As we begin 2019, like many people, I have been organizing my things and giving to Goodwill and others what I no longer want or need, which includes many things I was saving for my children who obviously do not care to have them. For example…

I have many photos, school papers, beautiful notes, holiday and birthday cards and everyday notes of thanks and even apologies for being rude or doing something they know they should not have done. These also show the loving, caring and honest values I instilled in them including being friendly and helping each other and others too as I will explain.
The photos spanning about twenty years show how happy they are and the loving and enriching activities we did together including just reading on a bench, painting or playing ball in our garden and backyard. Attached are some of my favorite photos but; I have so many favorites it was difficult to choose which ones to post as an example today.
I also have some beautiful artwork my children made which I framed and enjoyed for many years.
Many people have and continue to admire them and tell me my children are very talented.
I have decided to give their artwork away for others to enjoy as I enter A NEW PHASE IN MY LIFE of surrounding myself with those things loving, kind and caring people have given me or the accomplishments of honest, caring leaders and heroes; not those who are COWARDS afraid to breakaway from those who create and/or promote the terror, torture, abuse and oppression of Parental Alienation.

Everyone has free will and adults, like my children, have to be responsible for their choices. This is all part of adulthood. If they adopt the evil predator ways as their own; then they become evil predators too.

The various notes from all of my children state how grateful they are for having a Mother like me who takes such good care of them, teaches them important things, cooks great food and is “ always excited to see me.” So why have my children been alienating me for TEN YEAR NOW when I HAVE NOT CHANGED.
My values have remained the same as my life exemplifies. WHY HAVE THEY CHANGED and REFUSE TO CHANGE BACK? I really do not think my children ENJOY living without my love, support, compassion and great food. Also, why would a loving father, religious leader, judge or any reasonable, caring person WANT my children to live without these Motherly things? Why aren’t any of them trying to support OUR REVOLUTION to end the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation?

Don’t you think Universities, Religious Institutions, Businesses and our Courts should be regarded as places with MORAL RESPONSIBILITY of training people to THINK REASONABLY AND WITH COMPASSION AND EMPATHY; not providing platforms for people whose sole purpose is to stir up HATRED so they can profit. This includes lying, cheating, brainwashing, perjury and HIDING THE TRUTH instead of reasonably enforcing the honest scholar’s and person’s quest for the Truth.

My overwhelming facts in public records prove that there is intentional and malicious confusion as to the First Amendment Right of Free Speech because THERE IS NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO PROMOTING HATE SPEECH. This also clearly includes FREEDOM OF THE PRESS who has been caught repeatedly for spinning the facts thereby promoting lies and hatred. Dishonest speech suppresses ideas and provokes violence not freedom.
The First Amendment gives us:
1) the RIGHT to speak and. 2) the RESPONSIBILITY to speak Honestly as journalists, executives, judges, lawyers, other professionals and also reasonably people know.

One of my favorite Norman Rockwell paintings is entitled “The Golden Rule” which shows people of all types of backgrounds and states on the painting; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Quite basic but as my fact irrefutably prove; not one US leader can follow this with regards to Parental Alienation which is disgraceful beyond words.
With that being said; here are some of the notes from my children I received before the Parental Alienation began.
As adults, they refuse to even have a reasonable conversation explaining WHY they suddenly chose to alienate me and CONTINUE to do so. Each of them has very special talents and a great potential UNLESS they continue to CHOOSE TO REMAIN EVIL PREDATORS. As an Evil Predator, they will then destroy their confidence, self-esteem and will not be happy or have peace of mind, and needless to say; their values will be disgraceful.
Thus, as we begin 2019; I have given away many of the notes, artwork, photos and other things I was saving for my children who obviously don’t want them and don’t even care to acknowledge that I exist. I am so grateful to be INDEPENDENT from all of them and their evil predator ways and disgraceful values. So far, my three children have refused to be reasonable and compassionate by changing back to living with the values I raised them with and still set the example for them to follow.

My daughter made me a beautiful bookmark for Mother’s Day before the Parental Alienation began which said: “Mothers like lovely flowers fill the world with beauty and the heart with happiness.”

My eldest son gave me a card which said; “The only true gift is a portion of oneself” and thanked me “for taking care of me and setting wonderful examples. You are my role model.”

My youngest son, like my daughter made me many beautiful pictures and wrote me many loving and thoughtful notes. He was always so thoughtful of not only me but of his brother and sister too.

Even my crooked, evil but still legal husband MARK HASSMAN wrote me many thoughtful notes like this one; “Roses for the most wonderful wife any husband could ever have- I love you Sara!!!”

Thus, there is no objective or reasonable purpose for the continuation of the Parental Alienation and to PRETEND that I don’t exist. However, I cannot control what my children and other evil predators do so I have chosen to live my life without their notes, gifts and artwork and I feel great being surrounded by things from those living in the World of Love who try to HELP others reach their beautiful potential and guide them honestly and lovingly.

Attached are some photos of my children which show how happy, healthy and relaxed they look and are proud of themselves and each other for their very worthwhile accomplishments. This is how a family should act; not promote Parental Alienation. Also, all the family members should use their skills, education and experiences to reasonably and compassionately resolve the Parental Alienation. As THEODOR HERZL said who was the reasonable and compassionate leader of the Zionist Movement: “If you will it, it is no dream.” Herzl made the dream of having the Jewish state called Israel a reality just as I am helping to make it a reality to end Parental Alienation for millions suffering today and also for future generations.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Please note, my website has been hacked again by RABBI DAVID WOLPE so please see my Facebook page for the photos. I have complained to many Jewish organizations but obviously this is what he is paid to do; hack to stop the truth from being exposed; like that is going to “save” him and others promoting Parental Alienation as they ignore GOD.



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