Any reasonable, compassionate person, including my own adult children, know or should know there is something very seriously wrong with our Legal System in the United States and with the behavior of some parties and their legal counsel as well as Judges, Justices and Commissioners who have the serious responsibility of honestly, fairly, objectively and REASONABLY administering Justice because….

1. A loving law-abiding Mother/Wife, who has no history of violence or criminal behavior as her clean record from Department of Justice proves; has all of a sudden since the time of divorce had many criminal restraining and stay-away orders REQUESTED by legal counsel; NOT OPPOSED by other legal counsel; and GRANTED, ENFORCED AND RENEWED by Judges, Justices and a Commissioner… all WITHOUT proper notice, due process and WITHOUT proving any legal or rational purpose.

2. For about 10 years now, many documents and sworn testimony prove this loving, law-abiding Mother/Wife has been trying to become legally divorced by obtaining a LAWFUL DIVORCE JUDGMENT where the net worth of the community estate under the husband MARK HASSMAN’S control, its division and distribution will be disclosed thereby complying with our constitutional, property and other laws. This includes completely and accurately disclosing retirement accounts, insurance and other trusts, earned and passive income and many types of assets.

A Mother/Wife is not a SLAVE and is entitled to receive her legal interest in the community estate*****that is UNLESS it can be proven WITH FALSE AND MISLEADING EVIDENCE that she has SUDDENLY BECOME A FELON. 
Then as a FELON, she would FORFEIT her legal interest in her community estate worth millions of dollars which seems to have “disappeared” under husband MARK HASSMAN’S control even though he is a Harvard business school graduate, a Chief Financial Officer and a Certified Public Accountant who has conducted mergers and acquisitions and other financial agreements and restructuring worldwide for about the past 30 years.

3. Sworn testimony from today’s hearing, June 8, 2018 of the husband MARK HASSMAN proves that he is quite aware of the positive and outstanding values and character of this loving, law-abiding Mother/Wife as he swore she “was an integral part of the positive upbringing of our three children;”
However, this loving, law-abiding Mother/Wife is now being threatened with JAIL TIME and/or COMMUNITY SERVICE due to husband MARK HASSMAN’S REQUEST TO HOLD HER IN CONTEMPT for “harassing him” since loving, law-abiding Mother/Wife:
        1. Requested in an email to the husband MARK HASSMAN at the time of the JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS, their children’s current contact information with the intent to contact them TO REASONABLY UNDERSTAND AND RESOLVE the Parental Alienation that has been going on for about 10 years between her and their three now adult children. 
The Jewish High Holidays for many Jews is a time of renewal, understanding, compassion and promoting honest, reasonable behavior towards humanity. Thus, this is exactly what the Mother/Wife was trying to do as both she and said husband are Jewish and their children were raised in the Jewish faith.

[Think this is a MORAL INVERSION? Husband MARK HASSMAN must be ridiculously sensitive if he feels “harassed” by an email reasonably and compassionately requesting information which could potentially help end the terror, torture and abuse of Parental Alienation; especially if he is the loving, caring father he claims he is.] 
WHO is really being harassed since husband MARK HASSMAN should WANT to promote the understanding and resolution of the Parental Alienation? Why has he denied the loving, law-abiding Mother/Wife of custody and visitation and why has he requested all these restraining, stay-away and other protective orders against her, some which very unlawfully include the children EVEN THOUGH HE SWORE that she “was an integral part of the positive upbringing of our three children?”

MARK HASSMAN also felt “harassed” by these website and facebook posts which help many understand and protect themselves from becoming victims of Parental Alienation. I guess he wants to try to control speech too and does not believe in FREE SPEECH either; even when it helps others understand the EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION.

         2. When husband MARK HASSMAN refused to provide the requested current contact information; the loving, law-abiding Mother/Wife then peacefully, responsibly and reasonably filed a MOTION so that the court could order the husband to provide the children’s current contact information.
This is so horrible as well as malicious and criminal because how can ANY decent human being who is also a father refuse a loving law-abiding Wife/Mother the opportunity to reunite with their children and continue to enrich each other’s lives in positive ways as they did before the divorce and the Parental Alienation began (as he planned).

