As we approach Mother’s Day I am writing this with disbelief…

As we approach Mother’s Day I am writing this with disbelief that millions of loving, honest, responsible, law-abiding Mothers like myself do not know where our Children are, what they are doing and have not spent time with them for years due to the form of abuse, terror and torture called Parental Alienation.

As we approach Mother’s Day I wonder if millions of Children who have been alienated from their loving, honest, responsible, law-abiding Mother since the time of divorce ARE BLAMING THEMSELVES.

***These alienated Children know at the time of the divorce they treated their Mother with disrespect, extreme rudeness, cussing and other disgraceful behavior so they could be PRAISED by their sick, abusive father as my husband MARK HASSMAN did ESPECIALLY WHEN THEIR BEHAVIOR CAUSED ME TO HAVE A SEIZURE.

Think this is emotional torture, terror and abuse; you bet and my medical records show it is. Plus, any sane person knows it is.

So WHY are all the defendants in my lawsuit and others supporting my husband and refuse to even help me start communicating with my Children again? Are they so sick that they think DESTROYING THE SACRED BOND between a Mother and her Children is a GAME? 
Do they think abuse, terror and torture is a GAME or an acceptable way to PROFIT?

As we approach Mother’s Day, Everyone who knows me knows that I helped my Children thrive in many positive ways and it would be in their BEST INTEREST to be able to receive my love and Motherly guidance NOW as they did for many years before the divorce.

Further, experts have proven that it is in the BEST INTEREST of Children of ALL AGES to have independent relationships with BOTH of their divorced parents, not just their father while being alienated from their loving, law-abiding, honest, responsible Mother (

*******ONE THING that should be certain beyond any reasonable doubt is that BEFORE a Mother is DENIED her legal right to have Custody and Visitation there must be OVERWHELMING evidence consisting of tests, evaluations and other objective evidence clearly showing she is unfit and dangerous. However, in my case I was denied Custody and Visitation based upon the sick and corrupt court-appointed therapist’s report lacking tests and evaluations but based upon my husband MARK HASSMAN’s hearsay when:

1) he does not have any psychological education, certifications or licenses and; 
2) he appears to have many psychological illnesses himself as a huge quantity of facts show.

Giving false testimony, writing false reports, filing false and frivolous pleadings and the like is a FELONY. 
Perjury, fraud and deceit are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in criminal court.
Those who have been harmed will be compensated in civil court or Federal Court if the defendants raise Federal issues like the irrelevant anti-SLAPP statute which involves the Constitutional Right to Free Speech. 
They can also be sanctioned for and prosecuted for their INTENT OR STRATEGIC PLANNING to DELAY DUE PROCESS and JUSTICE.

***Thus, I have a Federal Case too thanks to attorney 
PHIL SEASTROM founder of SEASTROM & SEASTROM for leading the way with his frivolous and irrelevant motions based upon the anti-SLAPP statute. Way to go PHIL to show your corruption which is all part of public records and preserved in the appeal. You even have a personal declaration signed “under the penalty of perjury.” You appear to have led the way for all the defendants to follow you off the cliff.

In addition, to take Custody and Visitation rights away from a Mother without very clear evidence of unfitness and being dangerous shows unauthorized power by a Judge which the Constitution does NOT confer.
The logical question is why won’t anyone help me begin communicating with my Children again? NOT EVEN:
• Judges
• Lawyers
• Rabbis
• Pastors and Priests
• Religious Organizations Nationwide
• Court-Appointed Therapist
• Executives and Joint Venture Partners
• Non-profit Schools
• Relatives
Have they cut deals to reduce their liability and sentences by testifying against one of the defendants or several of them? 
Are they planning to evoke the 5th Amendment or tell more lies?

Remember, I also have a fraudulent divorce contract since the net worth (value) of my community estate under my husband 
MARK HASSMAN’S control and its disposal were never established. Instead, 501(c)(3) agreements of synagogues, churches and other non-profits have been used and are still being used to hide and steal my money, assets and income along with Limited Liability Corporations and Fraudulent Loans and other illegal Schemes.

Are the defendants and others profiting by committing these unlawful, abusive, immoral acts throughout our county which is why Divorce and Parental Alienation are epidemic problems? 
The evidence appears to show they are:

along with the RABBIS of SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles
and many religious organizations Nationwide
ALL refuse to help try to end Parental Alienation and also help me establish the net worth of my community estate and its disposal so I can have a legal and valid divorce contract. They will not even acknowledge these epidemic problems or even help me begin communicating with my Children again.

Think the Judges and Lawyers have the “Sleaze Disease” which is very contagious and has been caught by all the other defendants in my lawsuit including Rabbis and other religious leaders who are supposed to be so compassionate and do sacred acts? It sure seems that way.

***I am much more than a very talented and honest lawyer (is that an oxymoron?). I am also a wise, compassionate Woman and Mother who faces her challenges with pride and will not sacrifice her values or beautiful character as my wonderful Grandfather Ben taught me.

Lawyers know or at least I was taught; never represent a client whose adversary is someone fighting for his/her life UNLESS you are willing to take the case to the Supreme Court.

If the wellbeing of Myself, My Children, and Future Generations along with My Legal and Constitutional Rights are not worth fighting for; then what am I living for? To be part of the dishonest, immoral, greedy, lying, abusive, scheming, torturing collective group called the Establishment? Not me.

Our choices define our destiny so choose wisely what you do and who you associate with too because many lawsuits have proven there is Guilt by Association.

I hope My Children and other Alienated Children are not suffering from “Frozen Watchfulness.” 
In other words, please do not wait to be given an order as to what you must think and how you must behave.
Please instead use YOUR OWN VERY SMART MIND and KIND HEART and show YOUR BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER too. Bring these qualities back into your life and don’t let these sick, abusive people destroy them and your special talents and skills.

Remember, truth and love will prevail and all the others will continue to destroy themselves as we grow stronger and stronger.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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