As we celebrate all the accomplishments of Martin Luther King, Jr.; it is important to realize that his Movement promoting Social Justice and Equal Rights in the United States turned into the Civil Rights Movement or Revolution. NOW IT IS TIME FOR A NEW CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT OR REVOLUTION.

My Movement to end Parental Alienation is also turning into a REVOLUTION since all of us involved in spreading the truth in our own communities, on line and elsewhere are loving, reasonable, wise and objective people just like MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. and his supporters.

NOW IT IS TIME FOR A NEW CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. This one involves Mothers and their Children and some Fathers too who are suffering from the domestic terrorism of Parental Alienation, the money laundering, fraudulent divorce judgments, the Selling of alienated Children of all ages into Slavery and other crimes commonly associated with this terrorism.

I am thrilled with all of our progress to end the social injustice of Parental Alienation due to all the facts which are in many State and Federal Courts including the United States Supreme Court.

I and many of you reading this PROUDLY REFUSE TO STANDBY in silence to allow our leaders and the organizations they control to PROFIT FROM OUR INJUSTICE. 
Even former first lady and licensed United States Attorney MICHELLE OBAMA, falsely claims to love Mothers and Children and falsely claims to have a legacy to improve their well being BUT REFUSES to acknowledge the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation. So do ALL JEWISH LEADERS AND ORGANIZATIONS in the United States and many nonprofits, along with Judges and Law Firms. 
All of them should WANT loving, law-abiding Mothers and Fathers to have custody, visitation and be able to love and guide their Children; not alienate them from each other which is TERRORISM.
A society based upon profiting from vulnerable Mothers and their Children (and some fathers too) at the time of divorce and thereafter is promoting terrorism and violence NOT SOCIAL JUSTICE as any reasonable and rational thinking person knows.

More and more people have told me that only a very evil person like my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN, would do all the horrible things he has and continues to do to me and our Children. The latest being to refuse to give me their current contact information due to some paperwork. He claims I did not file a form with the court so I could obtain it. I HAVE BEEN A LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN MY ENTIRE LIFE and he admitted that I was “an integral part of the positive upbringing of our children.” Why not just give me their contact information???…..
Because my evil predator husband MARK HASSMAN HAS SOLD OUR CHILDREN INTO SLAVERY BY FORCING THEM TO CARRY OUT: 1) an illegal student loan fraud scheme; 
2) alienate ME, their loving, law-abiding Mother from their life; 
3) hide MY assets worth many millions of dollars which I should have received at the time of divorce and thereafter; 
4) and commit other crimes especially my eldest turned crooked and evil predator son STEPHEN HASSMAN who works for WALLIS TOWERS WATSON. I contacted this financial firm to tell them I have evidence of his corruption so that they cannot implicate ME for not warning them of his criminal and immoral behavior. ***This is a disgraceful thing for a Mother to have to do but democracy must apply to all of us. I will not be implicated for knowing about my Son’s crimes but not disclosing them to his employer knowing that in his job he could harm others. My disclosure of his crimes was reasonable and also being caring and responsible. If our children CHOOSE to be crooked we cannot allow them to implicate us in their crimes and ALSO harm others. DISCLOSURE of the TRUTH is paramount.

The judges; law firms; religious organizations their leaders and members; nonprofit schools and organizations; business executives and many others have been PAID OFF to HIDE THE TRUTH and promote Parental Alienation as my overwhelming facts show. Also, I WILL KEEP FILING MORE AND MORE LAWSUITS AGAINST ALL OF THEM. The facts are NOT GOING AWAY as OUR REVOLUTION KEEPS MOVING FORWARD. There must be Justice, Love, Freedom and Equal Rights and these values are worth fighting for.


Further, the JEWS keep proving their conspiracy to promote Parental Alienation, money laundering and other crimes as my lawsuits prove along with the acts of RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE who claims to be on “sabbatical.” 
If he was really an honest, compassionate man, rabbi and father as he CLAIMS HE IS; now that he has the time on sabbatical; he SHOULD WANT to publish articles, have classes, discussions and other events about the horrors of Parental Alienation, why it must be ended and should be trying to diligently end it.
As history has proven along with the Bible, those who refuse to be reasonable by changing their destructive, predator ways by promoting PEACE; do not survive the REVOLUTION. I am specifically referring to the Book of Numbers regarding the First Conquest in the Old Testament. (I am by no means a religious scholar, I just read the Bible and the facts are very clear).

Like Martin Luther King, Jr.; we also must NEVER FORGET what is at stake in OUR REVOLUTION which is RESTORING Freedom, Equal Rights, Love and Justice for ALL, which includes Mothers and their Children of all ages.

On a lighter note, I hope you are enjoying the Martin Luther King Holiday as I am. The weather in Los Angeles today was just gorgeous and I had time to go down to the beach to rollerblade.

I ate lunch by the ocean and then skated on the path from the famous Santa Monica pier all the way down to the Palisades which is several miles. When I stopped to rest and enjoy the view, I had a very nice conversation with a cyclist who was doing the same. I just love Los Angeles and all it has to offer, aside from all of my friends who are reasonable, honest and kind and also live in the World of Love. Attached is a photo of the beautiful beach and mountains today.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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