Are you being set up to fail?

Mentally sick people create parental alienation and mentally sick people work with that sick creator to help keep the Parental Alienation going as many experts have proven. []

As any reasonable person with a sound mind knows; an honest, kind, compassionate, loving person would not destroy the special bond between a law-abiding Mother(father) and her Children because this is abuse, torture and terrorism.

These mentally sick people who create and perpetuate Parental Alienation often try to make the children who have been alienated from their loving Mother (father) at the time of divorce; obey them by setting them up to fail with intimidation tactics.

Please note, when I use the word “children” I am referring to children of ALL ages, which includes teens, young adults and even adults.

When these very sick manipulators set alienated children up to fail;

1) they cause the children to lose their self-esteem. At the same time, the sick manipulators act like he or she is so smart, talented and special and must be honored and obeyed by these children who they force to believe aren’t as smart and capable as they are. Thus, they falsely and fraudulently make these children believe they need these manipulators to survive when in REALITY; these children would be so much better off getting away from these manipulators.

This intimidation and stripping the children of their self-esteem is all part of the manipulators’ narcissistic and sociopathic mental disorders as many experts have proven. [
But, to make matters worse for the manipulators, after they have stripped the children of their self-esteem and control their mind through acts of intimidation; they then try to PRETEND to “ help” them like Rabbi David Wolpe and other rabbis do; Pastor Rick Warren and other pastors do, the court-appointed therapist Alan Liberman does, law firms do along with many of the other defendants in my lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court case ‪#‎BC580980‬.

It is all a sick game to the manipulators as they destroy people’s mind, heart and soul; all intentionally so they can profit. This is what my lawsuit PROVES and this is why they hack my computer, phone and continue to try to silence me. They refuse to change and become reasonable because they think they are “entitled” to behave this way. They are truly so mentally sick but do not want me to bring out the truth because this will destroy their reputations and business and put them in jail where they belong so they cannot abuse, terrorize and torture others anymore.

When these very sick manipulators set alienated children up to fail;

2) they cause the children to incorrectly think they must obey them or something terrible will happen to them or someone they love. Thus, the children, which again includes teens and young adults, GIVE UP their INDEPENDENT MIND to do what is reasonable, honest, kind and responsible and instead become slaves or robots to these mentally sick manipulators who have created Parental Alienation and helped to keep it going instead of reasonably, responsibly and compassionately helping to end it and helping the children reunite with their loving, law-abiding Mother (father).

So, are my three adult children part of the corruption because they have helped deprived me of my legal rights including but not limited to receiving millions of dollars from my community estate, under their father’s control; OR are they being manipulated with intimidation tactics and other forms of manipulations, abuse, terror and torture so they have been afraid to contact me in over seven (7) years now, even though I am a law-abiding citizen, known for my honesty, compassion, kindness, reasonableness, and being responsible?
What more could children want their Mother to be than loving, honest, compassionate, kind, reasonable and also responsible?
Why do my children continue to believe the lies of their father and the others helping him perpetuate the Parental Alienation now for over seven (7) years?

My adult children know or should know ALL the abusive criminal lawsuits filed against me were dismissed due to false allegations made by their father, Pastor Rick Warren, their father’s mistress and others.

Further, it is not reasonable that my children SUDDENLY alienated me from their life since the time of the divorce and to this day, refuse to even have a civil discussion so I have an understanding of the reason for this sudden alienation and we can honestly and reasonably try to resolve it.

Thus, my adult Children (and others as well) are either:
1) WILLINGLY going along with the corruption to deprive me of my legal rights because they HAVE NOT BEEN manipulated and are acting with their own free will;
2) Or they are UNWILLINGLY going along with the corruption to deprive me of my legal right because they HAVE BEEN manipulated and are acting as they are ordered because they are intimidated.

TO MY CHILDREN (and millions of others in their same situation as alienated adult children);

If you feel intimidated, DON’T.

