Are many American Jewish Leaders the Next “Jinx” and WE, SOCIETY do not know it?

Are many AMERICAN JEWISH LEADERS especially those at Sinai Temple and many Organizations in Los Angeles and National Organizations in NY trying to be 

My evidence shows AMERICAN JEWISH LEADERS have ignored YEARS of HARASSMENT and ABUSE of me and my Children (since 2012), (and millions of others too) and now a DEATH THREAT

Many AMERICAN JEWISH LEADERS know they will be held liable for their crimes, yes crimes for INTENTIONALLY and REPEATEDLY destroying the heart, soul and mind and causing many, many psychological,emotional, physical and financial problems for me and my children and MILLIONS of other Loving Jewish Mothers and their Children which includes, Teen and Young Adult Children, at the time of divorce and thereafter 
as best selling author Stephen Fried explains 
has been a SECRET POLICY, PRACTICE and CUSTOM in the American Jewish Community SINCE THE 1970’s AT LEAST. […/ ]; 
along with THEIR CRIMES OF STEALING, CONVERTING and/or CONCEALING property and other interests that belong to the Loving Mother but was never distributed to her at the time of divorce of thereafter due to their illegal acts.

PLUS, they also conceal sources of income and work with a Judge, Lawyers and others so they can all PROFIT while the Loving Mother’s spousal support is reduced to zero and she faces financial problems.

If you doubt my words look at my case file ‪#‎09D002792‬ at the Superior Court of California, County of Orange, Lamoreaux Justice Center AND trace the community property and the sources of income of my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN which I have done which shows among many things:

My ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN, who received his MBA from Harvard, is a CPA, a Chief Financial Officer, spearheaded the very successful Jiffy Lube initial public offering, has negotiated multi-million dollar agreements, acquisitions and has been a corporate officer of Companies on both coasts all of a sudden swore he is “struggling”, “insolvent” and “unable to pay” my spousal support which JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR eliminated because she “thinks” he is credible.

Well, I subpoenaed the documents to PROVE he is lying and that Religious Organizations, MARJI KNITTER the define contribution 401k profit sharing plan Administrator, his mother, ELAINE ADELBERG from Baltimore, STEVE MUROW a Joint Venture Partner and others have been making his payments and also paying other expenses for him. Also, that THE KIKEN GROUP removed community assets from community trusts and has refused to disclose their disposal and these are believed to be used to pay MARK F. HASSMAN’s expenses too.

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR on March 27th, in 10 days, will decide whether she will CONTINUE TO violate the law and allow these facts to remain concealed or allow them to be disclosed as the law mandates she does; thereby implicating all the Religious Leaders,Lawyers, court appointed therapist ALAN LIBERMAN, Schools, Executives and others she has been working with who have converted and concealed my property and have committed many acts of fraud and deceit including by not limited to making intentional misrepresentations of important, material facts knowing I was reasonably relying on their guidance and advice and they intentionally caused me and my Children harms; a lot of them too all for a PROFIT and OTHER BENEFITS since the community estate of my ex-husband and myself was worth many millions of dollars.

It is so HORRIBLE but I have all the facts to PROVE IT and they know it, hence the DEATH THREAT.

1-Why have all the American Jewish leaders repeatedly refused to help my Children and me reunite, and also millions like us? I have had a clean record my entire life of over 50 years and I am known for my beautiful values and character as are many other Jewish Mothers who are in the same situation.

2-Why have all the American Jewish leaders (and PASTOR RICK WARREN of SADDLEBACK CHURCH too) repeatedly refused to give sermons, have lectures, classes, discussions and other educational events regarding the EPIDEMIC PROBLEM of PARENTAL ALIENATION which they are quite aware of has caused and is causing Loving Mothers and their Children many, many problems as best selling author Stephen Fried explains. As he explains they are PROFITING from this secret policy. […/ ]

3-Why have all the American Jewish leaders repeatedly refused to take RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles off the internet since I have sent them PROOF of his HACKING and that he has made treats and inappropriate comments to me in emails along with others at Sinai Temple like HOWARD LESNER, the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, RABBI RALPH RESNICK, PENNY DAIN and others who also refuse to address these issues.

I just left another voice mail message for HOWARD LESNER, Sinai Temple’s Executive Director and sent emails again to many Jewish Leaders about these culpable INSENSITIVITIES, CRUELTIES, ABSURDITIES and INSANITIES and their aiding and abetting in these acts instead of acting like Jews and IMMEDIATELY putting an end to them, getting those involved the help they need so they will not repeat these horrible acts and rectifying the harms they have caused others. This is what Jews believe in; it is call Teshuva which is REASONABLE.
Instead American Jewish leaders have continued to ignore and keep causing this INJUSTICE and HARM.

***As Robert Durst showed and a journalist wrote; ” no matter how complicated the crime, how clever or powerful the criminal, the truth will eventually make itself known.”

Well, I REPRESENT TRUTH and I am making it known and Rabbi David Wolpe with the awareness of many American Jewish Leaders sent me a DEATH THREAT YESTERDAY. 
Also, the death threat was followed by this Trojan email from Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple regarding “Fed-Student Loans-Forgiveness for Sara.” That one can be traced to Rabbi David Wolpe too. Will the Jews reasonably rectify this horrible and abusive situation or allow it to continue?

Time will tell; but Truth and God always prevail as “The Jinx” showed.

As always none of this is legal advice or advice of any kind.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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