However, now MARK HASSMAN sued to hold this loving, law-abiding Wife/Mother in contempt for not filing an OPTIONAL form with her request, since she was illegally and criminally declared a vexatious litigant by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR WITHOUT having any adjudication of the merits and explaining the laws and the facts used to convict her as such pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure section 391 and other laws.

I, SARA HASSMAN am PROUDLY the loving, law-abiding Wife/Mother and I am very grateful I have been trying to end this very well-documented Parental Alienation and wanted to make sure I tried AGAIN for the JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS.
I never want any reasonable person to ever question my loving and honest intentions and how I have diligently, consistently, reasonably and wisely been using my education, skills and experiences to help end the EPIDEMIC PROBLEM of Parental Alienation for myself and millions of others who learn from my posts and experiences.

However, I have come to a NEW CHAPTER, regarding my now adult children since I am illegally, criminally and maliciously BEING THREATENED WITH JAIL TIME and/or COMMUNITY SERVICE for making such reasonable and compassionate requests.

It is disgraceful that all three of you have treated me like I no longer exist but, if this is your attitude; you will only treat me again with disrespect which caused me to get sick and have seizures at the time of divorce as you well know.

I AM REALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH MY ELDEST SON STEPHEN who tried to turn normal divorce discussions into criminal matters even when the police repeatedly told him they were civil matters. 
I AM NOT TO BLAME FOR ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS; TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN VALUES AND BEHAVIORS and I will not have anything to do with any of you, who are all now adults, UNTIL AND UNLESS you do because I will not let you make me sick again. 
Also, I will not continue to be THREATENED by crooked judges for trying to contact you so I can try to help you by sending you my love and guidance since you obviously do not care. You also are obviously not the children I raised with my values including love and honesty.

At the hearing today, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR again refused to recuse herself even though she is a potential witness in several cases against me and documents prove she is not impartial. 
This is the same judge who reviewed, signed and filed the fraudulent and invalid divorce judgment AND granted and renewed at the requests of husband MARK HASSMAN and his attorney PHILIP G. SEASTROM for many restraining orders and stay-away orders against me, without having any validity or legal and rational purpose or basis.

These invalid restraining orders and their renewals all began with the ex parte one with the attached CHILD CUSTODY AND VISITATION ORDERS criminally and illegally granted by COMMISSIONER LON HURWITZ on June 5, 2009 while my attorney PAMELA SHAFFER (with 25 years of experience) breached her fiduciary duty and legal oaths. 
She did not even tell me about the deprivation of my right to due process because of the improper notice and the lack of evidence proving any imminent danger of irreparable harm and the lack of evidence for denying me of Custody and Visitation. This appears to be malpractice and many other crimes.

So, now JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR held me in contempt today for violating some restraining order when I sent the email requesting husband MARK HASSMAN to give me our children’s current contact information AND when I attempted to file this vexatious litigant form but the court clerks did not want it since the matter was already in the file. This is so ridiculous and a distraction from the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE these crooked and evil people are involved in to promote Parental Alienation. 
They INTENTIONALLY try to take the focus off of their serious crimes and instead make up evidence to defame my beautiful character so they can then claim I have become a felon.

Any issue to OBTAIN JUSTICE which was not addressed at prior hearings; is always before the court; like undisclosed and concealed assets; deprivation of due process and other rights. 
This is what the honest, wise and compassionate JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS taught me as his clerk for many years. 
Also, never stop defending your good character and values because without these you have nothing as      my honest, wise and compassionate GRANDFATHER BEN taught me.

Well, on Monday June 11, 2018, I return to JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’s court for sentencing. I will let you know what she chooses to do. Whatever it is; I am sure it will PROMOTE OUR REVOLUTION even if she has an awakening and chooses to reasonably rectify the serious harms she has caused.
I am thrilled with all the truth that has been exposed because this helps many understand the important purpose of OUR REVOLUTION to END PARENTAL ALIENATION, Modern Slavery, Fraudulent Divorce Judgments, Criminally Granted Restraining Orders and other crimes commonly associated with this terror. This is all part of obtaining Justice and Equal Rights for All.
I am proud to be the VOICE of OUR REVOLUTION which is supported by millions of people living in the World of Love.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience. 
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and adult children).

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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