Are Jews using their charitable agreements to supply Iran and Syria with weapons

Some interesting updates regarding the criminal conspiracy to profit from divorce using parental alienation to make the loving, honest law-abiding Mother so emotionally distressed and tortured. Then they can easily steal her property from her divorce leaving her with financial and health problems.

They chose the wrong Mother in choosing me to abuse and cheat because I recovered enough and all of my legal skills returned since I used to clerk for a wise, honest and compassionate Judge.

I also had a wise, honest and compassionate Grandfather Ben who taught me to always fight for my legal rights and defend my good character. My good friends encourage me to do this too.

My children, who are now young adults, are a huge disappointment since they have obviously chosen to lead a life of corruption. 
Can you imagine not even calling your honest, law-abiding Mother for over seven (7) years since the time of the divorce and acting like you too got divorced and your Mother is dead? You know they have problems which they refuse to face and resolve. I am better off without people in my life who are corrupt, disrespectful and have poor values, even if this includes my children.

So, the first major update is that the District Attorney QUIT who was handling the criminal lawsuit with my ex-husband’s allegations MARK HASSMAN’S, that I “impersonated” PASTOR RICK WARREN of Saddleback Church by sending emails pretending to be him to myself. (really, this is not a joke). 
Somehow these emails also violated a (fraudulent) civil restraining order issued without any legal or rational basis but at the request of my ex-husband through his corrupt law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM and granted by (corrupt) JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR.

But it gets worse for them; the new District Attorney does not want to go to trial because he does not believe he has a very strong case. Really??? This appears to be another example of abuse of process and malicious prosecution and intentional infliction of emotional distress. 
Are they trying to inflict upon me more and more harm thinking they will never be held accountable? Well, we shall see.

Then I have more evidence of the Jewish criminal conspiracy.
I received this email recently: “Europe should label terrorists, not tomatoes” by David Suissa. 
Coincidently, one of David Suissa’s articles appeared on the cover of the Jewish Journal I posted and referred to in my prior post. He is definitely part of the Jewish corruption.

I responded to David Suissa’s email asking him if he wanted to write about how ALL the Jewish Rabbis, Leaders and Organizations in the United States refuse to recognize Parental Alienation, discuss it and help honest, law-abiding Mothers reunite with their children. 
They also refuse to help the honest, law-abiding Mother rectify her fraudulent divorce by returning her property and money they fraudulently and SECRETLY received at the time of the divorce and are holding in their “charitable” agreements.

David Suissa was not only unreasonable in his comments, as expected; he spoke like a fool.

First he told me I sounded angry. Well of course, I told him something would be wrong if I was not angry for being deprived of receiving millions of dollars from my divorce so I have financial problems and not angry from suffering from parental alienation. Really now???
I told him to stop trying to blame ME for his choice to ignore this serious abuse and corruption in the Jewish community by telling me I sound angry which is reasonable. But it gets worse; he told me I should focus on my lawsuit. I told him that I know what I need to focus on but contacted him to see if he wanted to focus on using his journalism skills to write about this Jewish criminal conspiracy so we can help end the practice of profiting from divorce using acts of Parental Alienation.

These are not Jews but terrorists who are finishing what HITLER started. David Suissa just gave me more and more excuses so I told him I was going to hang up and if he wanted to be reasonable and write about this serious problem in the Jewish community and our country to contact me. 
When I told my friend about this conversation, she was also disgusted but also agreed that this is quite typical of corrupt people who go along with the corrupt establishment.

***Do you think the Jews are using the money from their charitable agreements to supply the Syrians, Iranians and others with weapons? 
SINAI TEMPLE where RABBI DAVID WOLPE is the Senior Rabbi is an Iranian congregation.

Also, none of the Jewish organizations or leaders clearly opposed the Iranian Nuclear Deal to help Israel. Further, my post on this subject and my disgust of the American Jewish leaders’ support of this deal was deleted from my facebook page but I put it back on.

We know the Jews and other organizations use these charitable agreements to launder money which the IRS has been trying to crackdown on; but, do you think they are using these agreements to support the terrorists since they themselves are clearly terrorists since they promote parental alienation and stealing the property and income of a divorced woman. Any sane person knows promoting parental alienation, fraudulent divorce judgments and refusing to have truthful, civil conversations on these subjects is NOT Judaism but abuse and terrorism.

Like I said before, I am the Jewish leader who will bring forth a change in the so-called Jewish leaders’ and organizations’ use of parental alienation to profit from divorce using “charitable” agreements. These others are not Jews but thieves and terrorists.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice. It is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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