As we approach the 4th of July holiday, OUR REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation is moving right along as planned. I have motions, hearings and there will be very important and also potentially incriminating CHOICES our Justices, Judges and others are going to be FORCED to make which will either prove their malicious, evil intentions OR prove their honest, compassionate and reasonable intentions to RECTIFY the serious harms they have caused and continue to cause.

It’s too late for them to just say they are sorry; reasonable compensation is necessary including ENDING their Criminal Conspiracy and Racketeering Enterprise INTENDED TO SEPARATE LOVING, LAW-ABIDING AMERICAN MOTHERS AND FATHERS WITH THEIR AMERICAN CHILDREN at the time of divorce.
Ending their Criminal Conspiracy and Racketeering Enterprise will RESTORE Love, Family, Equal Rights, Justice and Freedom which are the principles our Democratic Republic of the United States was founded upon. We are also one nation Under GOD, and GOD supports these Democratic principles too; he does not support abuse and terror and preying upon the loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother and her Children at the time of divorce or at any other time.

As PRESIDENT TRUMP says; it is time to MAKE AND KEEP AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN, not only for ourselves but also for future generations.
We can start by Ending the Epidemic Problem of Parental Alienation which commonly accompanies Modern Slavery, Fraudulent Divorce Judgments, Criminally Granted Restraining Orders and other crimes.
All reasonable and compassionate people should WANT to end this Terror and should be ASHAMED for having PROFITED FROM IT and for CONTINUING to profit from it.

The 4th of July holiday CELEBRATES FREEDOM AND EQUAL RIGHTS for All. However, my court documents and many other records PROVE that this is NOT what many Justices and Judges are enforcing; including JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG of the U.S. Supreme Court and many judges of the CALIFORNIA SUPERIOR COURT IN THE COUNTY OF ORANGE.

JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG and some JUDGES AT THE CALIFORNIA SUPERIOR COURT IN THE COUNTY OF ORANGE are Jewish and should ESPECIALLY know better than to promote Parental Alienation since Jews were HITLER’S victims.
ADOLPH HITLER Repeatedly, Intentionally and Maliciously SEPARATED Parents from their Children; STOLE their property, income and other assets and REDISTRIBUTED them to those in his Evil Criminal Conspiracy.

History clearly is repeating itself except, NOW the Jewish leaders; their nonprofits; their members; their supporters; and others have SECRETLY become the Modern Day Hitler as my FACTS CONTINUE TO PROVE.
They don’t use gas chambers as Hitler did; they use criminal, malicious, arbitrary, unlawful, immoral and baseless INTERPRETATIONS OF OUR LAWS to ENFORCE criminal, fraudulent, immoral, illegal, malicious and abusive acts; NOT LEGAL PRECEDENT to PROMOTE EQUAL RIGHTS, LOVE, FAMILY AND JUSTICE AS OUR FOREFATHERS who wrote the Constitution and the framework of our laws intended; as any reasonable person knows.

****Just simply; why are MILLIONS OF US STILL, yes STILL, SUFFERING FROM THE EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION in a Nation where our business, religious, judicial, academic and therapeutic leaders, the press and others and their supporters have been REFUSING for decades to ACKNOWLEDGE this epidemic problem and use their power, influence, education and skills to REASONABLY AND COMPASSIONATELY END IT?
They are supposed to PROMOTE the Health, Safety and Welfare of Society; not destroy it with their GREED and ABUSE OF POWER.
Remember, Parental Alienation commonly involves Modern Slavery, Fraudulent Divorce Judgments, Criminally Granted Restraining Orders and other crimes which my facts prove involve many of our Leaders in the US who pretend to be “helping us.” For example;
RUTH BADER GINSBURG claims to love Woman and Children but as one of my defendants and as the US Supreme Court Justice; she just IGNORES ME AND MY SEVERE HARMS AND THOSE OF MILLIONS OF US and also IGNORES OUR REVOLUTION to End Parental Alienation which she knows or should know seriously violates many of our American laws and American values.

To make matters even more incriminating, as my facts prove, many which are in public records; judges of the California Superior Court in the County of Orange and in other courts are FOLLOWING JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG’S LEAD by IGNORING the Epidemic Problem of the Terror of Parental Alienation AND the harms millions of us have been suffering due to this terror.
Plus, they intentionally, willfully and maliciously continue to make criminal, unlawful, malicious, abusive, baseless and arbitrary orders and judgments to PROMOTE this terror.

This is TERRORISM, NOT JUSTICE AND NOT WHAT OUR AMERICAN LAWS SUPPORT, as any reasonable person knows. Justices and Judges have the POWER AND EDUCATION to End Parental Alienation if they wanted to and intended to but OBVIOUSLY they do not. So do many other leaders in the United States and many individuals too; even those who claim to be “religious.”

As the wise, compassionate and honest judge I clerked for, for many years; JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS often said: JUSTICE MUST APPLY TO ALL OF US; NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW EVEN IF THEY THINK THEY ARE.
Also as my wise compassionate and honest GRANDFATHER BEN taught me; you must always use your education, skills and experiences to defend your good values and character and those of others who are unable to defend themselves. He also said that you must always support FREEDOM AND EQUAL RIGHTS. So have a nice 4th of July knowing that OUR REVOLUTION to support FREEDOM AND EQUAL RIGHTS for All is thriving in many ways.

Now on a lighter note, My BENJAMIN GARDEN named after my wonderful Grandfather is in full bloom and is very colorful.
Today, I did some cooking. My mini meatballs are marinating with the garlic I roasted and mixed inside and then coated with delicious seasoned breadcrumbs. Once grilled on my barbecue, they will be perfect. Also, the fresh vegetables and mushrooms are reasonably priced and delicious too. I also have a great lime, mango spice for my fish which I also grill. I just love Los Angeles and all it has to offer if you keep your eyes open and have an honest, kind heart and reasonable mind and wonderful, honest, reasonable and kind friends as a result. I am so grateful.

Here is a song about the importance of FREEDOM. Have a great weekend knowing that many wonderful things are happening for those of us who live in the World of Love who support Love, Truth, Equal Rights, Freedom and Justice for All knowing that GOD is by our side.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and adult children).

Aretha Franklin – Think [1968] (Original Version)
Aretha Franklin – Think / Song written by Aretha Franklin & Ted White / Album: Aretha Now (1968)



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