As those in the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE fear that I am getting closer to exposing the TRUTH of how they are promoting and profiting from the terror, torture, abuse and oppression of the Epidemic Problem of Parental Alienation; their hatred of ME increases.

Thus far, all of them are TOO ARROGANT TO ADMIT that they have committed crimes and immoral acts AND compensate those they have harmed AND institute NEW policies and behaviors which promote Truth, Equal Rights, Love, Family and Justice for all. 

Consequently, they live as a CHAIN OF FOOLS  without Freedom, Love, Self-Respect, Confidence, Happiness and Peace of Mind and wasting their life and potential.

I, along with all of us living in the World of Love and not the World of Corruption, are very blessed because we UNDERSTAND the importance of following GOD’s basic commandments of Love, Respect, Kindness, Compassion and Freedom as opposed to servitude and abuse. 
We are NOT AFRAID to stand alone as a WISE AND REASONABLE INDIVIDUAL to support these very important values and set the example for others to follow.

I KNOW I am a MIRACLE OF GOD to have been able to survive the unconscionable acts of Parental Alienation for over ten years now AND to have become STRONGER too. It is truly a miracle my health, education and skills have been restored enough so I am able to file lawsuits and motions to End Parental Alienation for millions of us and also for future generations.
I could have never done all of this without GOD’s help and also without my beloved GRANDFATHER BEN guiding me as I know he is.

With that being said, be careful if you think you will defeat me and all that I represent which includes ENDING Parental Alienation and holding those accountable who are promoting it since as the wise and compassionate beloved JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS whom I clerked for taught me; Justice Must Apply to All of Us.

A person’s FAILURE TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH does not make the TRUTH untrue; it makes the person delusional, unreasonable, angry and full of shame.

One must BECOME HUMBLE before he or she is able to ACKNOWLEDGE the crimes and/or immoral acts they committed and be able to SINCERELY ATONE by compensating those they harmed; putting new policies in place and; changing their thought processes which drive their habits and behaviors. 
Otherwise, the person will REMAIN corrupt and full of anger, shame, unhappiness and lack self-esteem and the ability to LOVE. Typically, they refuse to let another person become important to them so they live as EMPTY ROBOTS, just existing day to day.

Reasonably and compassionately millions of us do not condone hatred or discrimination carried out in the name of religion; business; politics; education and by judges’ arbitrary and unreasonable interpretations of the law.

Reasonably we will not associate with them and will peacefully but effectively END their practices as OUR REVOLUTION is doing. We have reached a TIPPING POINT which has been developing behind the scenes in the Establishment for decades.

Know that the truth is being exposed in several Courts and that OUR REVOLUTION to end this terror is thriving. Here is a song which appropriately describes our progress, especially the beginning. So keep spreading the truth so others are aware and do not fall prey. I will have more detailed updates soon.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
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Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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