Any Reasonable Person Knows…

Any reasonable person knows or should know; it is immoral and very evil to deprive Children of all ages of the care and companionship of their loving Mother (father) by telling the Children lies, plotting schemes and making up stories.

Any reasonable person knows or should know; it is immoral, irresponsible and evil to deprive a spouse of receiving her property at the time of divorce; especially savings and retirement. As a result, they know or should know she will be financially devastated and they think this is funny and legal???

Any reasonable person knows or should know; when the ex-husband secretly keeps the ex-wife’s property and money for himself and then his new wife goes right along keeping the ex-wife’s property and money too as they know or should know she is financially devastated; this is immoral, illegal and very evil and sick.
Does this show their evil INTENT to harm the ex-wife and commit other crimes? Reasonable people would not do this.

Instead, reasonable people want an ex-wife to get her money and other property and go on with their life together.

Is the new wife a High Priced Call Girl or much worse?
Are they both Thieves? Are they both Insane? Are they both people who should be respected or repudiated and shunned?

Reasonable people WANT a loving Mother who has nurtured and cared for her Children and helped them make many accomplishments to continue to do this after a divorce. They don’t want to alienate them so the loving Mother can no longer protect them so then THEY can abuse the children in many ways and make them believe their lies and force them to pay some of their expenses when they have their own expenses to pay. Many facts show this is what the ex-husband and his new wife did and continue to do which reasonable people know is illegal.

Any reasonable person knows or should know; it is immoral, irresponsible and evil to deprive a loving Mother who has had a perfect record her entire life and is known for her good values; to get a restraining order against her so she cannot attend the Children’s graduations and other celebrations if the ex-husband and his new wife are there.
Evil beyond words since they know she NURTURED the Children and there is a very special Mother/Child bond. Reasonable people do not think this is funny or shows power and control. Reasonable people know depriving a loving Mother and her Children of all ages of a companionship shows the ex-husband and his new wife are and very, very sick and evil. Think they are being respected for this or RIDICULED especially as more and more of the truth comes out and reasonable people can SEE their behaviors themselves as many already have?

Any reasonable person knows or should know; it is immoral, irresponsible, illegal and very evil to deprive a spouse of receiving her spousal support due to lies and false documents wrongfully stating they are “insolvent” or can’t afford to pay spousal support while they buy THEMSELVES many luxuries and HIDE ASSETS AND INCOME with Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, Saddleback Church in Southern California and Cate School in Carpenteria, California and other Organizations and individuals with 501(c)(3) agreements or other agreements.  Are they all Thieves? These are the assets and income that should have been distributed to the ex-wife at the time of divorce but many corrupt lawyers, a judge, a rabbi, a pastor, Cate School, an accounting firm, executives and owners of corporations and others went along with the corruption.
Why would they do this?
Think they got paid or received other benefits or will when some statute of limitations period ends? Or, do you think they just ENJOY financially and emotionally harming a loving Mother and her Children while risking their careers?

***Is this what the law intends for a loving Mother who nurtured her Children and provided a nice home and promoted her ex-husband’s career while putting her own on hold?

When the ex-husband changed his focus and wanted to start what is believed to be a STUDENT LOAN FRAUD SCHEME and the ex-wife refused to sign student loans because she knew they had millions, saved for their children’s private high school and college educations; the ex-husband began to tell lies about her so he could put her in a state of emotional torture. He turned the children against her making them believe his lies and schemes and she became sick as many facts show.

Then this ex-husband enlisted lawyers, a judge and many others to take financial advantage of her while he kept destroying the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship. This is what sick, evil, corrupt people do because they are not reasonable and just keep initiating violence and bully and intimidate others until they get their way. When you have millions of dollars, you can do a lot of intimidating and bullying as the facts show this is what has occurred and continues to occur.

Well, I am exposing the truth with the FACTS and many facts are on public records already and I am not intimidated as I have experienced this before in my life when I had to sue my parents, sister and their lawyer for using my social security number to set up a fraudulent grantor trust and eventually changed the “kiddie trust” laws.

Love prevails too so I know my children will get tired of being intimidated and bullied and realize any money or other promises the ex-husband (their father) made in exchange for obeying his demands, like alienating their loving Mother, is not worth it.
Also, my Children are smart and reasonable and know if their father lies and cheats others, he will lie and cheat them too. Remember, the ex-husband and his new wife had the gall to lie to Dr. Phil on National television and say they will encourage the Mother and Children to have a relationship and then do the opposite; think they won’t lie to others, including their own children? Of course they will and already have as many facts show.

Any reasonable person knows or should know; if they help a divorced spouse destroy the special Mother/Children bond or hide community assets; they are also being immoral and irresponsible and evil and many believe also breaking the law. Is this a Conspiracy?

It is the understanding of many reasonable people that this is not what the law allows or intends and it is our understanding that those who carry out such acts can be very SERIOUSLY punished by the law especially to send a message that such behaviors will not be tolerated by our society.

Many people whose rights have been violated are fighting back to protect them which is what responsible, reasonable people do for themselves and their Children and millions like them who are also suffering. We do not empower the evil by letting them get away with such immoral, irresponsible and evil acts which any civilized country repudiates and does not tolerate.

Those who think they are ENTITLED to violate the law and deprive others of their rights will probably find in time that they have not only lost their heart, soul and mind but have also lost many things they value because they will be FORCED to relinquish their professional licenses and other privileges so they are unable to harm more people and harm our society. They may be incarcerated.

This is JUSTICE and what the United States was founded upon; treating others within the confines of the law and punishing those who treat others in ways the law repudiates and does not allow.
***As many cases and history has shown, the punishments are especially harsh for those who harm Children and their loving Mother and think this is FUNNY OR SOME KIND OF JOKE because they think this shows control and power when it shows evil, sickness and corruption.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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