As we mourn all the victims of the EVIL Los Vegas shooting; the following facts PROVE that OUR MOVEMENT TO END the EVIL Domestic Terrorism of PARENTAL ALIENATION is prevailing.

As you know I have not seen, communicated or spent time with my 3 Children for 10 years now. This is due to my very EVIL husband’s acts of Parental Alienation and those aiding him. They have helped him draft, sign and enforce our fraudulent divorce judgment where he, MARK HASSMAN, STOLE all of our marital property in violation of United States and California laws and criminally deprived me of Custody and Visitation because there have never been any tests to prove I am anything but a loving, honest, law-abiding Mother. I was suffering from seizures due to the Parental Alienation and could not see straight and was clearly taken advantage of.

Also, the restraining orders MY EVIL IDIOT HUSBAND MARK HASSMAN requested and were granted have NO VALIDITY.  This is a common scheme used to perpetuate Parental Alienation by KEEPING law-abiding Mothers and Fathers alienated from their Children and also to cause character assignation SO THE CHILDREN BELIEVE their loving Mother(father)  isn’t attending their graduations and other events because SHE NO LONGER LOVES THEM OR CARES ABOUT THEM. I and millions of other alienated Mothers can’t attend if the evil father is present and in my case, if his evil mistress too is present. (a.k.a. the high-priced call girl from the Dr. Phil show who used my stolen assets for her breast implants and other cosmetic surgery as their FAKE AND ILLEGAL JOINT TAX RETURNS PROVE, along will other documents. Her name is Mikel Sanders-Persky) THIS IS PURE EVIL.

It is also very evil that both my husband and this mistress are LIVING A LIE by pretending they are married instead of helping me obtain a legal divorce judgment where I receive the millions of dollars from the community estate they stole from Me including my retirement income and accounts.

 MY EVIL IDIOT HUSBAND MARK HASSMAN recently filed a motion to unconscionably and very unlovingly and unreasonably prevent him from using his Harvard and other negotiation skills and experiences to help Our 3 Children and Me REUNITE and give Me their current contact information AND “ALLOW” them to communicate with Me. Like I have said, I can’t afford emotionally and financially to keep hiring Private Investigators to obtain my Children’s contact information only to have them hang up on me or ignore my emails.

     Especially WITH ALL THE RECENT NATURAL DISASTERS in our world and TERRORIST SHOOTINGS; only a very EVIL father would deprive his Children of their honest, loving, law-abiding Mother’s love as any REASONABLE, COMPASSIONATE person knows and ESPECIALLY FOR TEN YEARS NOW.

    Anyway, his motion is baseless because it is filled with lies and his own ridiculous interpretations of the laws; not what the laws actually demand. He also continues to take my comments OUT OF CONTEXT so they have a different meaning than what I INTENDED and also tries to DEFAME my honest and law-abiding character as expected.

But to my amazement, he really must be losing his mind and must have one foot already in the grave. His 2016 joint tax return which is part of public records and will be discussed at the public hearings on November 3rd and 16th shows he has earned SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS has made thousands of dollars of contributions but has sworn under oath that he is “insolvent” and can only afford to pay me $350 of spousal support (alimony) twice a month. PLUS, he has a LEGAL OBLIGATION to NOTIFY THE COURT if his financial situation changes and he can pay me the original amount of spousal supported stated in the divorce judgment of $4,300/month. It is also interesting that the accountant BRIAN WILLARD refused to sign and date this joint tax return and my (still) idiot but highly educated husband never noticed. It is also interesting that his mistress is now a “real estate consultant” supposedly working for one of his cohorts. His employer changed too. There are many other interesting entries too.

MY EVIL IDIOT HUSBAND MARK HASSMAN is a Harvard business school graduate, Certified Public Accountant, very successful Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Owner, Investor and Tax Expert who has been involved in mergers, acquisitions and initial public offerings but claims that fraud and criminal acts are irrelevant with regard to the Statute of Limitations.  He also ADMITTED that during the divorce proceedings both of us were represented by “competent counsel” even though the divorce judgment shows on its face that it is fraudulent and invalid and there was NO INFORMED CONSENT. Thanks for this admission.

****I can’t wait to hear his lies as to why I would AGREE to give-up my millions of dollars from the community estate and also custody and visitation as our fraudulent, invalid divorce judgment clearly shows I did.  Again, this is not only criminal behavior and fraud, it is PURE EVIL.

Also again to my amazement, MY EVIL IDIOT HUSBAND MARK HASSMAN really must be losing his mind and must have one foot already in the grave. SADLY he stated in his declaration: “if these 3 adult children don’t agree with their mother (which is me) then Respondent (which is also me) believes her children will need to go to jail.”  


What I did say is that  I want an opportunity to communicate with my Children and find out WHY they have been alienating me for the past 10 years AND continue to do so. Have they been threatened, abused, been told lies which they believe are true?  However, if my Children are WILLFULLY AND INTENTIONALLY hiding my assets or committing other crimes like money laundering IF THEY REFUSE TO BE REASONABLE AND CHANGE, our laws in the United States which is a Democratic Republic require that they are held liable. This is also reasonable because OUR LAWS AND JUSTICE MUST APPLY EQUALLY TO EVERYONE otherwise we will not have a democracy but a dictatorship or other form of government but not a democracy.

His Motion is quite typical of a person who has committed crimes and fraudulent acts and is just grasping for straws to make himself appear like a charming victim.

I will keep you posted as to how the upcoming November hearings go and also any other updates. I am thrilled with all the Truth which is being exposed on Public Records, on line and elsewhere as we are getting closer and closer to ending the epidemic problem of EVIL DOMESTIC TERRORISM called PARENTAL ALIENATION.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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