The manipulators are very mentally sick people who are very insecure and act like bullies. The facts of my case are all over the internet and in public records. So if you come to me I will be able to help you and if something should happen to you or me; the defendants in my lawsuit in LASC case#BC580980 will be immediately suspected because they have a tremendous amount to lose by exposing the truth; which is the context of many documents signed under the penalty of perjury.

No witnesses are needed in my lawsuit because the documents speak for themselves and show the horrible corruption and how I have and continue to be deprived of my legal rights; I can’t even get a legal or valid divorce because the steps necessary to dissolve my marriage contract have not been completed and the judges, thus far, keep ignoring that blatant fact whereby they keep incriminating themselves and all the other defendants involved more and more with each fraudulent and unlawful judicial order.

Children: The manipulators want you to feel like you must be part of their collective group or “fan club” to hate and harm your loving, law-abiding Mother more and more until she is destroyed so they can keep all of her money and property they have stolen from her at the time of the divorce and since then too.

Use your smart and independent mind to STOP LISTENING TO THEM AND THEIR LIES.
Instead, do what is reasonable by contacting me, your loving Mother and helping me bring forth the TRUTH.

If however, you choose to stay with the very sick, manipulative collective group or “fan club” to hate and harm your loving, law-abiding Mother; then be prepared to either show beyond a reasonable doubt that you have been manipulated and cannot act with your own free will; 
OR be prepared to go to jail and face the other sanctions these manipulators, abusers and terrorists will face.

As I taught you; “there is guilt by association” and all of you are adults now. Thus, the law must be applied EQUALLY to all adults in a democratic country like the United States. Judge Sfekas showed me this lesson many times and this is what happened in my lawsuit against my parents who thought they were so powerful and wealthy that they were above the law and therefore did not have to follow it like everyone else; I proved them wrong.

As my case proceeds, the stakes get higher and higher for all the defendants and trial judges who rule in violation of the law because the courts are more serious courts reviewing the facts and issuing the punishments.

I am setting up all the defendants to fail. Yes, I am. Just watch. 
It will be interesting to see what Judge Elizabeth White in the Los Angeles County Superior Court does on Wednesday, February 17th. Will she continue to ignore the fact that my MARRIAGE CONTRACT has not been lawfully dissolved? 
Will she continue to ignore the law and the overwhelming facts showing the fraudulent divorce judgment must be set aside or amended requiring that the legal steps necessary to dissolve my MARRIAGE CONTRACT are lawfully completed so I can finally have a legal and valid DISSOLUTION OF MY MARRIAGE CONTRACT?
Will Judge White continue to make up fraudulent, irrelevant and unlawful excuses so I am forced to appeal and consolidated the cases she unlawfully dismissed in order to obtain my legal rights including but not limited to a legal, valid divorce so I am no longer married to Mark Hassman?

Will my Children continue to remain silent instead of helping their loving, honest and law-abiding Mother fight for her LEGAL RIGHTS as a person with the knowledge and skills should do in order to not only obtain JUSTICE for herself but to obtain justice for millions of others suffering from Parental Alienation along with fraudulent divorce judgments.

Will my Children continue to remain silent instead of helping their loving, honest and law-abiding Mother make our world a better place for all those who are honest, reasonable, kind, compassionate and moral?

Justice will prevail, I just do not know all of those who I am setting up to fail will be; will it include my three(3) children I raised with a tremendous amount of love, care and compassion as the stay-at-home Mother, while they thrived in many positive ways?

Are my children brainwashed or are they willingly part of the corruption to deprive me of my legal rights and of course inflict me with a tremendous amount of pain by continuing to alienate me from their life without any reasonable or legal basis and without even having a civil discussion in over seven (7) years? This is the pain of Parental Alienation which I am fervently using my knowledge and skills to end so a Mother in the United States can get a legal divorce and she and her children will not have to face the abuse, terror and torture of Parental Alienation.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my vast knowledge and vast experiences because I have an iron will and refuse to be intimidated by mentally sick and corrupt people, even if they have prestigious titles; their lives are made up of lies and schemes. So don’t let them set YOU up to fail; set THEM up to fail by helping to expose the truth, not by remaining silent.

By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:



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