As I have been doing over the past several years, I picketed again across the street from SINAI TEMPLE today with the purpose of peacefully exposing the truth so others will not fall prey to their unlawful and abusive policies as I have.

Reasonable people try to peacefully warn others and enlighten them so they are not harmed, which is what I do. I refuse to remain silent because as many including the famous author, political activist and holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel said; “Silence only helps the perpetrators, not their victims.”

As soon as I set up my sign about 10:10 am this morning, 4/2/2016 across the street from Sinai Temple; a man walking by said; “This is what they all do.” 
We talked a little about how Sinai Temple and all the Jewish Organizations in the U.S. use their 501(c)(3) agreements to hide and steal money and assets and also how they promote Parental Alienation by refusing to give sermons and have events to educate the community because they WANT the Mother and her Children to fall prey so she will not be able to claim her money and property in the 501(c)(3) agreements so they can keep it along with the Judges, Law Firms, Executives, Court-Appointed Therapist, Schools and the husband and his mistress that are all working together to DEFRAUD AND ABUSE the Wife/Mother. The Jewish Organizations also refuse to reunite law-abiding Mothers with their Children.

***This man also said that Rabbis hack and sexually harass others so they can try to CONTROL THEM. Soon after he walked by a woman came by to take a picture and was very positive about me bringing awareness and fighting for my legal rights.

Some drove by and nodded or gave me thumbs up and others just walked and drove by, not even interested in finding out the facts. Are they committing corrupt acts themselves?

Since the last time I picketed about a year ago; I was amazed at how many FEWER people were attending services at Sinai Temple. There was not a line-up of cars around the corner to get into the garage and not as many people parked and walked into the Temple either. I guess many understand the truth about the immoral and unlawful practices of Sinai Temple as my lawsuit clearly shows. [CA Court of Appeal case ‪#‎B267984‬]

Last time I picketed, several Mothers told me they were not returning to the school. I have been told and can also see there has been constant turnover with the school administrators, security guards and other employees at Sinai Temple.

Continuing, at about 11:23am a security guard named Nick from a different company since I last picketed came up to me and asked me to move across the street. I told him I did not want to and have a legal right to be here on this public property. I told him I am not obstructing any traffic or walkers and that I only talk to those who come and talk to me as he could clearly see because he was watching me. Nick also took a photo of me and I told him there was more information and more photos on my website and facebook page at

Nick came back again at about 11:45am and said do I still refuse to move. I told him yes. He said he can make me move because I am slandering Rabbi David Wolpe. I told him I wasn’t and he could check the facts of the case and other information and that slander must be proven. Nick said he was calling the LAPD and I said fine because I am not doing anything wrong because I have a legal right to be here. (Nick must have been trying to intimidate me because the LAPD never came).

Continuing, then this man Jonathan came by with Nick. Jonathan said he was not from the synagogue but he was in a suit and I believe he was. Anyway, he asked me what I was angry about. I said I am trying to peacefully expose the truth which I have a legal right to do so others do not fall prey. I am angry Sinai Temple has behaved in such immoral and unlawful ways but I am addressing this in reasonable and peaceful ways by picketing and with my lawsuits.

*** I have been a law-abiding citizen my entire life and I do not have ANY records of being violent to anyone.

As many people left the synagogue after services, they took my fact sheet and asked me questions. Like all the other times I picketed, everyone was civil and many appreciated what I was doing.

Then about 12:25pm a group of people came together and a man in this group called me a liar and a woman in this group threw my sign in the street. The security guard Nick was there and saw that I just went into the street and picked up my sign and told the lady that this is my property and to please leave it alone. I said to the man, who remembered me from picketing on prior occasions, that I was not a liar and that we could civilly and peacefully discuss the facts but I was not going to argue with him. 
The people in this group made insults while I just leaned on my cart. They left, realizing I was not going to engage them in an argument; then a lady drove by and gave me thumbs up.

But there is more because remember, terrorists will not be reasonable and just keep creating terror and trying to shame the one exposing the truth.

An executive from Sinai Temple whom I am not familiar with named 
Rich Gonzalez told me that he was going to get a restraining order against me. EVEN THOUGH I WAS PEACEFULLY PICKETING ACROSS THE STREET FROM SINAI TEMPLE ON PUBLIC PROPERTY. Rich Gonzalez said Sinai Temple owns the apartments across the street and he was going to try to get this restraining order against me so I could not be within 100 yards of ALL OF Sinai Temple’s property.

Sound familiar? 
This is what unlawful, immoral, corrupt, abusive people and organizations do to try to take away the Legal and Constitutional rights of those who are trying to expose the truth and CHANGE THEIR CORRUPT BUSINESS PRACTICES USING PEACEFUL AND LAWFUL MEANS like I am doing.

I told Rich Gonzalez that if Sinai Temple gets a restraining order against me that Sinai Temple will be shooting themselves in the foot. 

I will then have a FEDERAL CASE involving the anti-SLAPP laws so I will be able to show all the defendants and also JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE how the anti-SLAPP statute is intended to be legally used; not the way she has allowed the defendants to use it as my case in the Court of Appeal clearly shows. Plus, I will also show the PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR of the defendants of trying to silence the truth instead of:
1. Acknowledging the truth;
2. Trying to reasonably rectify the harms they have caused and;
3. Compensate their victims. This is reasonable and also justice. (This is also called Teshuva in Judaism).

***I am not fearful because as my wonderful and wise Grandfather Ben said; “if you give up your values and character you have NOTHING.”
I have legal rights to receive my community property, income and other interests Sinai Temple has hidden in their 501(c) (3) agreements and also not to be sexually harassed and hacked by Rabbi David Wolpe so he can try to distract me and keep me in a state of emotional distress so I am unable to continue my lawsuit and fighting for my Legal and Constitutional rights. This is what Sinai Temple wants so they can keep all of my assets and other interests they unlawfully stole from me while working with my husband, judges, law firms and the other defendants.

It just takes someone with a strong will who has the legal skills to stand up and support the truth and obtain Justice for ALL; including Mothers and their Children.
If not I, then who?

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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