in the County of Orange:

Anyone who does not oppose Parental Alienation with OUTRAGE has some ulterior motive and is part of the problem as many doctors, therapists and other experts of Parental Alienation have proven AND any reasonable person knows. Thus, it clearly appears these judges and others too are involved in ORGANIZED CRIME.

There are other judges at other Courts who have behaved in the same manner which is why Parental Alienation has become an epidemic problem.

I am thrilled I have the skills, knowledge and experiences to address this terror so millions of us and future generations will no longer suffer as we restore to our society Love, Equal Rights, Freedom and Justice for ALL. This is what our United States Constitution promotes as do our laws and GOD too.

People who do not reasonably want to focus their mind and understand THE ROOT OF THEIR HATE will direct it on others.

My idiot, evil, hateful, crooked STILL legal husband MARK HASSMAN hates me so much obviously because I DID NOT ALLOW HIM to control me.
I refused to go along with his Student Loan Fraud Scheme and then I refused to give him as he stated a “successful” divorce.
He is so full of hate, even for himself and what he has turned into, that he will keep fighting and fighting until he destroys himself, our children and others around him. What a guy. This is what evil predators do as many professionals and authors confirm as well as history. They refuse to face the truth and resolve their problems and also compensate those they have harmed. Reason and Love are not part of their life.

However, I am reasonably, lovingly and responsibly using my education and skills to peacefully use the legal system to fight for NOT ONLY my rights but for the rights of millions of us suffering from Parental Alienation.
I did not give my idiot, evil, crooked, hateful still legal husband the “successful” divorce he wanted because I guess he just expected me to: 1) forget about our children and 2) walk away with nothing after our 20 year marriage which legally is still ongoing because our marriage contract and community estate have not been legally dissolved.

Entitled, hateful, evil people don’t follow the laws; they think they make the laws and can harm anyone they are ANGRY WITH AND WANT TO PUNISH, OR TEACH A LESSON. This is how they think, judges included.

So with that said. Have a wonderful 4th of July knowing that OUR ROAD and OUR REVOLUTION to ending the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation is becoming more and more a REALITY each day as all of us keep using our skills and resources to expose the truth so other will not fall prey.

I am thrilled with all of our progress and look forward to arguing this case before the U.S. Supreme Court too because this is where I think it is headed.
Time will tell but I am so grateful for this OPPORTUNITY to make a significant difference to the lives of millions of us and future generations too. Jail or any other sanctions they threatened me with will not dissuade me from doing what is loving, moral and just including being the VOICE of OUR REVOLUTION. I am very proud and grateful my health and skills have come back enough so I am able.

If not I, then who? We must STAND UP to this evil and corruption.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and adult children).

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