As this article from the Jerusalem Post proves, the ISRAELI COURTS are leading the way to not only END Parental Alienation but also CRIMINALIZE it. I hope the JEWISH LEADERS IN AMERICA with all of their influence prove they have LOVE IN THEIR HEART by bringing about similar CHANGES in our American courts and CHANGES in the thoughts of American Jews and others. Here is the article:

IN ISRAEL, parental alienation is known as nikor horim, and the courts have been taking it seriously. In family cases, the welfare of the child is always paramount and previously where the child was settled with one parent, even where there had been parental alienation, the court was reluctant to act. The reluctance came from the thought that the upheaval of forcing the child to see the alienated parent was too unsettling and therefore, while unfair to the alienated parent, the child’s welfare came first.

This has changed, as THE COURTS HAVE RECOGNIZED THE LONG-TERM EFFECTS THAT PARENTAL ALIENATION CAN HAVE ON CHILDREN. Recently, there have been changes to the procedures in the courts in Tel Aviv where, when a case of parental alienation is recognized, it is expedited to avoid the deepening the rift between the child and the alienated parent. In one recent ruling, A JUDGE ORDERED THE RENEWAL OF A RELATIONSHIP between a 10-year-old boy and his father after nine (9) years of separation.

THE COURTS ARE ALSO MAKING THEIR VIEWS KNOWN BY IMPOSING FINES ON PARENTS WHO DEFY ORDERS TO COOPERATE. In one instance, a hefty fine was placed on the mother as compensation for the lack of relationship the child had with his father.
***Judge Erez Shani went as far to say that ACTIVE PARENTAL ALIENATION is not simply an act of civil wrongdoing, but would fall under the CRIMINAL JUSTICE RULES.*****

As Amy J. L. Baker, the author of Co-parenting with a Toxic Ex, What to Do When Your Ex-Spouse Tries to Turn the Kids Against You says, “The child victims of parental alienation are NOT AWARE that they are being mistreated and often cling vehemently to the favored parent.” ****She explains, “The truth is, despite strongly held positions of alignment, inside, many alienated CHILDREN WANT NOTHING MORE THAN TO BE GIVEN PERMISSION AND FREEDOM TO LOVE AND BE LOVED BY BOTH PARENTS.”*****

Advocates of this school of thought believe that in drastic cases THE ONLY REAL REMEDY is for the custody of the child to be transferred to the alienated parent. One less extreme approach would be to force the child to HAVE CONTACT with the other parent, PENALIZING the alienating parent if the child does not co-operate.

There are a lot of theories about what causes parents to act in such a damaging way to their children. Some have linked parental alienation to an extension of a NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER, where the alienating parent needs to control the child and have the child’s focus on them. In addition to the control aspect, the perceived rejection of the other parent is validation for the breakdown of the relationship. In some cases, the alienating parent sees the child as an extension of themselves and when they have been hurt at the breakdown of the relationship, they transfer their feeling of hurt to the child that they wish to protect. Other alienating parents believe that the other parent does not “deserve” to have contact with their child, as the alienated parent has behaved badly toward the spouse.
Here is the link to this article which I have quoted above and I am thrilled!!!!…/When-one-parent-is-left-out-in-the-…

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,

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