Are these Restraining Orders moral and legal and the passing of a wonderful man which hopefully will make others Respect his Deeds and Change Theirs

Getting restraining orders to prevent a Loving Mother who has had a clean record her entire life from celebrating with her Children makes Children believe their Loving Mother has done something wrong since she is not allowed to be with them; especially if the alienating parent or step-parent tells them a judge issued the restraining order and that is why she cannot come.

The Children do not know that judges routinely issue restraining orders UPON REQUEST, WITHOUT NEEDING A RATIONAL REASON.
As many experts have shown; it is a common strategy used by the parents trying to alienation Children from their Loving Mother (father) and destroy the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son bond to get a restraining order so the Loving Mother cannot come to celebrations and other events. This is so evil beyond words but very common and one of the laws I want to change.

Getting restraining orders to prevent a Loving Mother who has had a clean record her entire life from celebrating with her Children makes it easy for the Children to believe the lies they are told that their Loving Mother has changed and has become horrible and therefore they must alienate her from their life like they too are getting divorced.

Then if the Children are forced to see a RABBI, PASTOR or PRIEST or attend CATE SCHOOL Boarding High School where they are forced to submit to more abuse; this places the Children in a “CLIMATE OF FEAR” so they believe they must alienate their Loving Mother even if they don’t want to because they and their brother and sister will be harmed.

I have sent emails to PASTOR RICK WARREN, RABBI DAVID WOLPE and many JEWISH LEADERS asking them why they refuse to give sermons, write articles, books, have classes, discussion groups and other events to educate their communities about Parental Alienation.

PASTOR RICK WARREN EVEN HAD A SON COMMIT SUICIDE so he should understand the importance of the Parent/Child bond and should reasonably WELCOME the idea of reuniting a Loving alienated Parent like myself with her Children; but he along with all the Rabbis and Jewish Leaders I contacted refused and still refuse. They won’t even make a telephone call.

1) No bond is more precious and none should be more zealously protected as the bond between a Parent and their Daughter and Son.
2) A Loss of this bond or relationship for even minimal periods of time unquestionably constitutes irreparable harm for both the Loving Parent and their Children of ages, as many psychologist and other experts have proven.

***So for millions of of us who have had restraining orders issued against us so we cannot attend graduations and other celebrations even though we have clean records, are known for our good values and characters and our Children thrived when we were part of their life, do you think the issuance of these restraining orders is legal?

***Have patience with your Children of all ages who are trying to UNDERSTAND and cope with the TRUTH. They know it; they just have to accept it and change some of their ways.

I know my Children are very smart, kind, and reasonable and are just FEARFUL because I know they would not all of a sudden alienate me around the time of the divorce and since then refuse to even have a civil and respectful CONVERSATION to discuss this alienation. This is not reasonable and I know millions of Children of divorce are behaving the same way as experts have stated.

This is not legal advice but just something I know that you may want to think about:
California Constitution Article 1 §1 states:
“ All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining SAFETY, HAPPINESS, and privacy.” [Emphasis added]

Inalienable rights are rights that cannot be taken away.

RABBI HAROLD SCHULWEIS a very influential Rabbi who was known for his MORAL COURAGE and SOCIAL ACTIVISM, just passed away.
He believed a person’s deeds were much more important than their words.

He helped some but obviously not enough Jews to understand that WE must be responsible and hold others accountable for their acts.
It is not God who should be responsible; it is each one of us.
In one of his beautiful sermons he stated: “When humans take responsibility for one another, that’s an expression of God’s presence in the world.”

Rabbi Harold Schulweis was also not afraid to speak the truth as he criticized wealthy Jewish slumlords and those who stood by and watched Hitler instead of aligning themselves against him.

He believed that people must show their MORAL CONSCIENCE and defend their rights and the rights of others. Thus, he gave the Jews a RENEWED PURPOSE in life and set high standards for them to strive for everyday; no excuses. He practiced what he preached too.

I am so sorry there has not, to my knowledge, been a younger Rabbi Harold Schulweis because I am sure he or she would help me end the secret policy and practice of the Jews regarding Parental Alienation and using 501c3 agreements to deprive a loving Mother of receiving her savings, retirement and other assets and interests from a divorce and I know would help Loving Mothers reunite with their Daughters and Sons. This is showing moral courage, a moral conscience and social activism which is what Rabbi Harold Schulweis stood for.

Any reasonable person knows it is not moral to destroy the Mother/Child relationship and take the Loving Mother’s savings, retirement and other property leaving her and the Children emotionally and financially devastated.

Someone like Rabbi Harold Schulweis would help millions of divorced Mothers and their Daughters and Sons strengthen their relationships and cope with divorce together; helping each other.
He would never destroy their relationships because doing that is diametrically opposed to what he stood for.
As he said;
“When humans take responsibility for one another, that’s an expression of God’s presence in the world.”

Can any Jewish leader today focus his or her mind enough to make moral and reasonable changes so they are proud of what they do and no longer need secret policies and practices? If so, please contact me.
As Rabbi Harold Schulweis said, then we are taking responsibility for one another which is an expression of God and his presence.
This is what Jewish Leaders should be doing, not destroying the Mother/Child bond.

On that note, I just want MY CHILDREN to know, that if you always choose to alienate me from your life, I hope I at least give you the legacy of social activism and always defending your rights and those of the people you love. This is the legacy my wonderful Grandfather Ben gave me along with Judge Sfekas. Even your father was very supportive when I sued my parents, sister and their lawyer who were depriving me of my rights and freedom.

Social Activism with a moral conscious of defending your rights and those of the people you love not only gives you a wonderful purpose in life, it also brings you self esteem, pride and happiness. I hope if you don’t understand this today, you will one day soon. Love, Mom

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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