As court transcripts along with many facts show JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE are impeding Justice not enforcing it.

Judges have free will to determine whether there will be justice. They also owe duties to the public to fervently and consistently enforce truth, justice and morality which are very serious responsibilities.

As court transcripts along with many facts show; JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE, aware that the decision of awarding justice rests with them; had the gall and continue to have the gall to lie and state that due to a lack of jurisdiction and other unlawful legal interpretations that they are powerless and their impuissance hinders their ability to award justice. Accordingly, these two judges have intentionally enabled the defendants, many which are part of the Establishment, to violate the law as I; the Plaintiff continues to severely suffer as reasonably should be expected.

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR reviewed, signed and filed the fraudulent and invalid divorce contract where the net worth of the community estate and its disposal were never established and I; the Plaintiff was and continues to be unlawfully deprived of my Legal and Constitutional rights.

JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE signed the judgment to dismiss all of the defendants without giving me, the Plaintiff my right to Due Process of Law by arguing the issues on their merits as the court transcripts and other facts show. To make matters worse for Judge Elizabeth White and all the defendants, this judge also signed judgments individually for defendants dismissing them from the case; thereby incriminating herself even more as well as the defendants. They all know or should know I have been deprived of my Legal and Constitutional rights to have a valid divorce contract and be legally divorced.

So why the entry of all these individual judgements by the defendants when they know or should know these judgements, filed with the court, incriminate them even more?
*** If I die or for some unexpected reason do not bring legal closure to the horrendous lawsuit showing that the Establishment and those working with them have used and continue to use 501(c)(3) agreements, Parental Alienation, lies, malicious prosecution and other fraudulent and illegal acts to profit from my divorce; they will try to CLAIM FROM MY ESTATE their fraudulent damages for having to defend themselves in court based upon Judge Elizabeth White’s fraudulent judgment which is now at the Court of Appeal.

It is necessary that those who have real power, which are those like myself who can prove this horrible truth of the corruption of the Establishment do so and do not remain silent.

With that being said, it is amazing that these two very weak judges and their weak soldiers consisting of rabbis, a pastor, non-profit schools, a court-appointed therapist, executives, joint venture partners, law firms, my husband and his mistress and others have been induced to carry out this injustice so all of them can SECRETLY and ILLEGALLY profit. 
Where is their conscience, their heart and their soul…in the gutter as they try to give the public a respectable impression of their vicious and contemptible acts and the titles they hold.

Women and their Children have THE SAME equal rights judges and others in the Establishment have. In addition, the laws FORBID judges to SACRIFICE the Legal and Constitutional rights of Women and their Children so that they and their comrades and cronies can profit. This is not democracy but terrorism, torture and abuse as I will continue to prove.

Those in the Establishment and those working with them continue to incriminate themselves more and more as I will continue to explain this week. 
I want to discuss their unlawful use of ghostwriting and specific examples of how they continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

All the defendants continue to show that they are vile, heartless people who only care about themselves but are extremely unhappy since they are filled with so much greed and shame.

Just keep watching because when you give them enough rope they continue to hang themselves more and more as my facts show. This is justice.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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