Are children of a divorce who are now over 21 years of age, no longer considered to be “brainwashed” and are they acting with their own free will?

Are children of a divorce who are now over 21 years of age, no longer considered to be “brainwashed” by the lies about their loving, honest, law-abiding Mother but instead considered to be acting with their own free will? 
Consequently, can they be held accountable for hiding or stealing THEIR OWN Mother’s property from the divorce and intentionally inflicting her with emotion distress and other harms by continuing to alienate her from their life without any legal or rational basis?

Are these adult children pawns of the sick, corrupt father or shouldn’t they know better than to violate the law ESPECIALLY harming THEIR OWN loving Mother?

Remember, ignorance of the law is not a defense but any reasonable person knows that to alienate THEIR OWN honest, loving, law-abiding Mother for over seven (7) years now WITHOUT having any reasonable, civil discussion to explain the purpose of this sudden alienation which suddenly began at the time of the divorce is not only unreasonable and irrational but is also very RUTHLESS and UNCOMPASSIONATE.

Rational religions promote kindness, love, respect and making our world a better place for ALL.
Judaism teaches that a person must NOT be debased or influenced by the depravity, corruption and immorality of others.

(Unfortunately, as the facts of my lawsuit show, LASC ‪#‎BC580980‬, Jewish Organizations, leaders and Christian ones too, do not follow this basic teaching because they SECRETLY PROMOTE parental alienation. 
They hide and steal the Mother/Wife’s property at the time or divorce in their “charitable agreements” working with the sick, corrupt husband/father, law firms, judge and others. 
Since the Mother/Wife is in such a state of torture and distress due to the Parental Alienation, she is very unlikely to be able to understand how she was defrauded and cheated; put the facts together and defend her rights. 
Well, they guessed wrong with me and forgot I am an attorney who clerked for an honest, wise Judge for many years in Maryland. They also forgot I had a wise and wonderful Grandfather Ben who taught me to always defend my good values and character because without that, you have nothing.).

Thus, I was never debased by the depravity of my parents, sister and their attorney when they fraudulently used my social security number and set up a fraudulent grantor trust to defraud the IRS. I sued them and won and helped change the “kiddie trust” laws.

I also was not debased by the depravity of my husband Mark F. Hassman; when he wanted me to take out student loans when I knew we had millions of dollars saved for our children’s educations. Please note Mark F. Hassman is still my husband because we are not divorced yet due to the fraudulent divorce judgment executed by law firms, judges and others. He is a polygamist. Disgraceful!

As my values and character have shown; I will also not be debased by my own children who appear to have chosen to hide and steal my property and income I should have received at the time of the divorce and thereafter. Disgraceful beyond words!

As any Mother knows; we work hard to teach our children good values so they will grow up to be law-abiding members of society who have compassion for others and try to make our world a better place for all. However, when our children reach adulthood; they must choose the life they want to live and the values, habits and character they want to have.

No one, not even our own children have a right to act like they have unfettered power to VIOLATE our laws. Our laws include the US Constitution which mandates equal rights for ALL and the right to Due Process. 
Due Process means that a Mother/Wife’s property, liberty or life cannot be taken from her without the facts being clearly presented in a fair, legal proceeding which follows the law and has an unbiased judge or magistrate.

My divorce judgment shows from the face of the document that there was NOT a fair, legal proceeding and JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR was NOT unbiased. Since I sued JUDGE SILBAR and others, she has been removed from her position as the judge in the family court in Orange County and moved to a different position.
So, if my own children choose to continue to violate the law, since they are now over 21 years of age, it is my understanding that they can be held accountable for the crimes they have committed.

A Mother cannot take the law into her own hands if the facts show her children violated the law. Yes, there are mitigating circumstances to lower the penalties and punishment; but in a democratic republic, the laws must apply equally to everyone.

Can you imagine how horrible a father is to encourage his own children to violate the law so he can profit from the divorce while the Wife/Mother suffers emotionally, financially and in other ways. What about all the Jewish and Christian leaders and organizations who also go along with this corruption? They are horrible beyond words too.
It is TERRORISM which threatens our way of life. What I described is homegrown terrorism which has been going on for decades as bestselling author Stephen Fried describes in his book “The New Rabbi” in Chapter 2. 
***Make no mistake; I will fight this TERRORISM called parental alienation and called being unable to have a legal divorce and a right to due process. I will continue to fight this terrorism and defeat it using the weapons of Truth, the laws of our Democratic Republic and with the Strength of my Values and Character. 
This is what an honest, law-abiding person does…she fights for Justice in order to maintain our democratic way of life.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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