As Clint Eastwood Said in one of His Movies…

…you should never be haunted with things you have done in your past.

In this movie “Gran Torino;” Clint Eastwood was a Korean War veteran who tried to make a gang in his neighborhood change their destructive ways of intimidating and harming kind and productive women, children, teens and young adults. It haunted him how he was not compassionate and hurt a surrendering soldier unnecessarily during the Korean War.

As a parent in the movie, Clint Eastwood was also haunted because he was never close with his two sons since he never UNDERSTOOD how to be a good parent and express himself in an honest, truthful and compassionate way. This was very distressing to him and haunted him too.

He did learn throughout the movie how to have an honest, truthful relationship with one of the Asian immigrant boys in his neighborhood and showed a lot of compassion trying to help him rise above the gang violence. He also destroyed the gang and left a beautiful legacy to many of the Asian immigrants in his neighborhood; especially the Asian boy he befriended. He taught them how to collaborate and that INITIATION OF VIOLENCE was not only unnecessary but also very destructive for Everyone.

***The plight of those trying to fight the gang violence reminded me very much of the innocent Children of all ages trying to fight Parental Alienation with their father (mother) and those helping him like the School Administrators, Rabbis, Priests, Corrupt Therapists and others.

***They are like a GANG trying to corrupt the alienated children of all ages… instead of helping the Children make worthwhile accomplishments and reaching their potential; they try to destroy their mind and positive attitude and turn them into obedient robots who are afraid to express their true feelings and who have lost hope. It is pure evil and manipulation.

I was watching the movie while I was on the treadmill and afterwards I saw a friend of mine. I just love Los Angeles because many people I know are doing interesting things and have many interests.
This friend of mine is interested in Mysticism and told me that this weekend is a very powerful time because there is a lot of positive energy due to the alignment of something.
Whatever; but she said the important thing is to think positive thoughts and do positive things!!!

We were talking about this as we were both relaxing in the steam room.
***Don’t forget, it is really important to make sure you take care of your health and do good things for yourself.

So then with my positive thoughts my friend told me to have all weekend, I went to the grocery store and they had these special teas on sale which I bought; pumpkin spice and salty caramel. They are good and the salty caramel is a little different. The store also had my favorite low fat, no sugar added ice cream on sale. So I can’t wait to tell my friend tomorrow who I will see at the yoga class how the positive thinking and the energy really worked so far this weekend. This is only the beginning too.

I am looking forward to making this wonderful omelet in the morning.
I use egg whites without any milk, just the egg whites and cut up all different kinds of vegetables and cover the pan and let it cook. It is so good and I have a lot left over for many breakfasts too. All my children are good cooks especially my Daughter; so you may want to try this.
I hope you think only positive thoughts and have a wonderful weekend especially due to all this positive energy. I am sure I will hear more tomorrow since I will see another friend of mine who has many New Age ideas of how magnetic force is the new gravity.

Regardless of what you believe, just think positive thoughts and do positive things and great things will happen.

Do not listen to those who try to control and manipulate you.

Stand your ground and express yourself with YOUR honest and truthful thoughts so you show YOUR beautiful character and reach YOUR beautiful potential. Never let anyone take your beautiful character away.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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