Another strategy Terrorists use to lure vulnerable Children, Loving Parents and others

Another strategy Terrorists use to lure vulnerable Children, Loving Parents and others is called Homunculus.
This is a philosophy which is NOT based on REASON.
It is instead based on subjective faith or alchemy.

Homunculus is a belief that God created all of us so if someone has negative behaviors they say well; I am a creature of God so you must accept me the way I am. It is total garbage (to say the least); because it is not based on reason and for other reasons too.

***It is reasonable and common sense for people to make positive changes so they LEARN how to stop repeating a harmful or hurtful behavior.

***Emotionally torturing, deceiving, lying and carrying out other corrupt behaviors is NOT part of anyone’s DNA; these are LEARNED BEHAVIORS. We have free will to CHOOSE whether we want to learn these behaviors or learn to be honest, kind, compassionate and just. OUR CHOICES DEFINE US.

To just blame your evil behaviors on God is being a lazy coward who wants to remain emotionally immature. Sometimes these Terrorists even say my whole family is like this because this is just the way we are. They try to make you feel awkward because you don’t fit in. This is trying to shame you but don’t fall for it.
*** You don’t want to fit into a group that is not reasonable, kind, honest and compassionate. THEY are the ones who need to change; not you who is reasonable, kind, honest and compassionate. So don’t fall for this game; expect Terrorists to use this strategy too.

The REASONABLE PHILOSOPHY which is the opposite of Homunculus is Epigenetics. This is the philosophy that each individual is created and learns new ideas step by step as they go through many stages in life and have different experiences. Based on our different experiences; reasonable and open minded people learn from each other.

*** Employing the philosophy of Epigenetics is how reasonable people collaborate by respecting each others’ special talents and pulling them together to accomplish a positive goal while agreeing to disagree on superficial issues. This is a beautiful way to live and mature emotionally and also have fun and help others.

***A person who has petulant or narcissistic tendencies cannot use this reasonable philosophy of Epigenetics until they change these negative thought processes and behaviors. To do this they have to transform permanently and very few ever do. In Judaism this transformation is called Teshuva.

Terrorists want to control and dictate; not learn new ideas but use their authority and forms of violence like Parental Alienation to get what they want; not the philosophy of Epigenetics.

***The philosophy of Epigenetics is why it is very important to embrace your challenges and not ignore them.
When you embrace your challenges you learn from them and you grow emotionally and intellectually and help others grow also. This is using reason not violence to make changes and also make this world a better place.

Epigenetics allows you to direct your energy toward issues that help you but also help others. It prevents you from wasting your precious time and energy on those terrorist types who just want to control, use and abuse you. So keep moving forward doing things to help yourself. Those who share your philosophies will join you and you will find them too.

Remember, do not settle for someone who does not meet these expectations because you will only suffer. It is better to keep making yourself the best person you can be until the right person comes along who you can grow together with, enriching each other and having fun; not where one tries to control and deceive the other and betray your trust in them.

I saw the little duckling family again this weekend and they are so cute. As one of the photos shows, they have learned some new tricks and love to show off. They dunk their heads underwater and then come up looking for approval. They love to get their pictures taken like many in this town of Los Angeles which is very close to Hollywood.
They were with the father duck which shows how even they have learned to co-parent and use Epigenetics. If you choose to open your eyes and come out of your comfort zone and explore, you can see so many wonderful and enriching things. Then you can help our wonderful but emotionally tortured and brainwashed children understand and learn to do the same. Facing the truth is very important to live a healthy and happy life.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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