As many of you know RABBI DAVID WOLPE has been hacking my computer for years and the Jewish Leaders will not help me stop him and get him the help he needs and NOW he THREATENS TO KILL ME.

Here is what he sent me this morning:

IF I WIND UP DEAD then you know RABBI DAVID WOLPE is a prime suspect along with other Jewish leaders and the defendants in my lawsuits which include: 
Judges, Law Firms, Religious Organizations, Nonprofit Schools, Executives, Joint Venture Partners, the Court-Appointed Therapist, The Profit Sharing Retirement Plan Administrator, Bank of America and of course My Husband Mark [F] Hassman and his mistress “The High Priced Call Girl,” Mikel Sanders-Persky.

I am not afraid as I fight for truth and justice and unfortunately understand this is how corrupt, immoral, liars, cheaters, terrorists and abusers behave.
You either do as they demand or they try to destroy you; they will not be reasonable and learn to change their harmful, destructive ways.This is why it is very difficult to negotiate with terrorists; they are not honest and any agreement is usually not worth the paper it is written on. 
You must look to their actions and force them to perform honestly before you agree to anything. I know this because…

I successfully fought my corrupt, immoral parents and sister and their attorney in 1985 for illegally and immorally using my social security number and a fraudulent grantor trust trying to involve me in their tax evasion scheme.

My late father took out many insurance policies with low payouts (or face value) in my name, making HIMSELF the beneficiary so that way he did not need my signature. 
When my honest attorney discovered this we had an emergency meeting in the court and put this on the public record and cashed in the policies. MANY THOUGHT MY FATHER WAS GOING TO KILL ME. The insurance agent who sold my father these policies was a very religious Jew, or should I say a man PRETENDING to be one? 
So what else is new?

Thus, I know how destructive these people who abuse, terrorize, torture and try to control others can be and therefore; I know from many experiences what to expect, but I am NOT AFRAID.

It is ESPECIALLY horrible to treat defenseless loving, law-abiding Mothers and their Children this way by encouraging Parental Alienation and the illegal and immoral use of 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements so they can Profit by stealing the Mother’s property and other assets at the time of Divorce and thereafter.

Thus, I forge forward fighting for Truth, Justice and Equal Rights for all honest, kind, compassionate and law-abiding people which includes Women, Mothers and their Children.

My acts SHOW I am truly a Jew and a kind, moral person too as I strive to make our world a better place for all honest, kind, compassionate and law-abiding people REGARDLESS OF WHAT RABBI DAVID WOLPE, DEFENDANTS IN MY LAWSUITS and others plan to do, even if they plan to kill me.

Someone can easily pick up my lawsuits and fight for truth, justice and equal rights because the material facts are all in public records.

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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