Any Fool or Tormented Person can look like a Hero when they Take Advantage of Vulnerable Women and Children

Any fool or tormented person can force a plan along especially if they take advantage of women, children and others who trust them and who never dream they are EVEN CAPABLE of doing horrible acts.

When you love and trust your parent (spouse) YOU DO NOT EVEN BELIEVE OR FATHOM that they would deprive you of your Parent’s (Children’s) love and support or the ability to share fun, enriching times together; especially at the time of divorce since children and parents desperately need each other’s love and support since this is a life changing event.

Most children (loving parents) cannot even COMPREHEND that their parent (ex-spouse) they love(d) would deprive them of their freedom to express their own ideas and associate with those THEY choose and instead intentionally use acts of fear and intimidation that FORCE THEM to become their slave and a slave to others.

Then in addition, these children (spouse) reasonably have trouble believing that this parent they loved and trusted would HARM AND DECEIVE their loving Mother (Father) or ANYONE ELSE WHO TRIES TO HELP THEM end these brutal situations of fear, lies, intimidation and slavery.

These children (spouse) RATIONALLY AND REASONABLY THINK THEY MUST BE MISUNDERSTANDING THE SITUATION because they don’t think their parent (ex-spouse) they trusted would do these things to THEM. This is part of their evil strategy and why they choose to TAKE ADVANTAGE of those who reasonably trust them. This is part of the emotional torture and brainwashing.

This is using the philosophy of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE to keep the children (spouse) vulnerable and under their control which is so evil.(see 8/3 Facebook post for clarification).
I and millions of others, including parental alienation experts have stories and facts to prove this is what is happening in our society; it is an epidemic. [].

LET ME MAKE IT VERY CLEAR; I am many others will never give up trying to understand the truth and then reasonably and responsibly make this horrible truth known so it can be ended.

***MAKE NO MISTAKE AND DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND, I am using all of my education, knowledge and experiences to end this horror, slavery, terror, emotional abuse, brainwashing, involuntary servitude or whatever else you would like to call parental alienation that millions of trusting vulnerable women, children and others have been involuntary and intentionally placed in by evil and ruthless people.

It takes a strong, focused FEARLESS person who REFUSES TO GIVE UP on her wonderful children and millions suffering just like them.

Many alienated children and loving parents live in fear that unless they OBEY this terror parent and those helping him (her) enforce this terror; they and others they love will be brutalized even more. Those they thought would help them have chosen to stand by and watch or even participate in the brutal acts.

WELL, I AM STANDING STRONG FOR ALL OF US. I am standing up to those who want to make all kinds of excuses; they are filled with shame, have an entitled attitude, a big ego, many psychological problems so they are “allowed” to think it is acceptable to treat women and children and others with brutality. We must end these terrorist and barbaric thoughts and behaviors and bring peace and civility back into our society and I AM LEADING THE WAY.

If you choose to ignore them this makes you part of the problem since you are allowing the terror and brutality to continue.

As my wonderful and wise Grandfather Ben and the Judge I clerked for and some of my friends taught me; once you give up on yourself and those you love like your wonderful children; you just EXIST and you have nothing because you have sold your heart, soul and mind.
I will never do that.
I refused to do it years ago with my parents, sister and their lawyer and I will not do it now. (see 8/5 Facebook post for clarification).

Therefore, UNEQUIVOCALLY UNDERSTAND that as a reasonable, loving, responsible person and Mother should do;
— I am going to rectify my fraudulent divorce where some of the fraud even appears on the face of the stipulated judgment filed with the court (if you know what to look for) and on tax returns (if you know what to look for).
–I am going to rectify the abusive and corrupt ways my children and I have been treated and are still being treated and hold all those accountable WHO TREATED US AND CONTINUE TO TREAT US THIS WAY.

I am quite aware that many in our society think they are so well connected and so powerful that they are shielded.
Well, my parents, sister and their lawyer thought this too and they were all wrong.(see 8/5 Facebook post).
As history shows, many tyrants and current day leaders and business people also thought they were shielded and were wrong. (Madoff, Sterling, Nixon to name a few).

***Since I have the experience and knowledge to fight evil; I am preparing to do it again using reason, passive resistance and objectivity; never using their ways of violence, terror and intimidation because I AM NOT LIKE THEM.

***I am a strong, benevolent woman who knows what it is like to be traumatized in many ways and I survived several times in my life; emerging from the trauma as a stronger woman with even more character and purpose.

Make no mistake; MY purpose is to help others who have been traumatized and are living in situations of terror, intimidation and violence like myself, my wonderful children and millions like us. I am fearless and empowered to bring about justice once again and rescue millions of us from this terror, horror and emotional torture called Parental Alienation and many other horrible things.

IF MY WONDERFUL CHILDREN are reading this; please do not worry and continue to do good things and pull your resources to help yourself and each other. I love you very much and I am doing all I can to end this horror.

If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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